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Conflict - A Declaration Of Independence
Videoklip a text písně A Declaration Of Independence od Conflict. They say, we are standing firmly in the rain, simply waiting for it to stop They said tha..
Justin Robinett & Michael Henry - Declaration
Text písně Declaration od Justin Robinett & Michael Henry. I do declare, On my life I swear, To always be true to you. All that you feel, I swear to yo..
Mean Streak - Declaration of War
Text písně Declaration of War od Mean Streak. Declaration, of war, Declaration, Premonitions in black Declaration, of war, Declaration, The demolition is ba..
David Cook - Declaration
Videoklip a text písně Declaration od David Cook. It's my declaration to anyone whose listening You're my inspiration as I stand alone against the world ca..
Bleeding Through
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Declaration (You Can't Destroy What You Can Not Replace) (Feat. Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying) od Bleeding Through. You're.
Cirith Gorgor - The Declaration of Our Neverending War
Videoklip a text písně The Declaration of Our Neverending War od Cirith Gorgor. Rulers of the seas, the mountains and the sky Strong pagan warriors, not af..
4him - This Will Be My Declaration
Text písně This Will Be My Declaration od 4him. There's a rhythm in my wrist There's a pounding in my heart The steady beat of lie Moving in my deepest part..
Cadaveria - Declaration Of Spiritual Independence
Videoklip a text písně Declaration Of Spiritual Independence od Cadaveria. My will is invulnerable like air with the sound of my voice the universe shrinks ..
Grave Declaration - Change of Heart
Videoklip a text písně Change of Heart od Grave Declaration. Honor to You in the seat of perfection I ask that You mold me to be alike You..
Collective Soul - Precious Declaration
Joel PRECIOUS DECLARATION by Collective Soul From the album: Disciplined Breakdown Tabbed by Fish a.k.a. Perry Ghioureliotis To start off, if you want to ...
Grave Declaration - Silence
Videoklip a text písně Silence od Grave Declaration. Fed up with the lack of original praise. All the words I can think of comes from someone Else. And my o..
Celine Dion - Declaration Of Love
Come on, yeah. You are my knight in armor. The hero of my heart. When you smile at me I see. A true world go up. The river is getting deep, believe it. You're all ...
Wild Orchid - Declaration
Videoklip a text písně Declaration od Wild Orchid. I just wanna be free to live my life I don't want your thoughts Or your opinions about me..
Iced Earth - Declaration Day
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Declaration Day od Iced Earth. A desperate situation Forced to retaliation The task ahead a burden Men will suffer, that's ..
Kirk Franklin - Declaration (This Is It)
Videoklip a text písně Declaration (This Is It) od Kirk Franklin. [Introduction] Check it out, ya'll (There've been times in my life) I'm tired and I wanna ..
Street dogs - Declaration
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Declaration od Street dogs. This is our generation's call to make a stand - a declaration Come together, rise up all young ..
Grave Declaration - Fall Down
Videoklip a text písně Fall Down od Grave Declaration. Fall down, bow down, to the ground, fall down...
Ashanti - The Declaration
Videoklip a text písně The Declaration od Ashanti. [Chorus]..
Sacred Steel - Declaration of War
Videoklip a text písně Declaration of War od Sacred Steel. And once again the Siren screams Revenge Harken, my Comrades in Carnage Slaughter awaits The  ...
Mayhem - A Grand Declaration Of War
Videoklip, překlad a text písně A Grand Declaration Of War od Mayhem. Christendom religion of pity god of the sick We have discovered our way we know the ..
Chelsea Grin - Sellout
... you're found Crawling on your knees for thieves Where will your heroes be Ride your high horse straight to hell This is my declaration This is the final straw I' m ...
Laura Nyro - Mr. Blue
... wars or is this the song of complications? a hopeless declaration? can we mend transcend the broken dishes of our love? our conflicts? can we be friends?
Vision Divine - Here We Die
There needs themselves are the declaration of an announced failure, a failure which I refuse to witness. Let's go, my dear Elpis, after all it's only you and me left,  ...
Dying Fetus - The Blood Of Power
... blood of power When exhaustion limit nears proxy war meets conclusion Full fledged world campaign, every nation's declaration Supremacy through allies, ...
Corey Hart - No Love Lost
... a frightened antelope Running from a killer's eye So graceful, so agile Yet, she falls (falls) No love lost The declaration is quite amusing, (Oh yea) No love lost, ...
Kings Of Convenience - Me In You
Crossroads and given the option. To pass and look back at goals I've missed. Rainbows or burning bridges. If you squint a little more it looks the same
Kings Of Convenience - Boat Behind
So we meet again after several years several years of separation moving on moving around. Did we spend this time chasing the other's tail? Singing Ohohohoh ...
All That Remains - Do Not Obey
Never one to be held back or held down I'd write my name so the king could see I will follow the true declaration And find some hope in what mankind could be ...
Death Angel - When Worlds Collide
... collide Screw Your countries and fuck your states Selfish desires Have sealed your fate Swallow confession You'll gain not a pound Maimed declaration Black ...
Kings Of Convenience - Mrs. Cold
Hey baby, Mrs. Cold Acting so tough. Didn't know you had it in you so be hurt at all. You waited too long. You should've hook me before I put my raincoat on
Kings Of Convenience - Riot On An Empty Street
"Why, why so quiet? Oh my, mysterious country singer?" she asked. My life, it's a riot. I'm climbing barricades in empty streets at night. When I'm down
Slayer - Reborn
... hatred comes to life Condemned to fill the prophecy Allowing no first born Defy your morbid declaration Leave you ripped and torn Count your blessing would ...
Kings Of Convenience - Freedom And Its Owner
The beauty memories of all the places. Of all the places. We've captured with our camera. We've seen the pyramids. We've seen the Louvre We've seen the ...
Kings Of Convenience - Peacetime Resistance
feeling the comfort of eyes is your sole intention we all want to be understood unconditionally but you have to realize that a viewer needs distance and the ...
Kings Of Convenience - Second To Numb
He won't touch you anymore, Staying at his side. Half indifferent, half afraid, It will only make you cry. What is given can't be returned. The cards are in our hands.
SOILWORK - Stabbing the Drama
My Declaration Burn Just Wanna Stab it Right Now Congratulations You Found Yourself Been Preaching To Many Times To Understand So Why Don't You ...
Soilwork - Stabbing the Drama
My declaration hurts, just wanna stab it right now Congratulations, you've found yourself Been preaching too many times to an hysterical mind So won't you ...
Prince - Emale
... a hellalotta bucks from the corner storeThe declaration of war that followedShe never believed, ohIn the darkest corners where widows mournThat's where he ...
After the Burial - Mire
... close Intertwine with the sediment as we sink into the mire Oh I sense a confused declaration We beat the horse with a sort of unknown conviction And nothing ...
From First to Last - Deliverance!
... always greener I'm trying to tell you the grass isn't always greener From our side of the fence Let's all sing the tune A declaration of the two And let's all scream ...

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