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Získej karaoke texty Dr ag an rapper, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Dr ag an rapper. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Dr-ag-aN Rapper - MajkoKroatischHrvatski
Videoklip a text písně MajkoKroatischHrvatski od Dr-ag-aN Rapper. najbolja zena ti si najbolji drug tvoje srce je me poslalo na naj bolji put ti si naj bolj..
Dr-ag-aN Rapper - Es lebe der Balkan
Videoklip a text písně Es lebe der Balkan od Dr-ag-aN Rapper. Kroatien - Bosnien - Serbien Mazedonien - Albanien - Slowenien Mir ist egal ob du Serbe oder ...
Dr-ag-aN Rapper - Tatina Princeza
Videoklip a text písně Tatina Princeza od Dr-ag-aN Rapper. vremena prolaze od dana do dana bice mi lakse ova navika me danima smara daj mi da razbijem ...
Dr-ag-aN Rapper - Christ oder Moslem
Videoklip a text písně Christ oder Moslem od Dr-ag-aN Rapper. Go Go - Das sind mein Straßen - Mein Erfolgsweg Wien, Wien - Mein Drugs kommen der Beton ...
Vinnie Paz - Vinnie Paz - 16 Bars of Paz
You should kill yourself rapper and be stuck in the earth. To be honest ain't no rapper ... We kick your front door way in and drag em out. Text přidal RAREspek.
Crossdressing GDSOB od Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet ...
I wear lipstick and I wear a dress, High heels I stand when I piss, And I don't wanna shave and I don't wanna bathe, 'Coz I'm a transvestite from Planet 13,
Ruff Ryders - Ryde or die
Styles P., your favorite rapper's favorite rapper [Eve] Aint no surprise ... -Chorus- [ Drag-On] I be the D-R, A-G, dash O-N, slash often Comma, burnin niggasz often
Eminem - BET Shady 2.0 Cypher - Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf
Rappers need to keep it trill, give me a beat to kill ... I ain't a rap dude, I'm a dude who rap ... Or I'mma have to run like De la Hoya in drag when cameras come
The Planet Smashers - Pierce Me
Everybody now has at least one tattoo Private school girls wearing Doctor Marten boots A studded le.. ... Black death gothic fashions drag the world down
Jedi Mind Tricks - Tibetian black magician
[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz] Every rapper better fear me, 'cuz Vinnie Paz is a beast And y'all .. ... And drag em back to the harbor for the local photographers. Now point ...
The Witch is Dead od Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 ...
It's getting dark as the Devil's heart. If he has one. I'd shed my skin just to do it again. If I had some. I'm catching rays in the cold moon. Light... And get a skele- tan
Wu-Tang Clan - It's Yourz
Machine gun rap for all my niggaz in the back Stadium packed, linebacker nigga flashback See through yell. ... You fag, you couldn't pull one drag -- off my blunt
The Clipse - Keys Open Doors
I ain't spend one rap dollar in 3 years, holla. Money's the least, drag a bitch by her dog collar. Now ho folla', this is my ghetto story. Like Cham, Ice-P is the Don ...
Immortal Technique - Rebel Arms
Yeah... yeah, uhh, yeah The game is polluted with rappers that are really ... drop of blood in my body Or the Feds drag me away, like a tsunami But I'll be back, ...
Method Man - Simon Says Remix
Uh I bust a rhyme that dust frustrated rappers. Dust crush ... Now, drag his ass, bag dun for his loot. Figure me to ... How's that, fat action packed rap remain tame
Chamillionaire - Hold Up
Rap 84 of the 83, ain't rhyme them and they ain't with me, How ya'll pay to get in ... All the rappers start calling Mace, ... Get drag around by your suit tie, You can ...
Hey mom! I just killed a chicken od Frankenstein Drag Queens From ...
Hey mom I just killed a chicken. I left him bloody and dripping. I just called to say mom. Hey mom I just killed a chicken. Hey mom I just killed a chicken. I left him ...
Dope D.O.D. - Panic Room
Rappers lock themselves inside a panic room ... I collect trophies for rappers I tormented ... Take you to the tabernacle, drag you through the street in shackles
Madchild - Iran
So they can drag me to the bottom where we're broken in hell. Yeah, scum sucking ... Underground rappers don't get bitches - hand cock. Welcome to jam rock
Isaiah Rashad - I Shot You Down
[Bridge] I'm praying for some good rappers and a fleetwood Where I gotta bring my A game, you just .. ... [Verse 1] I take a drag at the square. I feel anxious, spit ...
Nas - Street's Disciple
... "Nas do not look back" Watch where you took rap, no bookbags and trucker ... if I don't know you toe-tag you Drag you through the cement, fo-fo maggie Body ...
26 Fk Everything
All the rappers claim to not give a fuck. Well step aside bitches, cause ... Filling you up and waiting for the water to freeze is a motherfuckin drag. You know what ?
Reprisal Malis Avibus od Hollenthon
He'd said that with his clenched teeth, he'd seize the earth from underneath. He'd seize the earth from underneath, and drag it with him down to hell ...
Elefant Goodbye od Soundtrack - Upíří deníky
if you think this is a drag then don't let me stop you if you think its gonna change then I hope that change mocks you. I won't get in your way. I've got nothing left ...
Baby You Don't Wanna Know od Soundtrack - Green Lantern
Cause your just a drag and you just ran out of time. Well that's quite alright, well. Well do what you want, but don't be proud. Cause baby you don't wanna know
Hey Nanana od DJ Bobo
And I am the fool acting like a drag queen. Wrong time, wrong place, time to end in smoke. And all I could say - do you want some coke ? I startet to stotter said ...
Bizzy Bone - Gangsta Music
1. září 2010 Rappers don't battle me, I'll call em all out, ain't nobody ... I put it on Tyra banks, you look straight up like a drag queen mixed up with a gopher;
Možda Volim Te od Batelić,Franka
Nek' govori svima da si mi drag. Da sam ti budna sanjala na grudima. Od dodira tvog. Ja htjela bi žar. Htjela bi noćas tebe na dar. Pa da me ljubiš i grliš i moliš
Wrong od Drist
But we waited so long for this. When I strike you down and drag you all the way in . Bury my sorrow, we soon will be one again. Every day seems to break me ...
Dorota Dragulová - Taylor Swift - White Horse od ČeskoSlovenská ...
The days drag on. Stupid girl. I should have known, I should have known. That I'm not a princess. This ain't a fairytale. I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet
Sweet Potato od Cracker
'cause this tourin' ain't a drag. They say overrated, educated. I suppose a little jaded. When I get off this. I think I'm gonna have to be sedated. So be my sweet ...
Knife in the Back od Twisted Sister
I Love Ladies od ICE-T
But you know that's a drag and there's no doubt. Cause females are the one thing that I can't do without. Female companionship is my one vice. I love to buy the ...
From Me To You od Janis Ian
But only drag you down. Find More lyrics at www.sweetslyrics.com. In the hole they're coming from. They say you are foolish in wanting the sun. Say you are ...
Ich und mein Computer od Deichkind
Drag n' Drop, versteh ich auch nicht. Deleten und Error Sanduhr, Sanduhr Kein Dongle dabei, keine Flatrate Posteingang voll, Trojaner eingefangen. Software ...
No Easy Way Out od Soundtrack - Rocky Balboa
I don't wanna pacify you I don't wanna drag you down. But I'm feelin like a prisoner like a stranger in a no named town. I see all the angry faces afraid that could ...
Sailing on the seven seas od OMD
People try and drag us down. So we learn to swim before we drown. Because I'm so in awe of you. That I don't know what to do. And I'm sailing on the seven ...
The Uchiha clan (pt2) od Eddie Rath
Before dudes. Touch concrete. Drag it tooowwwards you. Swing through shin. Leave you feetless. Gust of wind. Konoha leafless. Even knocks the jew shoes
Fetisha od Orgy
Fe-tish-a. Day glow all of you. Made for those little sick ones. Played out in super drag. Mistreat another piece of you. Pleasing you was trick. Raping you all with ...
Eminem - Bad Guy
Stick to the core plan, drag to the back of a trunk. By one of your fans, ... 'Cause Marshall Mather's the rapper's persona's have a facade and. Matthew and Stan's  ...

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