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Získej karaoke texty Joni mitchell, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Joni mitchell. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides, Now
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Both Sides, Now od Joni Mitchell. But now they only block the sun And they rain and they snow on everyone So many things I ..
Janet Jackson - Got 'til It's Gone (feat. Joni Mitchell and Q-Tip)
Videoklip a text písně Got 'til It's Gone (feat. Joni Mitchell and Q-Tip) od Janet Jackson. [Q-TIP:] The one about me..
Lilly Wood & The Prick - Joni Mitchell
Videoklip a text písně Joni Mitchell od Lilly Wood & The Prick. Give me back my youth, my strength, my happiness. Doctor fill me my meals with pills so I ca..
Heavens Gate - This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell cover)
Text písně This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell cover) od Heavens Gate. Solo..
Seal - If I Could (with Joni Mitchell)
Videoklip a text písně If I Could (with Joni Mitchell) od Seal. ..

Videoklip a text písně A case of You (by Joni Mitchell) od Soundtrack - Magická posedlost (Practical magic). Oh I am a lonely painter I live in a box of pa..
Soundtrack - Přátelé - Joni Mitchell
Videoklip a text písně Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi (Traffic Jam Mix) od Soundtrack - Přátelé. Don't it always seem to go That you don't know what you..
Joni Mitchell - All I Want
Videoklip a text písně All I Want od Joni Mitchell. I want to be strong I want to laugh along I want to belong to the living Alive, alive, I want to get up ..
Joni Mitchell - California
Videoklip a text písně California od Joni Mitchell. California I'm coming home I'm going to see the folks I dig I'll even kiss a Sunset pig California I'm c..
Joni Mitchell - Carey
Videoklip a text písně Carey od Joni Mitchell. Oh Carey get out your cane And I'll put on some silver Oh you're a mean old Daddy But I like you fine..
Seal - How Do You Stop ft. Joni Mitchell
Videoklip a text písně How Do You Stop ft. Joni Mitchell od Seal. How do you stop Before it's too late? You choose and you lose If you hesitate How do you s..
Joni Mitchell - Passion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free)
Videoklip a text písně Passion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free) od Joni Mitchell. Enter the multitudes The walking wounded They come to this diver of the ..
Joni Mitchell - Stormy Weather
Videoklip a text písně Stormy Weather od Joni Mitchell. Life is bare Gloom and misery everywhere Stormy weather Just can't get my poor self together I'm wea..
Joni Mitchell - Yvette In English
Videoklip a text písně Yvette In English od Joni Mitchell. He's fumbling with her foreign tongue Reaching for words and drawing blanks A loud mouth is stric..
Joni Mitchell - Morning Morgantown
Videoklip a text písně Morning Morgantown od Joni Mitchell. Morning Morgantown Buy your dreams a dollar down Morning any town you name Morning's just ...
Joni Mitchell - Ladies´ Man
Videoklip a text písně Ladies´ Man od Joni Mitchell. Well it sure takes a lot of Good natured self-control Ladies' man When I'm so hot for you and You're s..
Joni Mitchell - Little Green
Videoklip a text písně Little Green od Joni Mitchell. He went to California Hearing that everything's warmer there So you write him a letter and say "Her ey..
Joni Mitchell - Woodstock
Videoklip a text písně Woodstock od Joni Mitchell. We are stardust We are golden And we've got to get ourselves Back to the garden..
Joni Mitchell - Don´t Worry ´Bout Me
Videoklip a text písně Don´t Worry ´Bout Me od Joni Mitchell. Let's say that our little show is over And so the story ends Why not call it a day the sensi..
Joni Mitchell - A Strange Boy
Videoklip a text písně A Strange Boy od Joni Mitchell. What a strange strange boy He still lives with his family Even the war and the navy couldn't bring hi..
Joni Mitchell - Ethiopia
Hot winds and hunger cries Ethiopia Flies in your babies' eyes Ethiopia Walking sticks on burning plains Betrayed by politics Abandoned by the rains On and on ...
Joni Mitchell - Underneath the Streetlight
Yes I do I love you! I swear on the stars above I do! I swear on the streetlight on the corner Shoving back the shadows! One shadow cursing Another shadow ...
Joni Mitchell - Comes Love
Comes a rain storm Put your rubbers on your feet Comes a snow storm You can get a little heat Comes love Nothing can be done Comes a fire Firemen come ...
Joni Mitchell - The Circle Game
Yesterday a child came out to wonder Caught a dragonfly inside a jar Fearful when the sky was full of thunder And tearful at the falling of a star Then the child ...
Joni Mitchell - Borderline
Everybody looks so ill at ease So distrustful so displeased Running down the table I see a borderline Like a barbed wire fence Strung tight, strung tense ...
Joni Mitchell - Rainy Night House
It was a rainy night We took a taxi to your mothers' home She went to Florida and left you With you father's gun, alone Upon her small white bed I fell into a ...
Joni Mitchell - The Priest
The priest sat in the airport bar He was wearing his father's tie And his eyes looked into my eyes so far Whenever the words ran dry Behind the lash and the ...
Joni Mitchell - Dreamland
It's a long, long way from Canada A long way from snow chains Donkey vendors slicing coconut No parkas to their name Black babies covered in baking flour ...
Joni Mitchell - Edith and the Kingpin
The big man arrives Disco dancers greet him Plainclothes cops greet him Small town, big man, fresh lipstick glistening Sophomore jive From victims of ...
Joni Mitchell - You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio
If you're driving into town With a dark cloud above you Dial in the number Who's bound to love you Oh honey you turn me on I'm a radio I'm a country station I'm ...
Joni Mitchell - Furry Sings the Blues
Old Beale Street is coming down Sweeties' Snack Bar, boarded up now And Egles The Tailor and the Shine Boy's gone Faded out with ragtime blues Handy's  ...
Joni Mitchell - The Last Time I Saw Richard
The last time I saw Richard was Detroit in '68 And he told me all romantics meet the same fate someday Cynical and drunk and boring someone in some dark ...
Joni Mitchell - The Jungle Line
Rousseau walks on trumpet paths Safaris to the heart of all that jazz Through I bars and girders-through wires and pipes The mathematic circuits of the modern  ...
Joni Mitchell - Cactus Tree
There's a man who's been out sailing In a decade full of dreams And he takes her to a schooner And he treats her like a queen Bearing beads from California ...
Joni Mitchell - California
Sitting in a park in Paris, France Reading in the news and it sure looks bad They won't give peace a chance That was just a dream some of us had Still a lot of ...
Joni Mitchell - Harry's House/Centerpiece
Heatwaves on the runway As the wheels set down He takes his baggage off the carousel He takes a taxi into town Yellow schools of taxi fishes Jonah in a ticking  ...
Joni Mitchell - Electricity
11. říjen 2005 Joni Mitchell - Electricity - text písně. Více než 110 000 textů a překladů písniček online! U většiny písní videoklip. Vložte nový text písně a ...
Joni Mitchell - The Same Situation
11. říjen 2005 Joni Mitchell - The Same Situation - text písně. Více než 110 000 textů a překladů písniček online! U většiny písní videoklip. Vložte nový text ...
Joni Mitchell - Lakota
12. říjen 2005 Joni Mitchell - Lakota - text písně. Více než 110 000 textů a překladů písniček online! U většiny písní videoklip. Vložte nový text písně a získáte ...
Joni Mitchell - The Sire Of Sorrow (job's Sad Song ...
12. říjen 2005 Let me speak, let me spit out my bitterness-- Born of grief and nights without sleep and festering flesh. Do you have eyes? Can you see like ...

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