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From Our Hands - Buildings Fall
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Buildings Fall od From Our Hands. Just break up the rules And don't be so faded..
Buildings Fall
Album Buildings Fall od From Our Hands. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Coldworker - Waiting for Buildings to Collapse
Text písně Waiting for Buildings to Collapse od Coldworker. Scanning the skies for a sign Waiting for buildings to collapse I want to see the world in ruins..
Faith No More - Rise of the Fall
Rise and fall. Through it all. An olympus of friends. Highs and lows. And the broken prose. And our losses we'll weigh. Game on (x6) [x2] Buildings fall. But we 're ...
Thrice - Broken Lungs
Videoklip a text písně Broken Lungs od Thrice. Are we fools and cowards all To let them cover up their lies? Cause we all watched the buildings fall Watched..
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Are You Down With It
Videoklip a text písně Are You Down With It od Handsome Boy Modeling School. Buildings fall after all but we're still livin' Drop the bomb right or wrong bu..
Bush - She's A Stallion
i see the buildings fall the city is all ablaze all the madmen came today all the madmen came today (hey, hey, hey, hey) she's a stallion she's a stallion she's a ...
Akanishi Jin - We The Party
Text písně We The Party od Akanishi Jin. We blow the trumpets while you watch the buildings fall We go the hardest now you got our battle call..
My Ticket Home - Barack, Paper, Scissors
We stare as the buildings fall. We stare as the buildings fall down. We stare as they fall. We can't go on like this. We're just drowning alone, trapped in our armor.
DeathStars - Asphalt Wings
Sleep in the fields, earthly dolls, the woods are burning and the cities fall. And the ... The trees are torn from the rain and roar, the buildings fall into the city's floor
Faith No More - The Cowboy Song
Clouds fall, which each moment of despair. Buildings fall, the pavement is their bed. But what´s the last thing that goes through your head ? You take the elevator  ...
The Ghost Inside - Avalanche
Why put in my all just to watch my buildings fall? Hey, hey, I'm living for today. Forgetting things I can't change unwinds me. Hey, hey, nothing stands in my way.
Angelspit - Let them eat distortion
Videoklip a text písně Let them eat distortion od Angelspit. Buildings will fall Heaven don't care Gods in contortion Let the eat distortion..
Shearwater - Star of the Age
While the buildings fall. In silence and reverie. Among the islands of our minds. Among the stars of the age. Oh shining world! Where nothing is happening
R.E.M. - Fall On Me
There's a problem, feathers iron. Bargain buildings, weights and pulleys. Feathers hit the ground before the weight can leave the air. Buy the sky and sell the sky ...
Neutral Milk Hotel - Ferris Wheel on Fire
Watch these buildings fall. Watch as each weak resistance caves in. All over you all implode. And now finally fading from view. Is everything we ever were now.
No Bragging Rights - Rise Of Kings
Videoklip a text písně Rise Of Kings od No Bragging Rights. Buildings fall, mountains move, Giving up, but not on you, Because you (because you) Believed th..
Anata - Built On Sand
Oh you dream, oh your dream! Valid are no scientific rules. The undead will take revenge. Coffins will arise, buildings fall to the ground. The new vilization is now  ...
From Our Hands - Watch Your Back
... Kecárna · Uživatelé · Soutěže · Nápověda · F From Our Hands Buildings Fall ... Is falling down, like the leafs fall on November Your head is full of questions,
Shinedown - Son of Sam
I stand alone for all to see 'Cause they ain't never seen a war like me (Goddamn) Son of sam. [x2] Burning buildings fall apart. Send the best, and send their love
Sara Bareilles Manhattan
You can have Manhattan. I know it's what you want. The bustle and the buildings. The weather in the fall. And I'll bow out of place. To save you some space.
Insane Clown Posse - Growing Again
Watch when you fall down, oh shit, Watch when you fall down, oh fuck, Watch ... turnin buildings into piles, And I'm runnin, crushin trees like blades of grass, My ...
Common - Geto Heaven Part Two
... a lost man in disguise The rise and fall, of a nation, even when the buildings tumble I still stand tall, I walk through the valley, wit a life preserver Feelin at times , ...
Cher - There but For Fortune
Where the bombs had to fall. Show me the ruins. Of the buildings once so tall. I'll show you the young land. With some many reasons why. There but for fortune
Band of Skulls - Cold Fame
Maybe if I try just a little more, I can take myself from this dirty floor And walk through buildings of elegance Just like you are intelligent But still I fall from grace  ...
Pulp - Love Is Blind
Oh now is the time to jump into it all I'll just hold my nose and try not to fall To ... the bedroom window We could see all the buildings collapsing around us So we  ...
Ultravox - All Stood Still
The printout's blocked (it relied on you) The turbine cracked up The buildings ... still We're standing still The screen shut down (there's no reply) The lifts all fall (a  ...
White Lies - From the Stars
... He catches raindrops from his window It reminds him of how we fall From the stars ... where he was born He said "Driver what's happened to these buildings?
Ellie Goulding - I'll Hold My Breath
Breathe air you're not used to Tread floors you don't fall through Make waves. ... dreams We'll stay awake beneath the trees We'll watch the buildings turn to dust  ...
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Fall Down
She said "I'm fine, I'm okay" cover, up your trembling hands There's indecision when you Know you ain't got nothing left when the good times never stay And the  ...
Day of Fire - Cornerstone
... knees we fall Be a cornerstone Be a cornerstone Be the rock higher than I Be my fortress wall Be a foundation for all, my cornerstone The buildings swaying in  ...
2Pac - Me Against the World (feat. Dramacydal)
Witnessin killings, leavin dead bodies in abandoned buildings. Carries to children ... Veteran, a villian, a young thug, who one day shall fall. Everday there's mo' ...
Buckethead I Come In Peace
With one blow he can destroy the Empire State Building. With another, the highest peaks of mount everest would fall. This just in: we have unconfirmed reports ...
Brandi Carlile - Throw It All Away
... dream of buildings that burn The sky turns black, I toss and turn When the stars, and the moon, and the sky fall through I'd throw them all away when I'm hollow ...
Gary Jules - There's a Hole in the Sky
Fall into bed with the daughters of Jezebel And dream of Athenians. There's a ... Children get out, out of the buildings, Get out of the buildings and into the fields.
Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
And when the rain would fall down. I'd just stare out my window. Dreaming of what ... [Chorus]. Buildings with a hundred floors. Swinging around revolving doors
Yeasayer - Fingers Never Bleed
All alone, a boring job Mincing words to fall asleep Expertise on air guitar So ... on a trident Hope predictions of future come true All the tin can buildings rattle the  ...
10 Hollywood Undead - Street Dreams
With all the buildings crashing down, it's Armageddon again. I'll drink the poison from the ... I See the streets burn every time I fall asleep. I'm losin' all my sanity
Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling in Love
C G Am F C G Wise men say: only fools rush in Fadd9 G Am F C G C But I can't help falling in love with you C G Am C F C G Shall I stay, Would it be a sin Fadd9  ...
Electric President - We Were Never Built To Last
We sit on our hands and watch it all fall. No one blinks an eye. There's not much worth saving. Just lots of buildings and concrete colored skies. But then you ...

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