I want to lick ass babe karaoke texty

Získej karaoke texty I want to lick ass babe, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek I want to lick ass babe. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

2 Live Crew - C'mon Babe
Text písně C'mon Babe od 2 Live Crew. BM = Brother ... [FKI] No need to act stuck -up, pretty and seditty. Got a funky ... Then lick my ass up and down. Lick it 'till ...
Petey Pablo - Get cool feat Petey Pablo
i bet you cant pay a man to do it like this fresh new cut new ... i got redbull tell me with your ass babe now let me c it ... lick my shawty real, shawty lick it at hers
Necro - I wanna fuck
Videoklip a text písně I wanna fuck od Necro. [Hook].. ... Don't flipout prude lick it. If you diss it i'll piss on you. Banging you babe, you were born for dick ... Bi se**** bitch that likes licking chicks ... Like an ATM card ,ass to mouth it ain't that hard
Pastor Troy - I Wanna Taste You
Videoklip a text písně I Wanna Taste You od Pastor Troy. [Verse 1:] Pt ... Lickin Her Neck Licken Her Ear Girl Don't Run Bring Your Ass Here Lickin Her Spine Makin Her Cringe Then I Suck Her Titties Then Lick Around The Belly Ring Im About To Do The Thang ... Cuz You Look So Good To Me(When Eva U Want It Babe)
Hamilton Park - Appetite For Love
I'm wanna lick you up and down and I want stop til your body pop babe. Soon as the ... I know you like that. And when you throw it back Ima smack that ass, yeah
Kottonmouth Kings - She's Dangerous
Sex so good, think I wanna fuck your lights out. And d for sheezy, I'm ... Sexy babe from the sex you play. I really wanna make ... Show you off around town lick your pounai. The way that you ... To wreck that ass into submission. Do you love me ...
Beyoncé - Blow
29. prosinec 2013 That sugar babe, it melts away. I kiss you when you lick your lips. I kiss you ... When you're thirsty and need love ... Alex C. & Y-ass (28024x).
50 Cent - Leave The Lights On
Say man we don't need much to come to the freak show. Come to the freak ... Babe show me what you know. Let the freak in ... Baby I can make girls lick my shorty. You can be a ... Girl leave the spikes for me but you can get your ass whiped
2 Live Crew - Pop That Pussy
I like the way you lick the champagne glass. It makes me wanna stick my dick in your ass. So come on, baby and pop it quick. I fall in love when you suck my dick
2Pac - Toss It Up
My other Capo in this big ass, conglomerate called Death Row ... And don't you love it how I lick your, hips and glide ... I like the way you please me, babe
Tech N9ne - Freaky
Ass shakers cash makers ... Babe Roe A triple x flick. Didn't even know what I was in for. Yo I seen some things ... So you wanna bedrock rip your clothes off quick 69 fellatio while the wolf man licks lick it till you get ??one dem wit a devils eye ...
New Boyz - Miss Me Kiss Me Lick Me
Dolla sign H, h stands for hooligan Miss me kiss me now she wanna lick me Never ... ass back while her friends up under was lickin my sack Aye babe you nasty ...
2Pac - What'z Ya # Number
If you really wanna fuck with me, I'm ready. Baby, let ... Watch me while you lick your lips, shake your hips. ... wipe his ass with a rabbit. ... I'm on my way babe.
2 Live Crew - Baby Baby Please (Just A Little More Head)
And when she calls, you know I'ma come runnin' With my dick in my hand, the first lick, I'm nuttin' There's no freak in the world quite like you 'Cause you suck my  ...
Missy Elliott - Dog in Heat (feat. Redman and Method Man)
If your broad ain't fuckin she don't need to ride (beat it) She can ... I getcha, drunk and high and duct tape that ass fast ... and let your body not reject me babe
Backstreet Boys - Hot Hot Hot (Deluxe Edition)
B · Backstreet Boys · In A World Like This ... You lick your lips and got me wishin' ( oh) ... Other than your fine (ass) You got ... But I think I'm in love with you, babe
2 Live Crew - Do The Damn Thing
... [Let's get it on, I'm open real wide!] Chorus {2x}: Mr. Mixx I wanna do the damn thaaaaAA.. ... Lick you down like waves in the ocean. Do it till you're satisfied
DJ HIP HOP - Candy shop
You can have it your way, how do you want it You gon' back that thing up, or should i ... I'll let you lick the lollypop ... Had me thinking 'bout that ass after I'm gone

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