I want to fuck your anal karaoke texty

Získej karaoke texty I want to fuck your anal, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek I want to fuck your anal. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Lividity - Phallic Beat Down
After the fucking date, take you to my house Entice the into my door, relax you on my couch Show you.. ... Caress your candy apple ass, I want to toss your salad
Necro - I wanna fuck
Id like to leave my dick in you forever. Bitch whats your pleasure [Hook] [Verse 2] Lets get you lubed up for anal. Spread it poke it and stick it in. Like an ATM card ...
Blood On The Dance Floor - It's On Like Donkey Kong
Fucking hopped up like Dennis Hopper on speed. I'm gonna smoke your ass like Cheech and Chong smokes weed. My cum's so chunky it's like an Oreo ...
Jarren Benton - Hallelujah feat. Dizzy Wright & SwizZz
Y'all don't want these boys to bring them problems to ya. Yeah, Benton season ... Pain in the ass, like an anal blister ... A fucking four blood, the fork in your lungs
Debauchery - Faith and Fire
Videoklip a text písně Faith and Fire od Debauchery. I kill your friends and Kin and cut you up I hang you high then Let you fucking drop You will get a ham..
Steel Panther - Anything Goes
Pour syrup on her ass like she's chicken and grits. Make her wear a mask ... Paint your fucking cock like a barber pole ... Dress your bitch up like a butch marine
Xzibit - Dos Equis (feat. The Game & RBX)
Immaculate back stroll, anal and deep throat, Whatever the fuck I want you get to make it happen, Powder her ... Want your fingers sliced, now you pay the price,
Deuce - Let's Get It Crackin
... smack both them ass cheeks Throw your cups up if you'll get nasty Woahhhh ... he mispells his name] I play boys like a fucking guitar Lick my ass an surgery ...
Kid Rock - Paid
And while your out gangbangin' tryin to catch a murder case Your ho's on my couch gettin' fucked in the face Bumpin.. ... Kid Rock an' I got all the hoes sayin': > Fuck me baby, Kid Rock come fuck me baby. Fuck me baby ... I want my khakis washed, starched, and creased. I want a ... I'm kinda anal, cause I ain't no fuckin slob
Madchild - Mental
Fuck with me and find out what a metal pipe will taste like. I'm explosive like a molotov ... Utterly disgusting when I'm muttering my foot up in your anal hole
Deuce - Freaky Now
You've got them hips, You've got them lips I want to feel the rest. ... We showed you how to turn off the lights So give me some fucking Twilight neck bites. ... bitch and that's a fact I put some miles on your bitch and send her ass back That's right.
Deuce - Freaky Now
Don't hate me cause I fucked your favorite band. Beer bottle in my pussy ... I love ass to mouth & black cock like Obama What? ... And heard she want's to fuck.
Star Fucking Hipsters - Snitch To The Suture
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Snitch To The Suture od Star Fucking Hipsters. wide awake ... might not be what you want to do ... your anal yonic dick is swole
Dying Fetus - Killing On Adrenaline
your death, the final ending, released. I will bring you fucking down beating on the face of broken trust all I want is a chance to fuck your life up you had to turn ...
Lividity - Dismembering Her Lifeless Corpse
All I want to do is fuck you. Like the bitch, that you are. I will mistreat you, I will mistreat you, I will mistreat you. Forced me to stick my dick in your ass again.
Machine Gun Kelly
Everybody say they loyal, tell me where the fuck.. ... My bitch is insane, all she want is anal. She cut ... Smoking a cone, used to distribute cocaine in your zone
Anal Razzia od Isacaarum
Your body is now my battleground. None will rape you just like me. Let's do it in peace and fun. Persuaded pussy lips. Are opened too fucking wide. My insane ...
Lividity - Unrelenting Homicidal Obsession
Take what I... want, without giving a shit. Covering your mouth ... Fucking you harder as blood starts to leak ... And fuck your corpse again ... Anal Autopsy; 5.
Six Feet Under - Impulse To Disembowel
Anal carving. Holes are oozing ... Don't think I give a fuck about your life or religion. I don't fucking care about ... The pigs the want to lock me up. But the still don't ...
Exhorder - The Law
I'm reading what I want to read you read what you're expected to I'm thinking what I want to think as your ... I don't need your systems ... shit, eat, fuck and sleep

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