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Získej karaoke texty Blood orange juicy 1, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Blood orange juicy 1. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Blood Orange - Juicy 1-4
Text písně Juicy 1-4 od Blood Orange. [Pre-Chorus] Couldn't see the changes even if I can't explain it But the presence of a lover with the faces of a mothe..
Blood Orange - Hadron Collider
Text písně Hadron Collider od Blood Orange. [Verse 1: Nelly Furtado] You're the face behind my face That keeps me dreaming You're a phase, inside a cage ...
Blood Orange - Augustine
Videoklip a text písně Augustine od Blood Orange. [Chorus] ... [Verse 1] My father was a young man. My mother, off the boat. My eyes were fresh at 21. Cruised ...
Blood Orange - Chance
Text písně Chance od Blood Orange. [Verse 1] Seem to not take it too well When I tell you that it's not the reason I fell Then you know just how he felt Whe..
Blood Orange - E.v.p.
[Verse 1] Two step in the cut. Spotlights in the cut. Chances are you never saw. What made you who you are. So take a bow cause it's done. Your awful dreams ...
Blood Orange - Squash Squash
Text písně Squash Squash od Blood Orange. [Verse 1] Making out that you're still fine Dreaming of a life of staying in [Chorus] You chose to fade away wit..
Blood Orange - Love Ya
Text písně Love Ya od Blood Orange. [Chorus: Blood Orange and Zuri Marley] Come on, let me take you down, oh Come on, let me make you 'round, oh Come  ...
Blood Orange - I Know
Text písně I Know od Blood Orange. How can I be unafraid When your chair's in when I'm awake? I know that it's not mine to change Know that it's not mine to..
Blood Orange - Desirée
[Interlude: Blood Orange] (Desirée) (Desirée) [Verse 1: Blood Orange] Dance cause it's your thing. Say that you got time for two. This is me in New York ( Desirée)
Blood Orange - Better Numb
[Verse 1] Save your eyes. You learn to choose to free your mind. She's not right. You really think it's just the times [Chorus] And does your mother know you cry?
Blood Orange - Thank You
Text písně Thank You od Blood Orange. [Verse: Blood Orange] What's good has gotten me with everything I know Everything I know has tested me for now I'm ...
Blood Orange - Better Than Me
[Verse 1: Dev Hynes] Ninety-nine percent, I know you're not fine. Now everyone could be mistakenly kind. Niggas in the back try and act blind. Seven ways to ...
Blood Orange - Best to You
[Verse 1: Empress Of] Call it all for nothing. But I'd rather be nothing to you. Than be a part of something. Of something that I didn't do [Chorus: (Dev Hynes) + ...
Blood Orange - But You
Text písně But You od Blood Orange. [Chorus] And if you don't ... [Verse 1] Can you feel the way they think about me? Through the years. Told me I should just ...
Blood Orange - By Ourselves
Text písně By Ourselves od Blood Orange. [Spoken Word: Ashlee Haze] I will show you a 26 year old woman who learned to dance until she felt pretty Feminism ...
Blood Orange - Hands Up
Text písně Hands Up od Blood Orange. [Chorus] Are you sleeping with the lights on baby? (Hands up, get out, hands up, get out) Keep your hood off when you'r.
Blood Orange - With Him
Text písně With Him od Blood Orange. [Monologue: Sample from Black is… Black Ain't] Black is and black ain't Black is blue, black is red Black is tan (B..
Diskografie Blood Orange - Album Freetown Sound
Diskografie Blood Orange - Album Freetown Sound 2016. ... 11 Hadron Collider; 12 Squash Squash; 13 Juicy 1-4; 14 Better Than Me; 15 Thank You; 16 I Know ...
Freetown Sound
By Ourselves · Augustine, video. Chance · Best to You · With Him · E.v.p. · Love Ya · But You · Desirée · Hands Up · Hadron Collider · Squash Squash · Juicy 1-4.
Wiz Khalifa - Shell Shocked ft. Juicy J,Ty Dolla $ign
Juicy J,Ty Dolla $ign od Wiz Khalifa. That's my fam, I'll hold 'em down ... Bought the orange Lamborghini, call it Michelangelo With the nun chucks doors and I'm ...

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