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Získej karaoke texty Hermetics, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Hermetics. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Hermetics - Cash
Videoklip a text písně Cash od Hermetics. Cash na mý ruce, tak můžeme se bavit , my neděláme grátis, my neděláme zadarmo, i kdyby jo, tak by si stejn..
Yzo Empire/ Milion+ - Kannabis x Mirez x Ro$enhaim - Burnout
mrtvej král, yea, Hermetics sou tak easy, minimálně tisíc let zpátky, Mirez, antiočí, kolotoče, radovánky, pochopte to tohle není shit jako znáš ty, stoka sound level ...
Chthonic - 49 Theurgy Chains
He made it through the Festering Iceberg Now he shakes for something else. Unrelieved burden, unrelieved anger, unrelieved hermetic theurgy chains
Depresy - Psychospiritual Mysticism
Of hermetic illusions. It was rejected as a land of maniacs. Which knowledge is wicked and dangerous. Yird where illusion is the truth. And the truth faded away
Mad Architect - Universal Law
We are surrounded by realms unseen! Can you hear it? An echo from beyond! Words forgotten in a material world, Hermetic principles of truth. A maze of secrets ...
Virus - metal - Inward Bound
But it's a dense void. Beneath my tongue, raw screams. The crude voice of the soul. Underneath my hunger. My hermetic fowl interior land. Text přidala Raduwa .
Pyracanda - 18 Degrees
Videoklip a text písně 18 Degrees od Pyracanda. Noone heard the screams behind the doors of steel Like a hermetic bolt - it seems. They lay down the fate of ..
Vinnie Paz - Vinnie Paz - Envy the Dead
You lead people in with meditative rituals, and western hermetic tradition and it's principles. Are you the persecuted prophet thats invincible, can you turn impure ...
Dark Fortress - No Longer Human
Our gazes, hermetic, Shall cause the tide of time to rip, No longer morphically crucified, Devour the form of all life. In their star-engulfing grip. Twin gaping black  ...
Trauma - Naked Truth
We're watching life through opaque windows. Locked up in the hermetic world. Of doctrines and rules. We're all the same. Equally overage and thoughtless
Archons - Of Pride and Prejudice
An hermetic cell. Inside your head. That makes you blind. Get out of it. And think by yourself. Or you'll die alone. It's an invaluable virtue to be able to understand ...
Rise to Fall - Parasites
Encased in a frozen coffin. From another age. Almost mummified. Inside a hermetic cage. I've remained stagnant. Now crystal tears melt the ice. I am bleeding
Fast food orchestra - Abracadabra
Wid di crystal ball and the flying brooms wid di demons and ghosts in the hermetic gloom.Eather,Earth,Fire,Air,Water-five elements,omoloko macumba bum ...
Cauldron Born - Born of the Cauldron
Born of the Cauldron Malefic language breaking hermetic law. Into the wrong hands the grimoire will fall. The sonorous rhythm from the barbarous tongue sang ,
Avulsed - Voracious Backpacker
Nobody would miss them at all. Keeping body parts in hermetic plastic bags. Saving food for the long run. Feet, arms gnawing the bones, tasting the flesh, hands ...
Voivod - Inner Combustion
Videoklip a text písně Inner Combustion od Voivod. Crucible heats up Arsenic mercury An acid concoct Hermetic theory Hydrogen vapours Exclusion principle It..
Behemoth - LAM
Children of technocracy invoke synthetic spirits Plastic crosses choke perspiring necks MAAT - I cast dices, but curtain of future is still hermetic closed Rise!
Behemoth - Lam
Children of technocracy invoke synthetic spirits. Plastic crosses choke perspiring necks. MAAT - I cast dices, but curtain of future is still hermetic closed. Rise!
Sybreed - No Wisdom Brings Solace
Encased between hermetic walls of incertitude. Axioms appear so contrived. And science, the paragon of devious crafts. I struggle to assimilate this fact: No ...
At the Gates - The Conspiracy Of The Blind
Hermetic halls - echo silent now. Flood the landscape of our minds. The conspiracy of the blind - staring dead into our lives of decay. From the lips of the blind ...

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