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Získej karaoke texty How to call a bluff, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek How to call a bluff. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

How To Call A Bluff
Album How To Call A Bluff od My Favorite Highway. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Bring Me The Horizon - Alligator Blood
Can't call a bluff with a dead mans hand. My alligator blood is starting to show. I know that you know that, I know that you know. Can't call a bluff with a dead ...
Ghost In My Room - Alligator Blood
My alligator blood is starting to show. I know that you know that, I know that you know. Can't call a bluff with a dead mans hand. Cut me up and wear my skin
My Favorite Highway - Bigger Than Love
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Streetlight Manifesto - The Receiving End Of It All
No one will ever call this bluff. But that's just the way that it goes. And when he left us he said, "It's not so bad" That motherfucker he took everything we had
Naughty by nature - Thanks for Sleepwalkin'
See I'm the type to meet a girl and call her bluff. They say "I'll kepp you if you're sweeter than my other stuff" Not like a pimp or like a pope, cos I know who's to ...
The Never Ending - Call Me Up
You call me up when you are feelin uninspired. You call me out just to get a little higher. I'm not your's. Baby, you're not mine. I call your bluff; not this time
Xandria - Queen of Hearts Reborn
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Queen of Hearts Reborn od Xandria. Out for blood call the bluff on his heart for the queen takes the lead and foresees stak..
Nick Kershaw - Save The Whale
The salt winds call to me. And as they call. I hang my head in shame. Any other world could call their bluff. But any other world could scream enough. The ocean  ...
Bastian Van Shield - With Dust
You call the bluff. Just love again and up the end. We lost with your semptiness. Don't waste your time. To let them tell you what to do. And fine. Don't you know ...
Ryn Weaver - Pierre
Yeah-eah, eah-eah-eah-yeah [Chorus:] I can't let him in. You call me up and ask me how I've been. I'll call your bluff and. Keep on telling, telling, telling you lies
Cody Carson - Remembering Sunday (All Time Low cover)
... cover) od Cody Carson. Forgive me, I'm trying to find My calling, I'm calling at night I don't mean .. ... He's determined to call her bluff. Who could deny these ...
Killer Be Killed - Face Down
Just to survive is never enough, we need to call the bluff. Disarray in the nation, disarray degradation. Face down, face down, face down to the ground. Brutality ...
Beanie Sigel - Mac and brad
Call your bluff run in your spot with a detective suit. Got you cuffed bout to show you what this tech will do [Scarface] You must of thought that we was friendly ...
Poco - Hurry up
The token of wine in a glass. Could dare you just enough. Who's joking? and when should I call your bluff? How many more will there be? Hurry up now tell me
Douwe Bob - Blind Man's Bluff
Videoklip a text písně Blind Man's Bluff od Douwe Bob. And oh, oh no, You got me in this game that I can win oh no Call me a junkie but I need your stuff M..
Bon Jovi - Bounce
In your face, I call your bluff. It ain't karma, it ain't luck. Me, I just don't give a [ Chorus:] Bounce, Bounce Nothing's gonna keep me down. Bounce, Bounce Stand ...
Young Dro - Shell
You Dumb As Hell And Ass Out Tryin 2 Call Our Bluff [x2] [Verse 2: Young Dro] Yall Caught Us On Brawus Change Da Paint On Da Chevy June, July, And ...
Forevermore - Wormtongue
Deceitful tongue, I'm calling your bluff. I'll bury your throne in the sand. This is the end of your reign, king of corruption (king of corruption) This is the end of your ...
The Quakes - Seven seas alone
When you're riding on the seven seas. And things start to get rough. You'll walk the plank at sunrise. They're gonna call your bluff. Stowed away on a pirate ship
Bruce Springsteen - My Best Was Never Good Enough
You never know what you're going to get. Stupid is as stupid does" and all the rest of that shit. Come on pretty baby call my bluff 'Cause for you my best was ...
Logic - Never Enough
... hol' up Yea we bout it, sho 'nuff Better hope they don't call my bluff Cause my mind is going crazy This shit is never enough (2x): Never enough, never enough,  ...
Mat Kearney - Bullet
... all my commission, my love and my vision and It doesn't matter if they call me ... impart your heart You cared enough to call my bluff through the junk from the ...
Kenny Loggins - Down 'N Dirty
... 'cause I'm dying to see Take it baby, make your play, we'll make love in different ways I call your bluff and stand, pretty mama, hold me in your hand And make ...
Bride - Kiss the Train
... you ain't so tough Is that all you got, I will call your bluff Kiss the train - I won't do it Kiss the train - I'd be a fool Kiss the train Kiss the train, love, will you take me ...
Baha Men - Normal
... stuff But I don't need to follow no one, I'm already cool enough You say I gotta be name brand, but I'm gonna call your bluff And if you don't like it that's tough.
Fifth Harmony - Worth It
... I can back it up I think I'ma call you bluff Hurry up, I'm waiting out front Uh huh, you see me in the spotlight Ooh I love your style Uh huh, show me what you got, ...
Charlie Daniels - Road Dogs
... Promoters acting funny hope he's got our money Guess I'll have to call his bluff We play our music that should be enough We're road dogs road dogs Burning ...
MC Hammer - It's All Good
But I'm calling your bluff, trick, I thought you knew, Everyone still can't touch... This . It's better than average, bro. I'm not the average Joe, With the average flow.
Lil Rob - When I Do What I Do
They say when I drop rolas Lil' Rob controla As if I didn't know, tears on you pillow Don't know if I know enough, know enough to call your bluff Why you wanna ...
Kathleen Edwards - A Soft Place To Land
You call in the jury. Call it a catch. Without any strings attached ... But you're calling my spade. A bluff without calling it off. I'm looking for a soft place to land
Rihanna Bitch Better Have My Money
Yayo. Bitch better have my money! Y'all should know me well enough. Bitch better have my money! Please don't call me on my bluff. Pay me what you owe me.
Mase - Same Niggas
... M A dolla-sign E nigga, fear no man Nigga hit me in the mouth and we bound to fight Just call my bluff and it be on tonight I got words of a madman tatooed on  ...
Van Morrison - This Has Got to Stop
... I just had enough I'm gonna call your bluff, walk you one more lap And I watched you watching me as I watched you walk away from me And I went off to that ...
Hot Blooded
... you be ready when I call you bluff Is my timing right Did you save your love for me tonight Yeah I'm hot blooded, check it and see Feel a fever burning inside of ...
The Twang - Don't Wait Up
... for one last round One, two, three, let's slam 'em down This night's getting pretty lairy Geezers flexing, looking scary Some lad tries to call my bluff The silly boy, ...
Benzino - Would You
Everybody wanna call your name Until you squeeze them chromey thangs ... call you out Until you pull up at the house And everybody wanna try and bluff Go ...
Bliss n Eso - Royal Flush
Well hello, let me introduce myself They call me macka, big macka And my ... hills and gutters I bluff the whole table Like f**k you, silly duffers We changed the ...
Blue Öyster Cult - Del Rio's Song
... and rivers freeze I think you'd know enough To call in touch that outer frame The inner gain, a sullen gulch Which opens up on the way to blind man's bluff A ...
Ludacris - Put Your Money
... the sticks They call me Mr. Put-Down-Two-And-Pick-Up-Six Then walk away with a clean slate; catch me out in A.C. Callin yo' bluff with Puff eatin cheesecake  ...

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