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Získej karaoke texty Apples, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Apples. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Guns N' Roses - Bad Apples
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Bad Apples od Guns N' Roses. When the shit hit the fan It was all I could stand Yeah, well I'm a frequent flyer My body's b..
Mötley Crüe - Poison Apples
Videoklip a text písně Poison Apples od Mötley Crüe. So far out didn't know that I was in. Had a taste for a life of slime...
Trophy Scars - Apple. Apples.
Text písně Apple. Apples. od Trophy Scars. Like the doctors We wanted to fix your heart Well my baby and I dance in my kitchen My baby is like a doctor She ..
Stan Rogers - Watching The Apples Grow
Videoklip a text písně Watching The Apples Grow od Stan Rogers. Down on the farm, back among the family Away from Ontario Hear the ladies singing to their ...
B. J. Thomas - Little Green Apples
Videoklip a text písně Little Green Apples od B. J. Thomas. And if that's not loving me Then all I've got to say..
Chantal Kreviazuk - Green Apples
Text písně Green Apples od Chantal Kreviazuk. You bring me To the heart of a golden man You bring me To the natural truth You take me To the solid hollow ...
Eddy Arnold - Little Green Apples
Text písně Little Green Apples od Eddy Arnold. And if that's not lovin' me then all I' ve got to say God didn't make little green apples And it don't rain ..
Efterklang - Apples
Videoklip a text písně Apples od Efterklang. To run away, run away to this heart You run away, run away until it stops You are forgotten..
Edgewater - Apples & Oranges
Videoklip a text písně Apples & Oranges od Edgewater. Step away, and separate Separate the apples from oranges Step away, and separate Separate the ...
Annoying Orange - Midget apples song
Videoklip a text písně Midget apples song od Annoying Orange. He is small but He is brave Livin' large is his claim to fame Midget apple is his name..
Tom Jones - Little Green Apples
Videoklip a text písně Little Green Apples od Tom Jones. And I wake up in the morning, with my hair down in my eyes, And she says hi, and I stumble to the b..
S. J. Tucker - Bad Apple Lament
Videoklip a text písně Bad Apple Lament od S. J. Tucker. Best not be rotting on the vine, no You gotta let it go in time...
Pink Floyd - Apples And Oranges
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Apples And Oranges od Pink Floyd. Apples and oranges, Apples and oranges...
Robbie Williams - Little Green Apples ft. Kelly Clarkson
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Little Green Apples ft. Kelly Clarkson od Robbie Williams. God didn't make little green apples And it don't rain in Indiana..
Soundtrack - My Little Pony - 06 - Apples To The Core
Videoklip, překlad a text písně 06 - Apples To The Core od Soundtrack - My Little Pony. We're Apples forever, Apples together We're family, but so much mo..
Peeled apples od Manic Street Preachers
Peeled apples. Skrýt překlad písně ›. The more I see, the less I scream, The figure eight inside out is infinity. The naked light bulb is always on. They make your ...
Jacksfilms - Razors In Your Apple
Videoklip a text písně Razors In Your Apple od Jacksfilms. JACK: There's razors in your apple, on Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, There's anthrax in your S..
Fleet Foxes - The Shrine/An Argument
Apples in the Summer are golden sweet. Everyday a passing complete. I'm not one to ever pray for mercy. Or to wish on pennies in the fountain or the shrine
Eminem - The Apple
Videoklip, překlad a text písně The Apple od Eminem. [CHORUS] Sometimes I feel like it's just me sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy but take a look at m..
Ella Fitzgerald - Shoo fly pie & apple pan dowdy
Text písně Shoo fly pie & apple pan dowdy od Ella Fitzgerald. If you wanna do right by your appetite, If you're fussy about your food, Take a choo-choo to..
Lisa Stansfield - My Apple Heart
Listen baby, let's talk I can't take this pressure I need to love you But I need to breathe too Honey, don't mouth off at me now But I've got to tell you a thing or two  ...
Nina Nesbitt - The Apple Tree
Once, once upon a time Thought that you'd be mine But then you let your colors shine I wanted to believe That you were right for me Well how could I be so ...
Donell Jones - Apple Pie
[1. sloka] I remember when met you back in June Knew you had a man, but I was diggin' you. I behaved patiently, waiting for you to come running to me (ooh ...
Joe Brooks - Apple
If I could send out a message in a bottle I'd say all I need is here by my side Apple , you're the reason why You're like a before and after photo How I ever live ...
Eric Carmen - American as Apple Pie
On this night On any hot, summer night Every girl Every red-blooded boy Is cryin' out With one great voice They wanna jump They wanna turn up the noise And ...
B.J. Thomas - Pass The Apple Eve
You lips are beggin' for more girl And it's tearing me all up inside Because I like what you're doing And it's something I've never tried I know we both oughta stop ...
Glenn Miller - Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me Anyone else but me, anyone else but me, no, no, no Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but ...
Erykah Badu - Apple Tree
I'd like to dedicate this to all the Creator's righteous children I have some food in my bag for you Not the edible food, the food you eat, no I have some food for ...
George Harrison - Apple Scruffs
Now I've watched you sitting thereSeen the passers-by all stareLike you have no place to goBut there's so much they don't know about Apple ScruffsYou've ...
Alice Cooper - Apple Bush
But over in a land that's in my back yard There's a people who succeed, they don' t try hard Well, they found a way to live with ease By eating from the bush ...
Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer
Once my lover Now my friend What a cruel thing To pretend What a cunning way To condescend Once my lover and Now my friend Oh, you creep up Like the ...
OZMA - Apple Trees
Deep inside my eye, there is part of you You still look the same, though you're upside down So much time has passed since i saw you last An apple pie, the ...
Nao - Apple Cherry
Tell me what you're thinking Could I help decide With apple cherry kisses Do your lips read mine Your chocolate on my tongue I can taste what love really feels ...
Aqua - An Apple a Day
You know an apple a day Won't keep the doctor away Welcome to the cliches welcome to the part Where we wanna finish What we can't start Come and get me  ...
Aaron Carter - One Bad Apple
I can tell that you've been hurt By that look on your face girl Some guy brought safety to your happy world You need love but you're afraid that if you give in Some ...
LL Cool J - Apple Cobbler
Look at that apple cobbler butt. Whatchu wanna do, whatchu think? Want cut. NBA Live in my truck. Parkin lot like all jammed up. If there's beef it's best you duck
Vera Lynn - I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time
I'm writing you, my dear, Just to tell you, In September, you remember 'Neath the old apple tree You whispered to me When it blossomed again, you'd be mine.
Damon Albarn - Apple Carts
Pull the apple carts Up from silvery hill Higher until heaven revealed On the out of dawn, respawn To great authority Singing hallelujah hallelujah Love does ...
Alice In Chains - Rotten Apple
Hey Ah Na Na Innocence is over Hey Ah Na Na Over Hey Ah Na Na Ignorance is spoken Hey Ah Na Na Spoken Hey Ah Na Na Confidence is broken Hey Ah ...
Mother Love Bone - Come Bite the Apple
You said, I heard all that before So won't you give it up, baby And stop using me, boy I've heard all that before So bring me an apple, I'm crying I've been ...

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