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Faithless - Mass Destruction
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Mass Destruction od Faithless. Whether Halliburton, Enron or anyone Greed is a weapon of mass destruction We need to find c..
MGK - Edge of destruction
Videoklip a text písně Edge of destruction od MGK. For the block I GO! For that spot I GO! To the top I GO! Screaming fuck the world, fuck the world, Scream..
N.W.A. - Appetite For Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Appetite For Destruction od N.W.A.. " .. you gotta know I'm talkin' to .. "..
Fit For A King - Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Destruction od Fit For A King. I have held my tongue for long enough Your hate will catch up with You in the end Go ahead and write u..
Faithless - Mass Destruction
Mass Destruction. My dad came into my room holding his hat. I knew he was leaving, he sat on my bed told me some facts, son. I have a duty, calling on me
Undead - Eve Of Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Eve Of Destruction od Undead. (P.F. Sloan) The eastern world It is explodin' Violence flaring, bullets loading You're old enough to ..
Christian Death - Seduction thy destruction
Videoklip a text písně Seduction thy destruction od Christian Death. SHE IS THE QUEEN OF SEDUCTION MASTER OF THE ART OF DESTRUCTION..
Impellitteri - Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Destruction od Impellitteri. A new day arrives Another page in history slips away But no one seems the wiser Haven't we learned War i..
The Plot In You - Happiness In Self Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Happiness In Self Destruction od The Plot In You. Your heart may beat, But you're not alive And it makes me sick to see you all strun..
Foxygen - No Destruction
Videoklip a text písně No Destruction od Foxygen. Oh you make it so Oh you make it so long on me Someone who smokes pot in the subway Pot in the subway ...
Grave Forsaken - Destruction Comes
Videoklip a text písně Destruction Comes od Grave Forsaken. This condition that you have is taking all your soul This affliction that you have is taking a d..
Battlerage - Black Riders Of Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Black Riders Of Destruction od Battlerage. Bloodshed, execution Pain, suffering Nightmare, retribution Fullmoon, alive again..
Trevor Hall - Proof Of Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Proof Of Destruction od Trevor Hall. You're leaving nothing for the youth Just the proof, of destruction..
Exarsis - Under Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Under Destruction od Exarsis. POLITICIANS Constantly trying TO RUIN US Setting under destruction our lives..
Diablo - The Art of Self-destruction
Videoklip a text písně The Art of Self-destruction od Diablo. Your lies make a man like me close my eyes your lies put the label of weakness in me..
Cryonic Temple - Train of Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Train of Destruction od Cryonic Temple. Get on board Never look back Hold on No turning back Feel the rush inside if the stakes ain't..
Anti-Flag - Spaz's House Destruction Party
Videoklip a text písně Spaz's House Destruction Party od Anti-Flag. [Chorus]..
Black Bomb Ä - Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Destruction od Black Bomb Ä. Just wait 'til the end in the world of destruction We put the gun in our mouths All the gods are dead, ..
Onslaught - Tested to Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Tested to Destruction od Onslaught. You've no respect form me And I've no respect for you..
Beholder - Wish for Destruction
Videoklip a text písně Wish for Destruction od Beholder. Play your game, until human race is under your control You're the ones that will lead the world to ..
Sevendust - Peace and Destruction
I know this is wrong You say the word, I'll be the war I am the blood! I am all that you know! (Cut it DOWN!) I see the devil and he knows your name! (Cut it DOWN  ...
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - M.a.d. (mutual Assured Destruction)
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - M.a.d. (mutual Assured Destruction) - akordy a text písně.
Sheep Of The Regime od Destruction
Insubordination - A dangerous game. In a uniformed nation outsidrs are to blame. Obey & serve the authorities or you will go thru hell. Adapt to the system or end ...
Creations of the Underworld - Destruction
They hate my ass 'Cause I try to oppose. I'm hooked and ready to die. Sacrifice - I' m in pain. I use my fists. To smash their might. A brutal way of progression
Riverside - Driven to Destruction
I don't know where to begin Feel a cleaving in my mind I can't get my act together Buzz in my head is too loud I know something's wrong with me It's starting to ...
Album Mutual Assured Destruction od The Switch
Prohlédněte si seznam psíní v albu Mutual Assured Destruction od The Switch.
Black Label Society - Destruction Overdrive
Forever rolling on The wars we wage unknown Eternal is the blessed end Destruction overdrive Disregard for life Obsessed throughout the end of time ...
Sympathy for Destruction od MUSTASCH
I don´t care if you talk to me. Cause my ego, it´s under construction. What I love, is a burning feel. Cause I got Sympathy For Destruction What I steal is what I ...
Black Label Society - Lords of Destruction
Walk in my world of war and mass confusion Peace is a word that no one cares of knowing Death is the drug of choice amongst the masses Engines of hell ...
Clutch - Sea of Destruction
The killers, Scylla and the limping fool All the beggars play by the beggar's own rules On a sea of destruction Alright, a sea destruction Blackest jackets of their ...
Destruction: DEVOLUTION
Prohlédněte si seznam psíní v albu D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. od Destruction.
Odyssey Of Frustration od Destruction
Malice! Odyssey of frustration. Odyssey of our creation. Brainpower seems a gift or is it a goddamned curse? So why the hell don't you calm down and get what ...
Album Tools of Destruction od Thunderstone
Prohlédněte si seznam psíní v albu Tools of Destruction od Thunderstone.
Symphony of Destruction (Cover by Megadeth) od Nightwish
Watch peoples heads aroll. Aroll... Just like the pied piper. Led rats through the streets. We dance like marionettes, Swaying to the symphony... Of destruction
Diskografie Annie Lennox - Album Songs of Mass Destruction
Annie Lennox Diva, 1992 Annie Lennox Medusa, 1995 Annie Lennox Bare, 2003 Annie Lennox Songs of Mass Destruction, 2007 Annie Lennox A Christmas ...
Motionless in White - When Love Met Destruction
This is what happens, when love meets destruction We'll watch the hourglass end, your time is up Oh This is my life's work Eleven tracks is not enough To tell ...
Kittie - Sweet Destruction (Interlude)
Oh my sweet Lies, Destruction Be the death of me There are things Left unspoken Built on broken dreams I would end my life for this Would you die for me?
The Defiance Will Remain od Destruction
Creating Idols of Decay Servants of Common Replay Feed the Machine of Illusion and lies. A new star is born-oversize. Common knowledge built on scars
Poison Idea - Romantic Self-Destruction
Pierce my skin, tear my flesh Tell me that I feel the best Behold that it comes so quick Razor rites give me a kick It's not called fate, guilt copulate Not inane, dig ...
5 Destruction - Autoaggression
I'd rather destroy myself than being destroyed by you. Autoaggression - better than being destroyed by you. I can not cope with things oppressing me. But I can  ...

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