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Face Of Despair
Album Face Of Despair od Mortal Sin. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na KaraokeTexty.cz.
Dark mirror ov Tragedy
Videoklip a text písně The Pregnant Of Despair (Lord Of Shadows #2) od Dark mirror ... IN THE FACE OF YOU I WAS STILL TRIFLE HAVE NOTHING VOLITION
Lugnasad - Scarified
I tell the nerve to seat and suck. My teeth are now lying on the ground. My mouth is fringed with mucus of despair. I finally face the I Turn inside out to face the old ...
Mortal Sin - Martyrs Of Eternity
Martyrs of eternity face of despair. Are we closer to disaster? That's been brought upon our own. Do we answer to our master, whose punishment is known?
Benediction - Suicide Rebellion
Face the facts, everything dies in the end. Always brave on the outside. Smiling in the face of despair. Blood courses through constricted veins. Silent screams ...
Virgin Steele - Crown Of Thorns
A season of pain. With one Judas kiss. You're screaming my name [Chorus] After the face of beauty. Becomes the face of despair. Bound by the flesh of treason
Green Carnation - Light of Day, Day of Darkness
Silent cries of despair. What sanity remains ... That would change the face of man . For it was my dream ... I turn and face the face of deception. A face without the ...
Pegazus - Neon Angel
I see the solutide in your eyes, the face of despair. Covering up your little white lies, fortune and fame ain't here. Keep yourself together, till the night comes again
Abominant - On Death's Wings
Sorrow is depression and despair A time of life that no one cares Inducing chemicals of pain driven fate To suffer at a moderate rate And to go beyond To face
F.O.B. - Robe of Imbalance
Altar Of Oblivion - Behind the Veil of Nights
Rebel forces familiar with arms, fuming livid plots of despair. Interventions go ... Lead: A. Larsen In the face of ghastly creatures, in the face of the feeble-minded
Trail Of Tears - Watch You Fall
In the corner of despair. Watch you fall in the bottomless pit. To escape from the ... 'cause you can't face life. As it was meant to be. Turning away. Into sadness
Kataklysm - Vindication
Paint the face of despair, before you die. I have no mercy, I shall torch the earth. Pray… Mortal Vindication… Vindication… Shadows of death settle the dust of ...
Paragon - Intro / Impaler
Open the casket - I stare in his face. I will track ya! I will get ya! Raising the hammer. Ending the reign of despair (Break) Pounding a stake straight through his ...
Zandelle - Killing Gaze
Of men who dared to face her hate. Frozen in time with looks of horror ... Hoping he would not become a statue of despair. Perseus was his name and he had a ...
Cardiant - Believe
I see a blood red sky upon us. On the verge of despair. An evil breath takes over my spine. A dark figure on the alley has her eyes on my heart. It's the face of ...
Cradle Of Filth - Death Magick For Adepts
For words alone are at loss to trace. The face of today's inhuman wraith. One half adrift in the vast abyss. Of despair and misery. The other a mask of rich red lips
Every Dog Has Its Day
Psychology Of Death · An Absence Of Faith · Every Dog Has Its Day · Face Of Despair · Face of Despair (EP) · Mayhemic Destruction. Texty písní a překlady, ...
Phil Ochs - Here's to the State of Mississippi
And every single classroom is a factory of despair. And there's nobody learning ... Oh the fallen face of Jesus is choking in the dust. And Heaven only knows in ...
Aura Noir - The Grin from the Gallows
Flaunting a glimpse of despair. I behold the secret sparks. Like the hidden flames of Hell Turn loose the feral beasts. And lead them towards me. I'll stand tall ...
Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly With His Song
He sang as if he knew me in all my dark despair. And then he looked right through me as if I wasn't there. And he just kept on singing singing clear and strong. R: ...
Písničky od Martiny Černé
Kill Hannah cover. Kill Hannah - Life In The Arctic · Swallow the Sun cover. Swallow the Sun - Gloom Beauty and Despair · Mary J Blige cover. Mary J Blige - No ...
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Kill Hannah cover. Kill Hannah - Life In The Arctic · Swallow the Sun cover. Swallow the Sun - Gloom Beauty and Despair · Mary J Blige cover. Mary J Blige - No ...

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