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Získej karaoke texty Bed boys blue, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Bed boys blue. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Bad Boys Blue - Rainy Friday
Videoklip a text písně Rainy Friday od Bad Boys Blue. Rainy day - rainy Friday. Rainy Friday brings me down. Same old game on a Friday. Looking for a heart ..
Bad Boys Blue - Pictures Of You
Videoklip a text písně Pictures Of You od Bad Boys Blue. It's so hard to live without you..
Bad Boys Blue - No Regrets
Videoklip a text písně No Regrets od Bad Boys Blue. Pleading moments we knew . I will set them apart. Every look, every sigh. Will be burned in my heart. But..
Bad Boys Blue - Take A Chance
Videoklip a text písně Take A Chance od Bad Boys Blue. Take a chance on me. Like I'm taking a chance on you. I wanna hold you. Hold you forever. Take a ch..
Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman
Videoklip, překlad a text písně You're A Woman od Bad Boys Blue. Listen to my heart And lay your body next to mine Let me fill your soul with all my drea..
Bad Boys Blue - Lady In Black Radio Edit
Videoklip a text písně Lady In Black Radio Edit od Bad Boys Blue. Behind the window. Symbols of red. Painting the face of the lady in black. Behind the wind..
Bad Boys Blue - Gimmie Gimmie Your Lovin' (Little Lady)
Videoklip a text písně Gimmie Gimmie Your Lovin' (Little Lady) od Bad Boys Blue. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Your Lovin' Give me vibration and sweet inspiration. ..
Bad Boys Blue - How I Need You
Videoklip a text písně How I Need You od Bad Boys Blue. Oooh, how I need you Oooh, how I need you..
Bad Boys Blue - All About You
Videoklip a text písně All About You od Bad Boys Blue. All about you...
Bad Boys Blue - Jenny Come Home
Videoklip a text písně Jenny Come Home od Bad Boys Blue. Jenny come home - where you belong. There's a heart to hold on tight. Jenny come home - you're ...
Bad Boys Blue - A Bridge Of Heartaches
Videoklip a text písně A Bridge Of Heartaches od Bad Boys Blue. Maybe you should have known better. When all your friends kept telling you lies. Maybe I sho ..
Bad Boys Blue - Baby blue
Videoklip a text písně Baby blue od Bad Boys Blue. I cry over you Baby Blue I cry over you Baby Blue...
Bad Boys Blue - Lovers In The Sand
Videoklip a text písně Lovers In The Sand od Bad Boys Blue. Lovers in the sand, Lovers in the sand..
Bad Boys Blue - Kisses And Tears
Videoklip a text písně Kisses And Tears od Bad Boys Blue. visioning you. Again you let your heart go when..
Bad Boys Blue - Hungry For Love Rap Version
Videoklip a text písně Hungry For Love Rap Version od Bad Boys Blue. And I want you to touch gonna break every rule...
Bad Boys Blue - Lonely Weekend
Videoklip a text písně Lonely Weekend od Bad Boys Blue. Just another lonely weekend. Just another weekend without you. I will shed no tears. Girl, I will su..
Bad Boys Blue - I Totally Miss You
Videoklip a text písně I Totally Miss You od Bad Boys Blue. Where have you gone ? Baby were you gone? Oh, I totally miss you My heart is painted blue I total..
Bad Boys Blue - House of silence
Videoklip a text písně House of silence od Bad Boys Blue. And I could see the ravens fly In the house of silence far from here Distant voices coming out of ..
Bad Boys Blue - Sweet Love
Videoklip a text písně Sweet Love od Bad Boys Blue. Sweet, sweet love is all around me. Wherever I stay. Sweet, sweet love - won't you save me? Cause all I'..
Bad Boys Blue - Show Me The Way
Videoklip a text písně Show Me The Way od Bad Boys Blue. Show me the way back away from the past. Back to the future. The way out of the dark. Show me the  ...
Snoop Dogg - Doggz Gonna Get Ya
... I hug my mother I kiss my sister and I punch my brother I sit down on the bed to ... there goes the boys in blue They pointin they guns at my four man crew They ...
Danko Jones - Type of Girl
... other boys Want to know You want to know what's hiding Behind those blue ... lovin' this ain't no Breakfast in bed It's gonna take what you got and even that ...
Eminem - So Much Better
... boo You make my fucking Bluetooth ache You feeling blue too late Go smurf ... be so much better If you just dropped dead (dead) I was laying in bed last night ... all you good boys doink doink doing I got 99 problems and the bitch ain't one ...
Big Moe - Freestyle (june 27)
... got that boy Kici in heah And that boy Poyo and these hoes heah And we comin ... I gotta big ol' Lac A nigga comin down with blue and purple Comin down with ... I'm comin through got paper gotta have it Under my damn bed And I'm flippin ...

Whistle for the boys now don't be shy. Give us all a ... Give the boys a flash and they'll love you so. Give the ... Lay yourself down by the side of the bed. Oh you ...
Insane Clown Posse - Wizard of the Hood
One time, the ICP with this shit For you and your boys to say "fuck yeah" to Yo, G, ... on his mother's bed With seven cans of brew going through my head Dreaming , ... a three and a half foot pimp With a blue zoo suit and a mack daddy limp Yo, ...
Alice Cooper - Gutter Cat vs. The Jets
Mrreow Meow Meow Meow. Some bad cats from 4th Street Come down to our alley. Well, we say that's cool. But just stay away from me and my boys. Eyes clash
Girl I'll Never Understand od Blue
There were flowers in the bed. Anything you asked for. Was it all real or just in my head? Think now, of what it should've been. Our love, all it could've been
2 All The Way Up
The mountain beside the bed. We both wanna clean them ... Blowing kisses to the boys. Everybody makin noise ... Her mascara is blue. He said "Aren't you the  ...
Jethro Tull - Baker Street Muse
29. leden 2009 no bed, no bread, no butter on a double yellow line ... blue shirt ballet master. ... There was a little boy stood on a burning log, rubbing his ...
The Beatles - Octopus's Garden
... on the sea bed in an octopus's garden near a cave we would sing and dance ... every girl and boy knowing they're happy and they're safe happy and they're safe ... The Beatles Abbey Road, 1969 The Beatles 1967–1970: Blue Album, 1973 ...
Suede - Daddy's Speeding
Broken glass for teenage boys trapped in steel and celluloid. Crashed the car and left us here. ... Took the teenage dream to bed. He crashed the car and left us  ...
Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me
... That The Worlds A Better Place When It's Am Upside Down Boy Am C G Am If ... Blue, Blue, Blue Waves They Crash As Time Goes By, So Hard To Catch And ... Gabriella Cilmi Don't Wanna Go to Bed Now, 2008 Gabriella Cilmi Save the ...
Lenny - My Bones
9. listopad 2014 Give me love. Give me love. Give me love. On a lilo bed ... Would you lift my feet up from the ground? Would you paint the blue sky pitch black
Joni Mitchell - Furry Sings the Blues
... shoes Old Furry sings the blues Propped up in his bed With his dentures and his leg ... carcass Carrion and mercy Blue and silver sparkling drums Cheap guitars, ... staring ar her stolen name Diamond boys and satin dolls Bourbon laughter- ...
The Beatles - Back in the U.S.S.R.
Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC B C didn't get to bed last night Gmi C on the way ... U.S.S.R. B C7 you don't know how lucky you are boy G back in the U.S.S.R. 2. ... The Beatles The Beatles, 1968 The Beatles 1967–1970: Blue Album, 1973 ...
Diskografie Sarah Connor
Společně s rapperem TQ pak nahrála singl Let's Get Back to Bed, Boy! Píseň se okamžitě stala hitem a bodovala v mnoha hitparádách. Sarah Connor se stala ...
The Beatles - A Day in the Life
I read the news today oh boy C Emi Ami about a lucky man who made the grade G Hmi Emi ... Woke up fell out of bed dragged a comb across my head found my way ... 1967 The Beatles 1967–1970: Blue Album, 1973 The Beatles Love, 2006  ...
Fun. - Some Nights
G C G C Some nights, I stay up cashing in my bad luck G D Some nights, I call it ... oh woah oh oh C G C G C This is it, boys, this is war - what are we waiting for?
Ingrid Michaelson - The Hat
I knitted you a hat all blue and gold To keep your ears warm from the Binghamton cold. It was my first ... What I don't recall is why I said, "I simply can't sleep in this tiny bed with you anymore.". I should ... Ingrid Michaelson Girls and Boys, 2006 ...

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