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Získej karaoke texty Kolohe kai, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Kolohe kai. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Kolohe Kai - Cool Down
Text písně Cool Down od Kolohe Kai. Verse 1: Its another firey afternoon (so hot, so hot) Hotter than the month of June So we should go beach now (cool down..
Kolohe Kai - Dream Girl
Videoklip a text písně Dream Girl od Kolohe Kai. All through, my days at school I often think of you, my darling baby boo Your always in my head, that's why..
Kolohe Kai - Genuine Love
Videoklip a text písně Genuine Love od Kolohe Kai. Do you feel like you did before or are you just playing with my heart ? cuz the way that we are today don..
Kolohe Kai - Butterflies
Videoklip a text písně Butterflies od Kolohe Kai. (Verse 1) There's something in your eyes, It holds a big surprise, It made me realize how much I adore you..
Kolohe Kai - Ehu Girl.
Text písně Ehu Girl. od Kolohe Kai. Verse 1: Said it happened last night about ten to eleven When I first laid eyes on you We're standing in line into Club..
Kolohe Kai - Lover Girl
Text písně Lover Girl od Kolohe Kai. Lover girl (Verse) You look so beautiful tonight that smile you wering so out of sight am i dreaming could this be real..
Kolohe Kai - First True Love
Videoklip a text písně First True Love od Kolohe Kai. I got it I got it the note you gave me when you left Mmhhmm mmmmhhhmmm Still got it still got it lying..
Kolohe Kai - Pakala Waters
Text písně Pakala Waters od Kolohe Kai. Verse 1: This songs dedicated to the people back home In Pakala, Kaui I was getting off my plane Goin insane Cant ..
Kolohe Kai - Kiss I Never Had
Videoklip a text písně Kiss I Never Had od Kolohe Kai. its not so simple in fact its undiscribable the feelings that we have today moving away,made your lip..
Kolohe Kai - Is This Love
Videoklip a text písně Is This Love od Kolohe Kai. Verse 1 Girl i dont have much just my love and touch. And i hope thats alright with you. I no we just mee..
Kolohe Kai - Typical Heartbreaker
Videoklip a text písně Typical Heartbreaker od Kolohe Kai. (Verse one) I have seen so many instances of a girl falling in love with a man who only wants one..
Kolohe Kai - The Lighthouse
Videoklip a text písně The Lighthouse od Kolohe Kai. im headed for the storm dont wanna drift that way im lost at sea somethings got in me everyday but you ..
Kolohe Kai - Contagious Smile
You cant tell that nobody knows that when I see you girl my heart goes oh oh oh oh 'Cause its about to hit the punch line Oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh ...
Nesian Nine - You Baby
Ti, kteří hledali píseň You Baby, navštívili také: Kolohe Kai - Lover Girl · Kolohe Kai - The Lighthouse · Kolohe Kai - Cool Down · Kolohe Kai - More Than Meets ...
Nesian Mystik - Just Be Me
Kolohe Kai - Typical Heartbreaker · ZED - What The Fuck?! Kolohe Kai - Is This Love · Kolohe Kai - The Lighthouse · Kolohe Kai - More Than Meets The Eye.
Nesian Mystik - I Don't Usually
Ti, kteří hledali píseň I Don't Usually, navštívili také: Kolohe Kai - Cool Down · Kolohe Kai - Lover Girl · Scribe - NOT MANY (THE REMIX) · Kolohe Kai - Butterflies ...
Nesian Mystik - Sacrifice
Kolohe Kai - First True Love · Kolohe Kai - Cool Down · Anika Moa - Blame It On The Rain · Anika Moa - My Son · Kolohe Kai - Dream Girl. Online uživatelé (169).
Nesian Mystik - It's Almost
Ti, kteří hledali píseň It's Almost, navštívili také: Scribe - MY LADY · Kolohe Kai - This Is The Life · Anika Moa - You're The Light · Kolohe Kai - The Lighthouse ...
Nesian Mystik - Roots Discussion
Kolohe Kai - Lover Girl · Anika Moa - Miss Universe · Kolohe Kai - More Than Meets The Eye · Anika Moa - Flowers For You · Kolohe Kai - This Is The Life.
J Boog - Crazy
Ti, kteří hledali píseň Crazy, navštívili také: Nesian Nine - You Baby · Kolohe Kai - Ehu Girl. Tarrus Riley - Good Girl Gone Bad ft. Konshens · Kolohe Kai - Dream ...

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