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Získej karaoke texty Joshua, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Joshua. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Text písně Joshua, Come Home / Solstice (Wind Harp) / Symphonion Montage od Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Mothers will talk again to their son Happy the talk is n..
Joshua James - Coal war
Videoklip a text písně Coal war od Joshua James. More lyrics: http://www. All about Joshua James: ...
Eugene McGuinness - Joshua
Text písně Joshua od Eugene McGuinness. I look around the bar I'm looking for a moment But the violent time is no condone it And so I'm howling out so l..
Thomas Puskailer - Jessie by Joshua Kadison
Videoklip a text písně Jessie by Joshua Kadison od Thomas Puskailer. Jessie paint your pictures 'bout how it's gonna be by now I should know better your dr..
Joshua Radin - Underwater
Videoklip a text písně Underwater od Joshua Radin. Ooh ooh ooh.....
Joshua Radin - The Rock And The Tide
Videoklip a text písně The Rock And The Tide od Joshua Radin. Now the moon is in the right place after years of spinning 'round the sun, so I'm done with al..
Joshua Radin - We Are Only Getting Better
Videoklip a text písně We Are Only Getting Better od Joshua Radin. Get up, we've got a way's to go.....
Jessica Sanchez - I Knew You Were Waiting ft. Joshua Ledet
Videoklip a text písně I Knew You Were Waiting ft. Joshua Ledet od Jessica Sanchez. When the river was deep i didn't falter When the mountain was high i sti ..
Joshua Radin - My My Love
Videoklip a text písně My My Love od Joshua Radin. My, my love I've been without you too long My, my love I've been running too fast to belong to anyone But..
Soundtrack - Talisman - Joshua Radin - You Got What I Need
Videoklip a text písně Joshua Radin - You Got What I Need od Soundtrack - Talisman. When I see you it's a beautiful world But when you're gone, I want you . .
Joshua Radin - Road To Ride On
Videoklip a text písně Road To Ride On od Joshua Radin. I'm always the last one Never ready for the fast ones Well it's time to change So we make our plans ..
Joshua Radin - Five And Dime
Text písně Five And Dime od Joshua Radin. Talks aloud, remembering simpler times When a girl was on his arm And the world was full of charm And the sun ...
Soundtrack - Upíří deníky - Joshua Radin - My My Love
Videoklip a text písně Joshua Radin - My My Love od Soundtrack - Upíří deníky. My, my love I've been without you too long My, my love I've been running ..
Joshua Radin - Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better
Videoklip a text písně Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better od Joshua Radin. Let the rain fall Let the raaaaaain fall 'Til the day is new And all that's left is me '..
Joshua Radin - Lost At Home
Videoklip a text písně Lost At Home od Joshua Radin. Who are you, when you're home? Without a suitcase, nowhere to roam If you speak, do they hear?
Joshua Radin - Nowhere To Go
Videoklip a text písně Nowhere To Go od Joshua Radin. You see, we can be free If we live in our heads So let's say let it be And I won't get left by the way..
Joshua Radin - Here We Go
Videoklip a text písně Here We Go od Joshua Radin. If I fall way down down would ya catch me this old town, town has made a wretch of me whoa oh oh, whoa ...
Joshua Radin - Wanted
Videoklip a text písně Wanted od Joshua Radin. Watch us fading From this one street town We'll sleep where we follow No where at all..
Joshua Radin - One Leap
Videoklip a text písně One Leap od Joshua Radin. Well our heroes have all been traded in Can't think of what they used to be So we look round and pray for s..
Joshua Radin - I Missed You [UK Release Special Edition]
Videoklip a text písně I Missed You [UK Release Special Edition] od Joshua Radin. I've been around the way Been around but not okay Whoa oh 'Cause I've  ...
Joshua Kadison - The Gospel According To My Ol' Man
Someone must have left the church doors open. We could hear the gospel all around. My dad and me leanin' 'gainst a tree with leaves falling down. Now, daddy ...
Joshua James - In The Middle
Cup of cold black coffee On the right side of the bed I picture you sleeping there next to him With your toes all painted red In the misty, grey-skied morning ...
Joshua James - Soul And The Sea
I dream of dusty roads, paved with gold that lead me in your eyes. The marmeladed paintings sing a song that not the crows will try. The Piano screams a sound ...
Joshua James - Geese
All the leaves turn green in the summer All the roses bloom in May All the geese fly home for the winter High above our earth now paved. All the stars gleam for ...
Joshua Kadison - Cherry Bowl Drive-In
Joshua Kadison - Cherry Bowl Drive-In - akordy a text písně.
Joshua Kadison - Painted Desert Serenade
INTRO: C Em Am7 F C F C Gsus4G VERSE 1: C Em He tells her, I want to paint you naked on a big brass bed Am7 F with bright orange poppies all around your  ...
Joshua Kadison - All I'll Ever Ask
Love means so many different things, but you're all that matters, and this is all I'll ever ask of you. Tell me your dreams, so they could be mine too, let me be there ...
Joshua Kadison - Love's Sure Been Good to Me
The morning sunrise through the window spillin' on to your pillow, and as I watch you sleepin' sweet as can be, I say to myself, "Love's sure been good to me.
Joshua Kadison - Georgia Rain
Intro: F Eb B2 F Verse 1: F Bsus2b5 B2 When all my dreams are fallin' on stony ground F Bsus2b5 B2 and I start wonderin' why I'm even around, Gm Gm7 C2 ...
Joshua Kadison - Wild Angel
Didn´t anybody ever tell you that you´re made of stars? Didn´t anybody ever tell you how wonderful you are? Didn´t anybody ever look into your eyes and see ...
Joshua Kadison - Flagstaff by Morning
Flagstaff by morning, she don't know I'm coming. Maybe I'll wake her softly from a dream she's dreamin' sweet. Flagstaff by morning, she don't know I'm coming.
Joshua Kadison - Rosie and Pauly
Rosie and Pauly in the back alley... the funniest twosome that you ever did see. Standing on a trash can, Pauly talks, If he ain't too drunk and his words are clear  ...
Joshua Kadison - Love Will Rule the World
Sheґll tell you she was born in summer. Summer is the season she loves best. Sheґll tell you anything you ask her. Tell the truth and them make up the rest.
Joshua Kadison - Sanctuary
A vow of love broke it seems Spilling all our precious dreams Among the jagged fragments And all the space between We stood in awe of this sacred scene.
Joshua Kadison - Gratitude
I hope you find what you're looking for I hope you get all you desire I hope that all your dreams come true I hope they all lift you higher Now all the visions I once ...
Joshua Kadison - Shine
Hey, Sebastian, don't be blue It ain't up to you Sometimes this world just has a way of goin' astray And hey, Sebastian, look around It's a crazy lost and found ...
Joshua Kadison - Jus' Like Brigitte Bardot
Neffertiti came out west In a stolen limousine. Twenty dollars to her name And a walk like you ain't never seen. She moved into number eight With just a bottle in ...
Joshua Kadison - Begging for Grace (Dragonfly Wings)
I was locked up in a crazy place They found me on the streets beggin' for grace I don't remember but they say I lost my mind She was in the garden after the rain ...
Joshua Kadison - American Hearts
Down on Pico, a sailor on leave finds a tattoo parlor, rolls up his sleeve. Man takes his money, says, "What's it gonna be?" Kid says, "A big red heart, signed ...
Joshua Kadison - Desert Flower
Outside of Albuquerque, "Bout an hour north of there She's got a house full of three little Indians In the middle of nowhere You wonder where her man went, you ...

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