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Získej karaoke texty Electrified, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Electrified. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Andreea Banica - Electrified
Videoklip a text písně Electrified od Andreea Banica. I want your body close to me, Cause baby, I need some company, yeah. I want your body close to me, And. .
Mr. Big - Electrified
Videoklip a text písně Electrified od Mr. Big. A twisted fascination..
Gotthard - Electrified
Text písně Electrified od Gotthard. The rush and the feelin' Rollin' and wheelin' Ridin' on a thin line Risk is a friend of mine Paint my picture if..
Megan Nicole - Electrified
Videoklip a text písně Electrified od Megan Nicole. Hey, hey Ya got me spinning Hey, hey Ya got me going crazy And I'm feeling so electrified Hey, hey Ya go..
From First To Last - Electrified
Videoklip a text písně Electrified od From First To Last. The world is not a perfect place today, But I can feel the beauty in my veins, Don't try to pull t..
Lisa Germano - Electrified
Videoklip a text písně Electrified od Lisa Germano. Careful not to spin Into the waves again You can't get rid of 'em They're all around here Are you electr..
Pink Cream 69 - Electrified
Text písně Electrified od Pink Cream 69. it's alright; it's alright if you take the time maybe you will see it's alright; it's alright was it good for you; ..
Album Electrified od Pink Cream 69. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na KaraokeTexty.cz.
Nosowska - Electrified
Videoklip a text písně Electrified od Nosowska. were here we are an enity we are the open sea we are the nothing but ship wrecked alive we are the atom spli..
Mutemath - Electrify
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Electrify od Mutemath. Cause all I can think about is me and her, Electrified. I hope that someday she might take me home..
Album Electrified od Pink Cream 69
Prohlédněte si seznam psíní v albu Electrified od Pink Cream 69.
Mr. Big - Electrified
Light me up 'cause the night is only halfway through You know I love to make some trouble with you Flick my switch now smack my lips let's go Got a fuse that's  ...
Robin Thicke - Pressure
When you move pressure moves with. Only you make me lose it. You got me so electrified. Ooh pressure movin. When you goove. Cuts right through my skin
Gotthard - Electrified
Gotthard - Electrified - akordy a text písně.
Every Avenue - Fall Apart
Electrified, we burn all night. Paralyzed by black and white. But who are you, and who am I Electrified, we burn all night. I want you to fall apart like I did
Singring & The Glass Guitar
Text písně Singring & The Glass Guitar od Utopia. (an electrified fairy tale) This is an electrified fairy tale. if you've never heard of an electrifie..
Amaranthe - Afterlife
And this time you'll be electrified. The future leaves nothing behind. It's my afterlife. Hear my scream. I brake the seal. An impulse of me revived. And as I fill my ...
Faster Pussycat - Charge me up
To get me electrified. Come on, charge me up. And don\'t ever let me come. Don\'t ever let me come down. Charge me up. Cause it\'s all I need to keep me sound
The Cars - It's Only
Videoklip a text písně It's Only od The Cars. sometimes we just walk away from delirious skies sometimes we just want to feel so electrified..
Running Wild - Piece Of The Action
Electrified, just wild and free. Going round and round, the extasy [Chorus:] I want a piece, a piece of the action. I take a ride on dynamite. I want a piece, a piece ...
Charlie Puth - Up All Night
30. leden 2016 Well I get the thrill run down my spine. When I see you hitting me up. Feeling so electrified. With the heat of a million suns. You know just one ...
Death Grips - Lord Of The Game
... in chains, sonic live wire Electrified rain from the lips of the driver Whippin the wheel Flippin donuts to peel Out on the face of the base, where's my lighter?
Gene Vincent - Story Of The Rockers
... Spread the songs throughout the land And soon the Beatles from a-Liverpool Electrified, began to rule Roll out the Stones with Satisfaction Mix in a bit of blues  ...
Adrian Belew - Six String
... feel a little spark in my fingertips I'm electrified The magic touch You feel so good The way you respond to everything I do I'm magnetized Something happens ...
Hannah Montana - I Got Nerve
... it's Everything I see Every part of me Gonna get what I deserve I got nerve (I got I got I got) Electrified, I'm on a wire Getting together we're on fire What I said ...
Sodom - Visual Buggery
... without a trace Nobody sees your smiling face Visual Buggery Barbarically electrified by terror and by pain Consuming the irreverance, enjoyment for the brain ...
Regine Velasquez - Wired For Love
... Sparks start flyin' As I become electrified Raw emotion baby Burning underneath my skin And when you kiss me A million fireworks begin (Wired for love) Look ...
Simple Minds - She's a River
... hunter's in the silent moon My nerves just feel electrified Meet me on the staircase by a darkened room Light me like a naked flame The voice of Mother Nature ...
Hannah Montana - I've Got Nerve
I would never run away when life gets bad. It's everything I see. Every part of me. Gonna get what I deserve. I got nerve (I got I got I got) Electrified, I'm on a wire
Hammerfall - Hammer Of Justice
Here the screams electrified. As the mirror turns blank. And your essence fades away. Your chapter's closed. Sealed with thunderbolts. Prowling the night

The banjo was still there but now it was electrified, to a flat microphone which pete had wound tightly with copper wire and called his pick-up and in turn made it ...
DJ Muggs - When The Fat Lady Sings
... thoughts bugged No holds barred, live and unplugged Trapped on the other side, of electrified, steel doors Once in, greeted with thunderstorm applause The  ...
Kix - Can't Stop the Show
... news This ain't the end of the road Can't stop the show I'm a nuclear meltdown, call in the cops I'm super-electrified, a hundred thousand watts I want my cake, ...
Wild Beasts - Bed Of Nails
Our love, Frankenstein in nature and design, Like the Shelleys on their very first time, When our bodies become electrified, Together we bring this creature alive ...
Kiuas - Conqueror
Divine, unscarred and electrified... Such words of power echo through your mind Never stop and never break There's always time to rest in your grave No time to ...
Mudhoney - F.D.K. (Fearless Doctor Killers)
... survive I'll make damn sure He gets electrified Save the baby Kill the doctor Save the baby Kill the doctor I kill for you Baby Jesus I kill for you Little baby Jesus ...
Meshuggah - Elastic
The only view is the barren self) A walking translucent entity. Void, suspended. Inviolate by rules, all standards of existence. An electrified vapor-cloud. A skein of  ...
P.o.d. - Addicted
Over and over indulges in anyone or anything That makes you feel so alive I am electrified. I'm so high Numb to all of you who are just out to get me Fascinate, ...
Hooverphonic - 50 Watt
Emotional amplifier 50 watts of pure desire Electrified intense luck Exploded fuse sets the heart on fire As if we cut the wrong black wire Intensified adrenaline ...
Everybody be wild, be electrified, I'm here to knock you out. Let me take you there , Lets loose control, Want you to go insane, Tonight's the night, lets let it roll, I'm ...

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