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Elton John - Burning Buildings
Videoklip a text písně Burning Buildings od Elton John. Such cruel sport for your kicks Such hard knocks on my heart How long before the pain ends Tell me w..
Coldworker - Waiting for Buildings to Collapse
Text písně Waiting for Buildings to Collapse od Coldworker. Scanning the skies for a sign Waiting for buildings to collapse I want to see the world in ruins..
General Fiasco - Buildings
Videoklip a text písně Buildings od General Fiasco. Terror holding me holding me Ever wanting to be with you knowing no one will feel like you do..
Yung Lean - Buildings
Videoklip a text písně Buildings od Yung Lean. [Hook : Thaiboy Digital] GTBSB in the building Shawty wanna fuck I don't not know how to be feelin' Rolex in ..
Mxpx - Buildings Tumble
Videoklip a text písně Buildings Tumble od Mxpx. Some of us are dumb and blind and out of our minds Walking passed each day through fields of land mines..
Ice Nine Kills - Buildings Burn, People Die
Videoklip a text písně Buildings Burn, People Die od Ice Nine Kills. ten years of bleeding out , and in seconds destroy me? have you learned your lesson now..
Soundtrack - Gossip Girl - Buildings and Mountains
Videoklip a text písně Buildings and Mountains - The Republic Tigers - E04 od Soundtrack - Gossip Girl. We've been waiting all our lives For things we've al..
Regina Spektor - Buildings
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Buildings od Regina Spektor. They build buildings oh they build buildings oh they build buildings So tall these days..
John Hartford - In Tall Buildings
Videoklip a text písně In Tall Buildings od John Hartford. So it's goodbye to the sunshine Goodbye to the dew Goodbye to the flowers And goodbye to you I'm ..
Counting Crows - Perfect Blue Buildings
Just down the street from your hotel baby. I stay at home with my disease. And ain't this position familiar darling. Well, all monkeys do what they see. Help me ...
Manic Street Preachers - Buildings for Dead People
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Buildings for Dead People od Manic Street Preachers. And buildings for the people And paintings for the blind Are capable o ..
People in Planes - Pretty Buildings
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Pretty Buildings od People in Planes. I don't wanna feel this low again. I ain't gonna steal your flame again. I don't wann..
From Our Hands - Buildings Fall
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Buildings Fall od From Our Hands. Just break up the rules And don't be so faded..
Katatonia - Buildings
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Buildings od Katatonia. Bleed a little for a different day Going deeper to come away..
The Gathering - Sleepy Buildings
Videoklip a text písně Sleepy Buildings od The Gathering. Stones are snoring Walls are breathing loud Roofs are poking Into cosmic mouth..
Album Buildings od General Fiasco. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Buildings Fall
Album Buildings Fall od From Our Hands. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Nightmare - Buildings Roman
Videoklip a text písně Buildings Roman od Nightmare. Ano koro no daiji na omoide tachi Ima mo zutto nokotte ita yo Kono deatta konseki sae nokosete ita no ..
Sleepy Buildings (Live Album)
Album Sleepy Buildings (Live Album) od The Gathering. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Death, Love & Buildings
Album Death, Love & Buildings od Tinpan Orange. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Ultravox - All Stood Still
The printout's blocked (it relied on you) The turbine cracked up The buildings froze up The system choked up What can we do? Please remember to mention me ...
Ani DiFranco - Not So Soft
In a forest of stone Underneath the corporate canopy Where the sun rarely filters down The ground is not so soft Not so soft They build buildings to house people ...
Neil Young - Like an Inca
I wish I was an Aztec, Or a runner in Peru I would build such beautiful buildings To house the chosen few Like an Inca from Peru. If you want to get high, build a ...
Afrojack & Wrabel - Ten Feet Tall
12. únor 2014 I'm stepping on buildings, cars and boats. I swear I could touch the sky. Ohhh ohh ohhh. I'm ten feet tall. Ohhh oh ohhhh. I'm ten feet tall
Elisa - No Hero
I can't jump over buildings I'm no hero But love can do miracles I can't outrun a bullet I'm no hero But I would take one for you I can't JUMP over buildings I'm no ...
ZZ Ward - Move Like U Stole It
... I'll rock you like the sea, Buildings ain't crumblin', but they might as well be, Whoa, so let's stop thinkin', Just move like you stole it, Move, hurry, Move like you  ...
Sandi Thom - The Last Picturehouse
... wind That the future they were building Didn't have a room for him And now the buildings scrape the skyline And the stars no longer shine Cause nothing lasts ...
Adam Green - I Wanna Die
I Wanna Die. I wanna choose to die, and be buried with a rubik cube. and sleep inside the big blue buildings, while the sweet disease drives through. there's a ...
David Bowie - New Killer Star
All the corners of the buildings. Who but we remember these? The sidewalks and trees. I'm thinking now. I got a better way. I discovered a star. I got a better way
Epik High Nocturne
the buildings the killings the money that you earn let it burn let it burn nocturne the sex the death will you ever learn let it burn let it burn. Necktie kkune mog ...
Elbow Station Approach
Designed these buildings I walk by. You know you drive me up the wall. I need to see your face that's all. You little sod, I love your eyes. Be everything to me ...
Gary Jules - There's a Hole in the Sky
Children get out, out of the buildings, Get out of the buildings and into the fields. Young faces turn to the sky as the planes appear; Future is yesterday, ...
Fear Factory - Controlled Demolition
... collateral dissonance Malignant depravity Faith based mob and their mentality Bodies were falling, burning and screaming Buildings collapsing, disintegrating ...
Antimatter - Legions
Legions and hordes The seas have been torn And buildings remain where they fall And I solemnly walk Through legions and hordes What have they done to ...
August Burns Red - The Wake
... we deserve Rehash the poisons You breathe in the air Tear down what you say your father created Constructing buildings over buildings Conceal history like  ...
Calexico - Removed
Follow the current through the city that lies in ruins Bottle is washed up but the message is missing Heroes and ghosts, graveyards and buildings Pay the price of ...
Passion Pit - Let Your Love Grow Tall
Like the buildings in the city? And your children on the floor? Like the darkness in the forest? Like my frightened worried eyes? Or the roots in the soil? Are skies ...
Iggy Pop - Bang Bang
... what they're after Young girls don't kiss me goodbye Rockets shooting up into space Buildings they rise to the skies Bang bang I got mine Bang bang reach for  ...
Japan - Still Life In Mobile Homes
... country life I've never known before Still we'll make plans for buildings and houses From mobile homes Plant life My life Still life in mobile homes The sound of ...
Tony Banks - This Is Love
As I sit, thoughts of the past surround me, All around, like the sound of the wind in winter, Now I walk among the buildings of the city, Always in the dark, And the ...

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