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Album Churn od SEVEN MARY THREE. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Diskografie Seven Mary Three - Album Churn
Diskografie Seven Mary Three - Album Churn 1994.
Chapin Harry - Roll Down the River
Videoklip a text písně Roll Down the River od Chapin Harry. So go on and roll down your river Babe I'll bet you'll make that muddy water churn You've earned..
Approaching Nirvana
watch the clock churn... down. I liked the Sun when its gaze was hotter. For a time , darkness remained unseen. Now I feel the shadows hunt for my mind, Am I ...
Brad - Down
spiral churn then suffer some calm still trip complaining web tangle my word love bound in lonely unmotion owned catch shibboleth grin devil dream to shoulder ...
Motion City Soundtrack - So Long Farewell
She had a fever, burn, burn, burn. Holy watering eyeballs churn, churn, churn. She was violently comatose the best part of the day. Several hours went by, by, by
Great Big Sea - End Of The World
Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn - world serves its own needs, dummy serve your own needs. Feed it off an aux speak, grunt, no, strength, Ladder
Soundtrack - Strašpytlík
That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane - Lenny Bruce is not afraid. Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn - world serves its ...
Robin Schulz - This Is Your Life
Churn your heartstrings 'til the bell rings. Take it all in, everything you got to see. Shake it all out, break it all down. Scream it out from rooftops all around the ...
Seals & Crofts - Cows Of Gladness
Ascend the arch of whyness, before you try to think. Now lay me down, lay me down. Churn the butter of happiness. And be my guest. Milk the cows of gladness .
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - This Train Keeps Rolling Along
... rollin' along From here to the great beyond Black smoke, pistons churn Steel rails and big wheels turn This train keeps rolling along Across the endless prairie  ...
The Decemberists - Annan Water
And slow the churn. And you may have my precious bones on my return. Annan water. Oh hear my true love's call. Hear her holler. Above your water's pall
Everly Brothers - Ground Hawg
Meat in the cupboard and hide on the churn. Meat in the cupboard and hide on the churn. That ain't ground hawg I'll be durned. Ground hawg. Text přidal obladi.
VIZA - Midnight Hour (Dingle Rock)
Live fast we churn our minds. Live fast we fill our bellies. At last we dance tonight. Take this hand and don't let go. Rocking through the midnight hour.
Dave Dudley - Old Home Place
... sellin' that old homeplace lock stock and barrel There's ma's old churn they're sellin' that right now Many hours I'd pass that old rescal see that nail up there on ...
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That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane and Lenny Bruce is not afraid. Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn - world serves ...
Carcass - Arbeit Macht Fleisch
Prognathous gears grind. So diligent and serrated they mesh. Toothed cogs churn. So trechant, against soft flesh. Worked to the bone. Up to the hilt, depredated
Bad Religion - Blenderhead
... danger flashing sign Challenge conventions and radiate your splendor And feel those flywheels churn your blender Head, yeah Tally up the gleaming blender ...
Green Day - Stay The Night
... break your heart until it makes your stomach churn I gotta know if you're the one that got away Even though it was never meant to be So stay, stay the night cuz ...
Behemoth - Messe Noire
Who shall churn hells across the earth And reascend to seat himself… At the left hand ov Satan Be gaoler ov the living …And ov the dead As it was in the ...
Silverstein - I Am the Arsonist
... I watch you stay) That sets free the demons inside I am the one that never ignores you (To watch it burn, watch it churn into dust) That never will let you down ...
Kula Shaker - Ol' Jack Tar
... the stars in degrees In degrees Oh Wait for me 'Cos you are my home Across ocean and farm to be there To be there Moon on the water Churn in the deep My  ...
Say Anything - John McClane
Oh god amnesia is a revelation. I chew the root and the White House burns and as my eyes tumble back in my head, my fate erupts and my insides churn you ...
Anthrax - Panic
... She likes it rough With my strength With all my soul Making love I'm losing control Guts begin to churn Minds are in haze Hell is gonna burn Axes in a blaze Go ...
Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good
My stomach drops and my guts churn, You shrug and it's the worst, Who truly stuck the knife in first. I cheated myself, Like I knew I would. I told you I was trouble,
Who - Now I'm A Farmer
I've got a spade and a pick-axe. And a hundred miles square of land to churn about. My old horse is weary but sincerely. I believe that he can pull a plough
Hawkwind - Fahrenheit 451
In Lexington they're going to burn. The Library of Congress for charity. Round it's funeral pyre the flames will churn. As night and winter's darkness spurn
Marty Robbins - Dusty Winds
... Thristy cattle are millin' round the old creek bed Dusty winds where the waters used to churn Dusty winds, hear them blow Dusty winds, moanin' low Night and ...
Kill It Kid - Wild and Wasted Waters
My homeless bones churn them ragged stones. I won't remember fires of my home. Wild and wasted waters. Wild and wasted waters. Wild and wasted waters.
Slim Dusty - Danger! Road Train
... She's neat and calm and steady, while the rev's are holdin' down But when we hit the open road and the treads begin to churn She's mean and wild and flyin', ...
Meshuggah - The Hurt That Finds You First
... ruin and thirst Make for save haven but I will find you first Capitulate, you know this fight is over Spiritual flesh, my stomach starts to churn A perfected mindjack.
Conor Oberst - The Bumpercar Blues
... find an answer when you know you have to lie At the thought of my helplessness my stomach starts to churn If I caught on fire would you watch me burn Would ...
W.A.S.P. - Inside the Electric Circus
... to life Inside the electric circus Hang on, hang on for your life The animals are all insane- God help us Electricity to burn Amplifiers churn Three ring madhouse  ...
Guns N' Roses Bad Apples
I got these thoughts to churn. Got my feet in the sand. I got a house on the hill. I got a headache like a mother. Twice the price of my thrills. And it's a cold day, ...
Formát PDF
Voices inside you churn, watch the city burn. Your own liberation will leave them behind. All the slings and arrows that rain on your mind,. Don't make it better, ...
Elton John - Bitter Fingers
... And there's a chance that one day you might write a standard lads So churn them out quick and fast and we'll still pat your backs 'Cause we need what we can ...
Crash Test Dummies - Here I Stand Before Me
... My boned shine brightly, a map of my whole body My vital organs just churn away inside me Some day they're going to stop this motion And I'll be left with.
The Beggar Man
Chorus: Lassie to my tow roo ray Since nothing's away that we can learn The kye are to milk and the milk's to churn Go but the house, lass, and waken the bairn ...

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