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Získej karaoke texty Camera can and, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Camera can and. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Camera Can't Lie - Last Dance
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Last Dance od Camera Can't Lie. If this was our last dance I'd wait in the rain Just to see your face If this was our las..
Camera Can't Lie - Days Days
Videoklip a text písně Days Days od Camera Can't Lie. I've been thinking bout this game we play It's a silly thing, with so much at stake I don't know why ..
Hawkwind - The Camera That Could Lie
Videoklip a text písně The Camera That Could Lie od Hawkwind. x2 Spying, lying , there's no denying You can't escape, just be discreet..
Armor For Sleep - Smile for the camera
Smile for the camera... Put on a show for the viewers back home. Hide the truth so they'll never know. You hate what you got can't you love what you got
Hot Chelle Rae - Smile for the Camera
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Smile for the Camera od Hot Chelle Rae. And she said I can hear them coming I won't stop running And I'll never let the..
Elton John - The Camera Never Lies
I see you tempt the night. I see you take a bite. You can tell me you were home. But the camera never lies. You walk out in disguise. To pull the wool over my ...
Bird And The Bee, The - I Hate Camera
I put my hands up to my face. So hard for me to just embrace the lens. The moment's gone and now I'm dry. And how the camera can reply. Cool babies and soft ...
Nina Gordon - Number One Camera
Videoklip a text písně Number One Camera od Nina Gordon. number one camera so here i go i know this feeling awfully well i could build a camera custom  ...
Lydia - A Camera Lens And Careful Days
Videoklip a text písně A Camera Lens And Careful Days od Lydia. We are safe; we are, ... We can swim and I'll say we were never worried, Because the floods ...
Young The Giant - Camera
Videoklip a text písně Camera od Young The Giant. I used to know what made you wet Now ... Why can't I get close to. The man I saw in me. When I was young
East Of The Wall - Third-Person Camera
Videoklip a text písně Third-Person Camera od East Of The Wall. ... With the skybox pitched behind just right, you wouldn't know, but you could. With the lens  ...
Local Natives - Camera Talk
Videoklip a text písně Camera Talk od Local Natives. It's alright, the camera's talking, oh And even though I can't be sure Memory tells me that these times..
Cherri Bomb - Act The Part
Videoklip a text písně Act The Part od Cherri Bomb. I can smile for the camera, I can feed you my heart, I can lie lovin' at ya, I can act my part...
Maino - Lets Make A Movie
Lights camera action, I'm ready for some action. Let's make a movie, a movie [ Verse 1:] We can play like actors, know you not a amateur. You can have the lead  ...
Obscura Camera - Let's Get Out Of This Country lyrics
Text písně Let's Get Out Of This Country lyrics od Obscura Camera. What does this ... We'll find a cathedral city you can be handsome I'll be pretty. What does ...
4 I Hate Camera
I put my hands up to my face. So hard for me to just embrace the lens. The moment's gone and now I'm dry. And how the camera can reply. Cool babies and soft ...
MamaMoo - Self Camera
Videoklip a text písně Self Camera od MamaMoo. neoreul barabollae secret time (hello) nuni majuchimyeon amu il ... I can't touch nae mami deulkilkka bwa
The Game - Camera Phone
Videoklip a text písně Camera Phone od The Game. [Chorus].. ... If she take a picture with a camera phone. Then playa ... Game, can you take a picture? Ne-Yo  ...
Gentle Giant - I Am A Camera
My eyes are ready, They're focusing on you. I'm watching every move and all you do. I see you everywhere, I'm here and now I'm there. Nowhere you can hide, ...
Unk - Main Attraction
Videoklip a text písně Main Attraction od Unk. I knew it from the start I knew that I could make it happen Lights, camera, action, shawty I'm the main attra..
3 Philip Maxx Model Girl
For the model girl, model girl, model girl. Bridge Hold your head high smile again. The camera can be certain. Never hide behind the curtain. Never show it when ...
Jimmy Eat World Believe in What You Want
Nothing can be good on its own merit. Spinning and spinning. Dancing in plastic, shake-up snow. Do you believe in what you want? Your camera flash. On us ...
Incubus - Look Alive
30. červen 2009 You can give me guns and politics and. I'll just make a ... What we can't say with words. But you've ... The camera lens is opening. The wider ...
Wretch 32 - Be Cool
Like a goalie Got me boastin, while I'm posin for the camera. Glamorous ... It's like them, other guys can be cool, Chill, I'm colder than the ice in your cola.
Letterhead Remix
But undercover security can't conceal his badge. I know every single camera that this building has. And I racked so many cans that I'm almost feeling bad
Joss Stone - Incredible
Let me know, baby Ooh, ooh, yeah And I can feel your eyes are shifting Tryna ... fading Get the camera off my face now Time is running out, stop pushing me ...
Lisa Stansfield - Watch the Birdie
Watch the birdie and take a camera, candid shot Watch the birdie, come on and ... a while Watch the birdie and you can beat that pose a mile Watch the birdie, ...
Flo Rida - Who Dat Girl
Hey, Ms red Carpet She can autograph my pockets, Anytime, anyplace, anyway, ... But camera's Flashing And when she struts that thing around Everybody be ...
StarStruck od Sterling Knight
And nothing can stop ya! Starstruck! Camera flashes, Cover of magazines (Whoa Oh Oh) Starstruck! Designer sunglasses, Livin' the dream as a teen,
Jeremih - Planes
... girl, when we turn up When we land we can roll out Show you somethin' you ain't know about Tonight we be takin' off flight with a camera to show out I got you  ...
Yelawolf - Daddy's Lambo
Lambo-o-oh Lambo-o-oh Can I drive your Daddy's Lambo? ... camera, action I've seen you partying with keel, entertainment channel One thing I gotta know Can ...
Selena Gomez - Falling Down
... circles You don't need an invitation You spend your money You can't get no satisfaction You play it ... Smile for the camera 'Cause they're all about to trash ya.
The Strokes - Red Light
Two can be complete without the rest of the world. Two can be ... I could drop you off at the next red light. If it don't make ... The light is red. The camera's on
Formát PDF
Kill the Lights! You can't handle the truth. What happened to you? I KILL. (The Lights) Pure ... (The Lights) Camera. (The Lights) Action. I KILL. (The Lights) Pure .
Mariah Carey - Touch My Body
21. únor 2008 My temperature's through the roof. If it's a camera up in here ... You can put me on you like a brand new white tee. I'll hug your body tighter than ...
Espen Lind - Photographer
Even if theres objects blocking I ain't stoppin watching u Everbody knows me, my camera is my codey I'm keepin it low key my pockets stay bulky, you can lock ...
Selena Gomez & the Scene - Falling Down
... no satisfaction D G7sus2/F Cadd9 G F# D You play it right so you can get the ... looking at ya D G7sus2/F D G7sus2/F Smile for the camera 'cause they're all ...
Bow Wow - I Got Ya'll
... action, camera Cuz Bow Wow's the man I'm just hot ya'll (2x) Okay, well right ... I told ya bounce wit me (yeah) Snazzy, can ya count wit me 1 million, 2 million, ...
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Light Tunnels
So we Botox our skin and we smile for the camera. Might as well get ... It's just weird when the camera's on you ... And I can keep trying or get off the competition .
Die Antwoord - Happy Go Sucky Fucky
Who are you to tell me What I can and can't do? ... I snarl for da camera Golden tooth go shing Some people think I'm insane Or they think I'm in pain This is my ...

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