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Získej karaoke texty Fall together, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Fall together. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Streetlight Manifesto - We Will Fall Together
Videoklip a text písně We Will Fall Together od Streetlight Manifesto. And when we fall we will fall together No one will catch us so we'll catch ourselves ..
Austin Jones - We'll Fall Together
Videoklip a text písně We'll Fall Together od Austin Jones. Afraid to die And afraid to live Oh what a way to exist..
Wideawake - Fall Together
Text písně Fall Together od Wideawake. And we'll be better If we fall together..
Weezer - Fall Together
Videoklip a text písně Fall Together od Weezer. streamline, mainline, fall together , get up..
The Temper Trap - Fall Together
You and me know we're meant to be Maybe we'll never know You and me are worst enemies Cause we don't believe anymore Out on the streets Our colors ...
Benjamin Alec - Together we fall
Videoklip a text písně Together we fall od Benjamin Alec. You've been standing on your own for far too long For too long, for too long, for too long, for ..
Tiffany Alvord - Fall Together
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Fall Together od Tiffany Alvord. I don't know where I'm going but I just need to keep on moving One foot forward, the o..
Diana Ross - We Stand Together
Videoklip a text písně We Stand Together od Diana Ross. Stand up, stand tall, and be counted Divided we fall, together we stand, together Our love has all n..
Austin Jones - Beauty Vocabulary
Together in love. We'll fall together. Together in love. Somebody hand me a dictionary. Because my vocabulary just isn't enough. No it's not enough, To tell this ...
We The Kings - Die Young Live Forever
Tonight we gonna get high or fall together. Die young or live forever. Don't let go. I'll love you till our hearts go cold. Tonight we gonna get it high or fall together
Blackmore's Night - All For One
And when we fall we'll fall together, not alone! We'll fall together. And when we fall we'll fall together, not alone! All For One, and One For All! We'll fall together
Susanne Sundfør - Kamikaze
And tonight's the night we might fall together. And you take me back, you take me back. And you kamikaze. And tonight's the night we might fall together. Did you ...
David Houston - Together We Stand (Divided We Fall)
You tell me you're thinking of leaving no I'm saying that our thing's gone wrong But darling let's both talk it over I've been talking too much way too long Oh we ...
We The Kings - Queen Of Hearts
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Queen Of Hearts od We The Kings. Through the thunder and the rain Together we fall together, we fly away Hold me closely Yo..
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Edge Of Forever
We're gonna rise as one or fall together. Out here on the ledge. We're standing on the edge...of forever. From the silence I hear the thunder roll. Words of the ...
Billy Talent - Afraid of Heights
If we fall, we fall together baby, don't think twice again. Together I know, together I know, That we'd burn like a rockets afterglow. Together I know, together I know ...
Billy Talent - Afraid Of Heights (Reprise)
If we fall, we fall together baby, don't think twice again. Together I know, together I know. That we'd burn like a rocket's afterglow. Together I know, together I ...
Coheed and Cambria
You, oh oh, you've taken the fall for them to walk all over. You made your bed so soft and ... Please put your hands together. For the ever faring one man show, ...
Fall Out Boy - Alone Together
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Alone Together od Fall Out Boy. Say yeah (yeah) , let's be alone together (yeah) We could stay young forever (yeah) Scream ..
Amy MacDonald - The Rise & Fall
The rise and fall. I never thought it through at all. Held onto the power too long. Forsaken all the friends I know [Bridge] Together we rise and united we fall
Clay Walker - Watch This
If you've never felt what happens when two hearts fall together Or never seen love written in the stars and knew it was forever If you don't believe that destiny can ...
George Strait - Meanwhile
She sparkles, she dazzles, she lights up the room We walk together to a table ... And reach for each other the passion begins We fall together as lovers and then.
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Edge of Forever
... of time We're gonna rise as one or fall together Out here on the ledge We're standing on the edge...of forever From the silence I hear the thunder roll Words of  ...
Eagles - Lyin' Eyes
... through the nice anticipating 'Cause he makes her feel the way she used to feel She rushes to his arms, They fall together She whispers that it's only for awhile ...
Lita Ford - Killin' Kind
Did the lights go out forever? Has the night just gone insane? Did what's broken fall together? Has my heart gone down in flames? Though I heard your lies, ...
Lil' Mo - Yeah Yeah Yeah
... I Get Rich We Go Ball Together If We Rise We Go Fall Together, If They Try To Step To You Knuckle Up Cuz We Go Brawl Together I Ain't Go Let Nobody Back ...
Deep Purple - Uncommon Man
Our days fall together in time You said you can't have it all Beast and the broom, I have that kind of feeling It's got to be twenty foot tall But the man Is still alive Oh ...
Warren Zevon - Renegade
... we'd stand or fall together right or wrong We ain't seen no reconstruction here Just the scorched earth all around And the high school band played "Dixieland" ...
Big Daddy Kane - Just Rhymin' With Biz
Huh, I beg your pardon To me getting paid and getting busy fall together So a man of my ambiance never! Could I be weak, why I'm rather unique I got style, ...
Hoobastank - We Are One
Together we laugh, together we cry Together we fall, together we'll rise Together forever, never goodbye and i'll tell you why We are one, we are everyone.
Adele - Skyfall
Face it all together. Let the sky fall, when it crumbles. We will stand tall. Face it all together. At skyfall. Skyfall is where we start. A thousand miles and poles apart
Public Enemy - Brothers Gonna Work It Out
... you'll twist to this As you raise your fist to the music United we stand, yes divided we fall Together we can stand tall Brothers that try to work it out They get mad, ...
Santana - All the Love of the Universe
Oh, oh, do New thoughts Will purify my mind And clean my body New lives Will fall together like an endless story All the love of the universe Will be shared by all  ...
Skillet - Those Nights
... solve all the problems we're going through Forget 'em all Cause on those nights we would stand and never fall Together we faced it all Remember when we'd.
Weezer - Possibilities
... gone Oh, you're gone You're gone, you're gone to stay Oh-oh, oh Oh-oh, oh Oh -oh, oh I need you I plead you now Fall together, get up Yeah, yeah, yeah ...
Naked Among Wolves od Heaven shall burn
One life, one hope this is our life in hell punished for telling the truth, for unwanted ideals. Innocence means nothing here we stand and fall together, the only ...
Avril Lavigne - Fall to Pieces
Fall to Pieces. I looked away. Then I look back at you. You try to say. The things that you can't undo. If I had my way. I'd never get over you. Today's the day
Diskografie The Temper Trap - Album Thick as Thieves
1 Thick as Thieves; 2 So Much Sky; 3 Burn; 4 Lost; 5 Fall Together; 6 Alive; 7 Riverina; 8 Summer's Almost Gone; 9 Tombstone; 10 What If I'm Wrong ...
Cheetah sisters
Someones always there behind [all] To catch us if we fall [all] Cuz we are sisters we stand together. We make up one big family although we don't look the same
Album Somewhere In The Between od Streetlight Manifesto
... 8 Streetlight Manifesto - Somewhere In The Between · 9 Streetlight Manifesto - The Blonde Lead The Blind · 10 Streetlight Manifesto - We Will Fall Together ...

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