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Získej karaoke texty Catafalque, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Catafalque. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Path Of Golconda - Catafalque
Videoklip a text písně Catafalque od Path Of Golconda. But from the start I lost?..
Catafalque - Butterfly Inside
Videoklip a text písně Butterfly Inside od Catafalque. Some illusions in my mind of these days And a sour taste of grape in my mouth From my skin, something..
Catafalque - Seasons
Videoklip a text písně Seasons od Catafalque. Unusualness has covered the sky Your scent has taken captive my brain The gallows has hung my soul Time's ...
Catafalque - Red Lights
Text písně Red Lights od Catafalque. You! The woman crying and hiding in darkness Though there is a lot loving you, why this weariness Are you truly in myse..
Catafalque - Fading Beauty
Videoklip a text písně Fading Beauty od Catafalque. Let your sorrow flow through my eyes and never dry out Then separate yourself into seven colours, so tha..
Catafalque - Ballerina
Text písně Ballerina od Catafalque. Ballerina, day and night drifting in black water… For you the day starts with moonlight Ballerina, who's scared of lon..
A Forest Of Stars - Catafalque Caravan Quandary
Text písně Catafalque Caravan Quandary od A Forest Of Stars. Together we fester; life giving life to life. Feeding on life. Hope and decency given a wide..
Catafalque - The Soothsayer
Videoklip a text písně The Soothsayer od Catafalque. In the dark temple of evil Demons wander among us He saw all of the heathens Darkness never takes his  ...
Catafalque - Archangel's Touch
Videoklip a text písně Archangel's Touch od Catafalque. Remember and never ever forget Just a little prayer through your ears That takes our your soul from ..
Catafalque - Lust & Innocence
Videoklip a text písně Lust & Innocence od Catafalque. Lust I want, blood I drink Love I feel, they are yours Hate I hate, love I love Death I kill, more an..
Catafalque - Shadow My Secret Soul
Text písně Shadow My Secret Soul od Catafalque. Into the light Following someone's behind Through to dawn of every morning Shadows hide, never find Until ...
Catafalque - Sharper Than the Blade
Videoklip a text písně Sharper Than the Blade od Catafalque. So this is the world of pains All shadows are hidden in darkness I've got the light for you Whi..
Catafalque - The Ordeal
Text písně The Ordeal od Catafalque. If you feel death's cold wings on your face If you feel loneliness, the time has come to face, to use the ace up your s..
Thy Catafalque - Holdkomp
Videoklip a text písně Holdkomp od Thy Catafalque. *Instrumental*..
Thy Catafalque - Molekuláris Gépezetek
Videoklip a text písně Molekuláris Gépezetek od Thy Catafalque. Szénizotópmalom karjai járnak új Nanováros fényeinél, járnak és járnak és szint..
Thy Catafalque - Fekete mezők
Videoklip a text písně Fekete mezők od Thy Catafalque. Mechanika-ikonok lángja felettünk, nyers tömbökben feszül az idő, alakít, formál, termel a h..
Catafalque - Together With All The Pain
Videoklip a text písně Together With All The Pain od Catafalque. I can steal the pain in your heart I steal in the running night I swim in the lakes of tear..
Thy Catafalque - Kék ingem lobogó
Text písně Kék ingem lobogó od Thy Catafalque. Lélegzem eleven kékből, kék ingem kiszabom az égből, kék ingem lobogó, s nézd csak - kék erdőn k..
Thy Catafalque - Minden test fű
Videoklip a text písně Minden test fű od Thy Catafalque. Minden test fű, elszáll a széllel. Minden test fű, elszáll a széllel...
Catafalque - Crimson Dust
Text písně a překlad Crimson Dust od Catafalque. You left your dreams to me You left this burden Was that a punishment to yourself or just for me?..

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