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Získej karaoke texty Hold on for dear life, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Hold on for dear life. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

The Icarus Account - Hold On For Dear Life
Videoklip a text písně Hold On For Dear Life od The Icarus Account. Please stay Don't go I want the world to know I want Your heart And nothing less than th..
Hold On For Dear Life
Album Hold On For Dear Life od The Icarus Account. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na KaraokeTexty.cz.
Album Hold On For Dear Life od The Icarus Account
Hold On For Dear Life 5 songů · ALBUM Keeper of Your Heart 5 songů · ALBUM Love Is the Answer 10 songů · ALBUM Mayday 11 songů · ALBUM Sunshine ...
John Michael Montgomery - Just Like A Rodeol
Text písně Just Like A Rodeol od John Michael Montgomery. Somedays I'm in the saddle Somedays I get thrown Somedays I hold on for dear life This love is sur ...
Forever in Your Mind - Compass
Hold on for dear life. One last time. Hit by the waves. Caught in a shipwreck. Oh, I' m breaking for you. I may be lost. But my heart's the compass. Oh, it points back ...
Debbie Gibson - Down That Road
And you hold on for dear life. Coming from a place of doubt. Well I've been down that road once or twice before. Once or twice before. I ain't going there again
Automatic Loveletter - Cruel Cruel
And hold on for dear life. Cause if you don't then you will surely lose your mind. But I won't. I wanna hide my face. I wanna find the strength to get through this
Keel - Live
Gonna hold on for dear life. Just to make it through the night. I want to live - I wanna rock. Wanna chase my dreams and never stop. I just wanna hold you and  ...
The Icarus Account - Life Is Beautiful
Videoklip a text písně Life Is Beautiful od The Icarus Account. And how you sacrifice and try to make ... T The Icarus Account Hold On For Dear Life · playlist ...
The Mostar Diving Club - Cirus Of Fools
Hold your head we\'re taking off right now. I can feel your heart beat. Hold on to your mind. Hold on to the visions you\'ll have. Hold on for dear life. The giants ...
Ocean Colour Scene - Magic Carpet Days
I can't hold on for too long. Keepin' all my memories at bay. Magic carpet day. Hold on for dear life! The world is small from this height. Careening through our...
The Icarus Account - Diamonds And Daisies
We both know so let's let go Of these feelings that we can hold back We can't control not.. ... T The Icarus Account Hold On For Dear Life · playlist ...
Chumbawamba - In the thick of it
What a load of shit life is. Life is wonderful, so intricate yet simple. It truly amazes me ... But i hold on, i hold on for dear life. To my fears as much as i do my hopes
Crush 40 - I Am All of Me
Step inside and hold on for dear life, Do you remember me? Capture you, or set you free? I am all, I am all of me (I am all, I am all of me) I am... I am, I'm all of me,
Saints Of Valory - Neon Eyes (Into the Deep)
And darling I know I've made mistakes. But won't you follow me into the deep. When you hold my hand, hold on for dear life. Cuz when you look at me that way,  ...
The Absence - Deepest Wound
So timeless and vibrant yet moving below. We hold on for dear life in motions so slow. The one and only thing. Is in the constants of suffering. Our endless agony
Brad Paisley - Pressing On A Bruise (feat. Mat Kearney)
Hold on for dear life and keep the fire fed. I oughta let go but instead. It's like I'm pressing on a bruise. To see if it still hurts. Right now that's all I've got left of you
Ruelle - Fear On Fire
Videoklip a text písně Fear On Fire od Ruelle. Hold mine for dear life Until it's all gone, we'll come alive We'll set fear on fire We'll set fear on fire..
Dannic - Dannic feat. Bright Lights - Dear Life
I'll never stop or let it go 'Cause I'll be in here the clouds by tomorrow. We are only here for one night (one night) So hold my hand and life me up. Show me like ...
Anthony Hamilton - Dear Life
Videoklip a text písně Dear Life od Anthony Hamilton. Sometimes in life You run across a love unknown Without a reason It seems like you belong Hold on dear..
Lobo - Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
I stopped sending flowers to your apartment. You said you aren't home much anymore. I stopped dropping by without an appointment. Cause I'd hear laughter  ...
Lobo - I'd Love You To Want Me
When I saw you standing there. I bout fell out my chair. And when you moved your mouth to speak. I felt the blood go to my feet. Now it took time for me to know
Extreme Cupid's Dead
The letterhead read Dear Johnny. A tainted truth was all it said, ... Hold on to your dignity. Don't sit around, ... Of a life that's within you. Cupid is dead now,.
Cord Of Life. 82, en, videoklip ... Dear Father. 100, en, videoklip ... Hold On. 72, en, videoklip. Holding On. 78, en, videoklip. Holy Lamb. 64, en, videoklip.
Texty a překlady písní od uživatele semir11
The Life That Could Have Been. 76, en, videoklip ..... Skladba, Zobrazení, Jazyk, Videoklip, Akordy. Dear Lord. 58, en, videoklip ..... Hold On To Your Dreams.
Diskografie Johnny Mathis
Faithfully · Good Night, Dear Lord - album ... Mathis Magic · The Best Days of My Life - album ... You Light Up My Life · Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me - album ...
Electric Light Orchestra
A Better Life. 60, en, videoklip. A Long Time Gone ... Dear Elaine. 37, en, videoklip. Destination Unknown ... Hold On Tight. 95, en, videoklip. Honest Men.
Whitney Houston
Dear John Letter. 78, en, videoklip. Deck The Halls ... Hold Me. 107, en, videoklip . Hold On Help Is On The Way ... 58, en, videoklip. Lover For Life. 85, videoklip ...
American Life 2. 537, en, videoklip. American Pie ... Dear Jessie. 204, en. Deeper And Deeper. 303, en ... 160, en, videoklip. Hold Tight. 37, en, videoklip.

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