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Získej karaoke texty Do it for free, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Do it for free. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Sammy Hagar - Would do you do it for Free?
Would you do it for love? Would you do it for pride? If you gave it away. Woud you be satisfied? On your hands and knees, wooh. When the price is right, yeah
Unique II - Do what you please
And do it for you. Chorus: So come on everybody. And feel the groove. We gotta make it have. We gotta big things move. Everybody live a life so free. To do what  ...
Dubioza Kolektiv - Free.mp3 (The Pirate Bay Song)
Videoklip a text písně Free.mp3 (The Pirate Bay Song) od Dubioza Kolektiv. Click it, save it, ... Our music is for free you can ... We do file share like we don't care
Black Eyed Peas - Be Free (feat. Kim Hill)
All I want is to be free. You be you let I'll be me. Let me do what I feel inside. Won't get taken for a ride. Do just what I feel inside. Everything will be alright
Chris Brown - Bitches N Marijuana ft. ScHoolboy Q
Ooh, she bad, she don't do it for free. I got em, I got em. Got bitches n marijuana. T-ballin', globetrotter. Got a bunch of pre-rolls and a gold lighter. Think you on ...
Čago Belo Šílenci! - Ultra Nate - Free
Text písně Ultra Nate - Free od Čago Belo Šílenci!. Chorus cause youre free To do what you want to do Youve got to live your life Do what you want to do..
Dan Wilson - Free life
Will we get to do something? Who we gonna end up being? How we gonna end up feeling? What you gonna spend your free life on? Free life. Let's fall in love ...
Do what you please od Unique II
And do it for you. Chorus: So come on everybody. And feel the groove. We gotta make it have. We gotta big things move. Everybody live a life so free. To do what  ...
Keke Palmer - Hands Free
Videoklip a text písně Hands Free od Keke Palmer. [Chorus] Gon' and do lil mama like you want to Ooh, I can't resist the way you want me Damn baby you play ..
Que - Free Falling
(I hope it do)cause we're free,free falling(2x) cause you got my attention baby and all you gotta do is fall straight into my arms and let my love fuse you know you ...
The Weeknd - Do It
Videoklip a text písně Do It od The Weeknd. (Bridge) Baby girl we'll ... Baby I will set you free. Do you want me to do it? (what you wanna do) Do you want me to ...
Motörhead - Cat Scratch Fever
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Cat Scratch Fever od Motörhead. And I don't know how they do it, but they do it real good I hope they do it for free..
The Rolling Stones - Dirty Work
find some dumb ass, do it all for free. Let somebody do the dirty work. Find some looser, find some jerk, find some greaseball, yeah. It's beginning to make me ...
Joseph Vincent - Set You Free
Videoklip a text písně Set You Free od Joseph Vincent. Oh, cause your heart is looking for love ... I just love the way you do it. Baby, when you walk in the club
The Kinks - Set me free
Set me free, little girl. All you gotta do is set me free, little girl. You know you can do it if you try, All you gotta do is set me free, free, Free. Set me free, little girl.
Skyline - Fury
I do it for no troubles. I do it to be free. I will fight for freedom. I ain't never gonna give up, just live (2×) I'm full of the anger. Still full of my fears. I'm full of the anger
Dragonette - Live In This City
But I only live in this city. Live in the city. I only live in this city. Live in the city. I like to keep the place busy. And I do it for free. Cause this city can't live without me
Brooks Elkie - Set Me Free
Here I am ready or not. Let me see what have you got. I believe it's gonna be the blues. I can drink, maybe I should. But I know it don't do me no good. Stirring up ...
Drake Bell - Do What You Want
Videoklip a text písně Do What You Want od Drake Bell. I can't make you stop and listen that won't ... if you want to be free then your going to be free people
Holychild - Happy with me
Text písně Happy with me od Holychild. Everyday do you notice that we're never free Why can't you be Happy with me? Everyday we are running, though we're ...
Sugababes - Round Round
Got my kicks for free. We'll ride still fired on ... I will show you. How to break me ... (Do you feel me, do you feel me, do you feel me, do you feel me) Woo. Round ...
Madonna - American Life
This type of modern life. Is it for free? Do I have to change my name? Will it get me far? Should I lose some weight? Am I gonna be a star? (chorus). American life.
Moloko - Somebody Somewhere
What will you say? What will you say? What will you say when I ask you to stay? ... Inside there somewhere your spirit is free. Frigid little Bridget Lay down next to  ...
Gillian Welch - Everything Is Free
Everything is free now That's what they say Everything I ever done Gonna give it away Someone hit the big score They figured it out That we're gonna do it ...
Seal - Loneliest Star
Because I'm free and in love. I'm the loneliest star from the sun. But I feel that I'm close to than one. It will stop me from becoming undone. Cause I'm free
Daniel Powter - Free Loop
2. září 2005 Daniel Powter - Free Loop - text písně. Více než 110 000 textů a ... How we can, baby, how we can do a one night stand. Yeah ... And it´s hard ...
The Beatles Anna (Go to Him)
to set you free girl. D. Hmi you say he loves you more than me. Emi. A7 so I will set you free. D. Hmi. D Hmi go with him, Anna, go with him. 2. Anna girl before ...
Spirituál kvintet - We Shall Overcome
We shall all be free we shall all be free we shall all be free some day oh deep in my heart I do believe we shall all be free some day. 8. We are not alone we are ...
Eminem - Ass Like That
And don't treat me like I'm pee wee herman, this movies PG Mr. Officer, I demand to see my attorney. I will simply plead innocent, cop a plea and be free. Free ...
Cibelle - About A Girl
I need an easy friend I do, with an ear to lend I don't think you fit this shoe I do, ... Free I'm standing in your line I do hope you have the time I do pick a number ...
Evil That Men Do od Queen Latifah
Except for a girl, can't find a way to be crack free. And that's just part of the message. I thought I had to send you about the evil that men do. Tell me, don't you ...
Cranberries - Salvation
Salvation. To all those people doin' lines, Don't do it, don't do it. Inject your soul with liberty, It's free, it's free. To all the kids with heroin eyes, Don't do it, don't do ...
Lisa Stansfield - Live Together
This is all we need, to be free, To understand, and find the answer So let's do it now, let's do it right now... We've got to live together if we're gonna be free We've  ...
Missy Elliott - X-Tasy
to become more free with your guts and feelings ... Boy let me free your mind, lets hook up tonight ... Ecstaacyy, I'm willing, to do the things I said I wouldn't do
9 In Due Time
To be free. Free from what you bring. Why do I follow. Letting you in front of me. To steal tomorrow, morrow. Yeah Free my mind. In due time. I'll break this from ...
Nirvana - About a Girl
I do ... think you fit this shoe. I do ... won't you have a clue. I'll take advantage while. You hang me out to dry. But I can't see you every night. Free I do.
Joan Osborne - Think
Think. You better think (THINK!) Think about what you're trying to do to me. Think (THINK THINK) Let your mind go. Let yourself go free. Let's go back let's go ...
Broods - Free
2. duben 2016 When I didn't care was when I did best. I'm desperate to run, I'm desperate to leave. If I lose it all, at least I'll be free. All I want is your attention ...
George Michael - Monkey
Why can't you do it? Why can't you set your monkey free? Always giving into it - Do you love your monkey or do you love me? Why can't you do it Why do I have ...
Celine Dion - Just a Little Bit of Love
A little bit of love can do it. And just a little bit of love's gonna turn it. Around, and around, and around, oh yeah. And it can free your mind. Yes it can free your soul

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