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Birth/The End
Album Birth/The End od Agonizer. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
The Kovenant - The Birth Of Tragedy
Videoklip a text písně The Birth Of Tragedy od The Kovenant. There is no salvation The end is failing no need to remain This stained procession of religious..
Iced Earth - Birth Of The Wicked
So, behold the birth, the wicked child. Born of the Beast, in eastern sands. He will arise, He will divide. He has the power to bring the end. It's up to us now to seal ...
Animassacre - Doomed At Birth
Some more suffering, one more urge! Don't you know that we are DOOMED AT BIRTH! (x2) So many tries, but no end in sight! You pull yourself up, but you end ...
Nightwish - End Of All Hope
It is the end of all hope.To lose the child, the faith. To end all the innocence. To be someone like me. This is the birth of all hope. To have what I once had.
Nightwish - End Of All Hope
It is the end of all hope. To lose the child, the faith. To end all the innocence. To be someone like me. This is the birth of all hope. To have what I once had
Time Machine - Eternity Ends
Videoklip a text písně Eternity Ends od Time Machine. The search for ... Then he should be afraid of you saying eternity ends ... My birth is not the eternity end
Black Label Society - Life, Birth, Blood, Doom
I walk through fire, I feel no pain. Fields of war which fuel my veins. In the end, son, I was once like you. Cut me, child, you'll see I bleed. Scars of black which ...
Ritual Carnage - The Birth of Tragedy
Your unable to cope, we got you buy your throat. Cheap metal warriors of the feeble. Cannot accept the facts, your birth was a mishap. End it all right now DIE!!!
Inactive Messiah - From Birth to Death
Videoklip a text písně From Birth to Death od Inactive Messiah. After our small ... From birth to death there is not a big span ... Now we're approaching the end
Black Label Society - Life, Birth, Blood, Doom
I walk through fire, I feel no pain Fields of war which fuel my veins In the end, son, I was once like you Cut me, child, you'll see I bleed Scars of black which help ...
Arafel - The Birth
The skies and the future, the color is the same. It's black: The land is in a swamp there is no way, Dark falls on homeland. That's it. The end is on the way
Into the ocean - And The Mountain Gave Birth To A Mouse
The world's acting out my own death, but I swore it to her father that the end was not the end. But I could not save us. I couldn't save the earth, the world, ...
Kylesa - What Becomes an End
Videoklip a text písně What Becomes an End od Kylesa. Past is desperate for a future so it ... New birth wills it fight - dawn of time ignites. We can think of the past  ...
Killswitch Engage - No End In Sight
The birth of a new way. This is confrontation. Struggle and pain of this life remains (Through the suffering we fight) No end in sight (No end in sight) The strength ...
Masterplan - Far From The End Of The World
Videoklip a text písně Far From The End Of The World od Masterplan. Behind Venus, beyond Jupiter, ... Another sun gives birth. Far from the end of the world!
Acolyte - Birth Is the Beginning
Videoklip a text písně Birth Is the Beginning od Acolyte. While he's alive and well He never thinks ... Has the power to change his end. As the beasts are hunted
Malignant Tumour - Enslavery Begins at Birth
Text písně Enslavery Begins at Birth od Malignant Tumour. Control your mind Buy this or that ... M · Malignant Tumour ...and Man Made the End (Split) · playlist  ...
Ivory Tower - One Life in Asia
Right after birth reaching childhoods end. One life in Asia Social disease, endless screams. Lost in decadence. Hunger and pain is all they gain. Filled up with ...
Abscess - Madhouse at the End of the World
Madhouse at the End of the World - text. Punishment for Birth Smoking Dust of Doom Rows of Skulls as Drums Wounds Begin to Bloom Prepare for Passage
Project 86 - Chapter 2
... coming of chapter two To put an end to this cycle of backlash So I start where ... of my hand to see As I witness the birth of a new beginning I sense it breathing, ...
GWAR - I, Bonesnapper
... one remembers me Since our re-birth When it gets real gory GWAR gets the glory I get the blame Fuckin' end of story I, Bonesnapper I was reborn I, track, trap , ...
Rush - Anagram (For Mongo)
End the need for Eden Chase the dreams of ... The brightness of new birth. Take heart from the harvest ... Lonely things like nights, I find, end finer with a friend
Killswitch Engage - Wasted Sacrifice
Trading life for life It all must fall It must end with us It must end with me ... we mean nothing But it starts in the hearts of the few Witness the birth of a people Unite.
Mark Schultz - I Am
... Beginning and the end I am I am the spirit deep inside you I am the word upon your heart I am the One who even knew you Before your birth Before you were I ...
Pantera - Cemetery Gates
... gave it all away Like the birth of a New found joy This love would end in rage And when she died I couldn't cry The pride within my soul You left me incomplete  ...
Project Pitchfork - Chains
I saw your birth I saw you crawling now I hear your screams and I see you falling where is the beginning where is the end decisions were made now you depend ...
Every Time I Die - Pelican of the Desert
... Lower your sword the end is nigh Sink through the pinewood and into the dirt ... the storm to the eye The birth will be calm The birth will be quiet But the dark ...
Exodus - Collateral Damage
... we Ascend, defend I recommend we battle to the bitter end, we are Betrayed, ... the kings To them it's all just a natural selection A birth right of gluttony Like a ...
Cowboy Junkies - 200 More Miles
Atlanta's a distant memory, Montgomery a recent birth And Tulsa burns on the ... But I heard there is a light and drawing me to reach an end And when I reach ...
Stratovarius - Alpha & Omega
I am the birth and death. I am your final breath. I am the one that gave ... I am the Alpha I am the Omega I am the beginning and the end of time. I am the Alpha I ...
Wu-Tang Clan - Think Differently
... Two gorgeous divas, blowing the heaters down the ride To the, end of the earth , ... I write it then release it Then I, bless the street, giving birth to soldiers Rolls ...
Hypnosis - Agony
... with living I was condemned before my birth So different from human beings Never ... This was my life I was not supposed to exist This is the end of a story My  ...
Petra - Mary's Song
... The angel came to say The Savior's birth was meant to be this way Think back on ... save His people from sin and hell And of His kingdom there will be no end ...
Flume - Sleepless
... again, with my paper and my pen Summer 2012 its the year of the end, or is it? ... nothingness is giving birth To all of reality, if space had gravity Would we fall ...
Cypress Hill - Feature Presentation (feat. Barron Ricks and Chace ...
I represent, the cream of the earth, bless his birth. My order in the elements ... in your ear, don't make a move that'll end your career. Stand clear, I stand firm on ...
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I give birth to MCs. And I also give abortions. I'll do a number to your ... I'll end you , twist you up and bend you. Like Gestapo. Pick up the microphone and crush ...
Album End Of All Days od Rage
Prohlédněte si seznam psíní v albu End Of All Days od Rage.
Golden Slumbers/The End od Soundtrack - Happy Feet
And in the end. The love you take. Is equal to the love. You make. Golden slumbers fill your eyes. Smiles await you when you rise. Sleep pretty darling, do not cry
Meat Loaf - Bad for Good
... your scent We're near the end of the chase Take a look out your window and I'll ... what's mine For the good of believing in a life after birth For the good of your ...

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