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Získej karaoke texty Cold breath, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Cold breath. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Maroon 5 - Cold ft. Future
Cold enough to chill my bones. It feels like I don't know you anymore. I don't understand why you're so cold to me. With every breath you breathe. I see there's  ...
Cold Breath
Album Cold Breath od Auroral. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Gris - The Cold Wind of My Breath Is Always Blowing
Videoklip a text písně The Cold Wind of My Breath Is Always Blowing od Gris. The snowy mountain The freezing glance of the moon, so cold On my narrow path t ...
Shai Hulud - Cold Lord Quietus
Text písně Cold Lord Quietus od Shai Hulud. -.. ... THE PERSECUTION OF EVERY NEXT BREATH] True living and breathing death. Every breath is surely the ...
Emery - So Cold I Could See My Breath
Let's start with just the basics then I'm sure that we could fake it when It's time to say how much it meant And we walk out so innocent You can be so persuasive ...
Demon Hunter - The Wind
These city lights illuminate your breath. As you tell of all the ways that you feel dead. December left you cold and alone. I'm sorry but I have enough to fear on my ...
The Cruxshadows - Last Breath
Text písně Last Breath od The Cruxshadows. Her lips are cold like death And she steals away my last breath As I reach into her soul And coldly let her go I ..
Two Steps From Hell - Breath of Cold Air
Videoklip a text písně Breath of Cold Air od Two Steps From Hell. Instrumental..
Sivu - Cold Hands
In This Bed I'm Kept Closest To The Door With Every Breath I'm Bound But Cold Hands, I Will Try To Hold Life With Love Aplenty And when we're Grey And Old, ...
Jethro Tull - First Snow On Brooklyn
I flew in on the evening plane. Is it such a good idea that I am here again? And I could cut my cold breath with a knife. And taste the winter of another life.
Borknagar - Cold Runs The River
Face season's last breath and the final exploration. Cold runs the river. Warm runs my blood. The old signs quiver. And my mind mountain releases a flood
Auroral - Frozen Dreams
A · Auroral · Cold Breath ... In the dark and the cold where the sun had died. And all light forever gone ... The breath of the night the sound of the northwind
The Pussycat Dolls - Barely Breathe
Text písně a překlad Barely Breathe od The Pussycat Dolls. oh no, no, no (thats so cold).. ... i can barely breath(oh) your like my pet peeve so dont even tease
Sting - Cold Song
From beds of everlasting snow? See'st thou not how stiff, how stiff and wondrous old, Far, far unfit to bear the bitter cold? I can scarcely move or draw my breath;
Desdemona (band) - Black Beauty
Blow your ice-cold breath into my lungs. Now I'm inside of her realms. Her night is so charming. I was never afraid of the shade of any God So I can walk free
Mad Caddies - Last Breath
Still awake on a winters day skies are gray and it's cold. Smoke signals from my last cigarette. Lets me know that it's finally getting old. Everybody hates me for ...
Hania Zdunek - Hear you scream
Videoklip a text písně Hear you scream od Hania Zdunek. Suck the breath right out of the cold - you have been told - it's not allowed if you're proud to be ..
Myka Relocate - Cold War
... War od Myka Relocate. I've been waiting for so long, waiting for too long Fighting for this cold war to end.. ... I can feel it shake your breath. Shake your breath
Elizabeth Daily - Breath of Heaven
Have travelled. Many moonless nights. Cold and weary. With a baby inside. And I wonder what I've done. Holy father you have come. And chosen me now
Itchy Poopzkid - Grip It Tighter
Don't make a move hold your breath never ever look behind the door. You see nothing but you can't deny. The cold breath of air you feel and now the only ...
Kids in Glass Houses - A God to Many Devils
Don't let a poet tell you how the dice will roll Take one last good look at me - I'm leaving Take one last breath - just stay cool Scream it My body is cold Come ...

Your death as a cold breath, An immeasurable loss. Narrow minds are the new demons. And there shall be no more hope. Until the ancient skin is burnt.
Major Lazer & Justin Bieber & MØ - Cold Water ...
12. srpen 2016 So take a deep breath and let it go. You shouldn't be drowning on your own. And if you feel you're sinking. I will jump right over. Into cold, cold ...
Nazareth - Heart's Grown Cold
You're the one whose heart's grown cold. I touch your lips with my fingertips. I hang on every breath you take. You don't need me like, I need you. You have your ...
Norther - Last Breath
Tom Waits - Widow's Grove
23. leden 2009 And the breath of the cottonwood buds lighter yet. And you rode the ... Through the wind, through the rain of a cold dark night. That's where I'll ...
Ministry - Cold Life
Ministry - Cold Life - akordy a text písně. ... cold i've now become a nervous wreck i'm getting closer to my death I keep expecting my last breath as all my friends ...
Parkway Drive - Five Months
... sending shivers down my spine Like cold hands across my skin Five months ... of warmth Until my blood ran cold and life stood still And still I hold my breath, ...
3 Ensiferum - Tale Of Revenge
Until the day I have found revenge, I will feed my sword. Until my heart is cold, every breath of mine is yours. Nese příběh tak chmurný a tragický nikdy známý
Fort Minor - Feel Like Home (feat. Styles of Beyond)
These days are dark and the nights are cold ... Standing on the bridge in teh dark and I'm seeing my breath ... Your first breath in and the clock starts ticking
Justin Moore - Til My Last Day
... til my last breath Of everyone that can, I can love you the best Til my last day, I'll be lovin' you All the way up, til they lay me down Six feet under the cold hard ...
Robert Downey Jr. - Every Breath You Take
Robert Downey Jr. - Every Breath You Take - akordy a text písně. ... I can't replace I feel so cold and I long for your embrace I keep cryin', baby, baby, please Oh, ...
Soundtrack - True Blood ( Pravá krev ) - Rusty Truck - Cold Ground
To pray for nothing short of breath. Oh no never do we breathe. Chorus I come to see you in the night. I wanna see you lying down, into that cold, cold, cold, cold ...
Of Mice & Men - Like a Ghost
Hold and don't let go, When you feel left in the cold, It will haunt you like a ... Something supernatural take a hold of me, Give my last breath, lungs for you to ...
B. Reith - Cold World
26. říjen 2011 While the rest of us take every meal, breath and step for granted. Forgettin' ... Lord the only way to stay warm in this cold world is you. It's a cold ...
Cold - Black Sunday
I can't breath at all It hurts to think that time could heal my wounds feeling I've been betrayed Black Sunday still burns you in my thoughts I can't sleep at all Now ...
Xandria Eversleeping
I will lose my breath in my last words of sorrow. And whatever comes will come soon ... Until in my cold grave we will lie. Until in my cold grave we will lie.
Umphrey's McGee - In The Kitchen
It was cold in the kitchen and the lights were low As winter slowly stumbled home The air felt different and it started to show As every breath resembled smoke I ...
Unleashed Winterland
Ice... cold... winterland. The mighty Thor has spoken. Autumns final breath. The dying of all living. The triumph for nature & death. Ice... cold... winterland.
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Where frozen breath originates. With one motion of her ... Is not what I was told, now I'm so cold. I'm so cold. So cold. Inside this fantasy. It seems so real to me.

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