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Získej karaoke texty Mase, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Mase. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Mase - Niggaz Wanna Act
Videoklip a text písně Niggaz Wanna Act od Mase. If niggas wanna act we can act If niggas wanna scrap, we could scrap You niggas got gatts, we got gats You . .
Mase - Wanna Hurt Mase?
Videoklip a text písně Wanna Hurt Mase? od Mase. Do you really wanna hurt Mase? Or do you really wanna make me cry? Or is it really that you envy Mase?
Kanye West - Jesus Walks - Feat. Mase - Remix
Videoklip a text písně Jesus Walks - Feat. Mase - Remix od Kanye West. (Kanye) - Jesus, Jesus -repeated-..
Mase - What You Want
Text písně What You Want od Mase. Tell me what you want for me Take a look at what you see Let me know if this right here Is something you can have for year..
Mase - Feel So Good
ou ready Mase? Party people. In the place to be (Uh huh) It's about that time. For us to (Yeah, uh huh) Yo, what you know about goin' out. Head west, red Lex, ...
Mase - Make Me Cry
Videoklip a text písně Make Me Cry od Mase. Oh daddy You know you make me cry [Mase] You make me cry, too [NC] How can you love me I can't understand ...
Mase - From Scratch
Videoklip a text písně From Scratch od Mase. [Loon] Yo, yo, if I could go back, I wouldn'ta sold no crack Wouldn'ta never put my hands around no gat But you..
Mase - Breathe, Stretch, Shake
Videoklip a text písně Breathe, Stretch, Shake od Mase. [Verse 1] Before 99 I was born again 5 years later and I'm on again Man I think I'm born to win Mase..
Mase - All I Ever Wanted
Videoklip a text písně All I Ever Wanted od Mase. All I ever wanted was you for me Cuz that nigga who I'm with don't give a fuck about me And all I ever wan..
Mase - No Matter What
Videoklip a text písně No Matter What od Mase. It don't matter what you do to me I can handle what you send my way No matter what I do today You'll still ha..
Mase - If You Want to Party
Videoklip a text písně If You Want to Party od Mase. If you wanna party come and shake your body If you wanna party put 'em in the air Over there, over ther..
Mase - Jealous Guy
[Mase] You know, there's a lot of jealous guys in this town. And many other towns I go to, (ah yeah) But I'm afraid right now I'm so hurt. I'mma need 112 and Puff, ...
Mase - Will They Die 4 You?
Yeah [1] - How many niggas that'll die for you. How many get a quiche like the pie , wit you. I ain't talkin' 'bout those that get high with you. Niggas know, if a red's ...
Mase - Same Niggas
Videoklip a text písně Same Niggas od Mase. It be them same nigga's Man, regardless how you feel (It's the way it is) It be the same motherfuckers that'll g..
Mase - Do You Wanna Get $?
[Mase] Uh, uh, come on, uh. It be the same cats that wouldn't listen to my demo. Now I want they ass in my limo cuz now I'm a sex symbol. Intercontinental, L.A. ...
Mase - Intro
It's our turn now. The first up to bat, Is that nigga... They call... MASE Yeah, you heard me right... MASE Yeah, and if you don't believe it, Double Up motherfuckers
Mase - Stay Out Of My Way
Text písně Stay Out Of My Way od Mase. Cuz you don't fuck with me (Yo, yo, yo, yo) And you know I don't fuck with you So all I can say (uh uh) Is stay out m..
Mase - Keep It On
Text písně Keep It On od Mase. They wanna roll like me, do a show like me Wanna jump in the ferrari and roll like me But I know who I be, wit no ID So much ..
Mase - Watch Your Back (Interlude)
Videoklip a text písně Watch Your Back (Interlude) od Mase. This Mase, what up? Yo Mase I'ma make this short and to the point I'm a fan of yours, you know, ..
Mase - Take What's Yours
Videoklip a text písně Take What's Yours od Mase. Niggas wanna shout, I'mma make noise Niggas run they mouth, I'mma break jaws Mase is comin' out, we ...
Daniel Landa - Protestsong
Kteří to vlastně jsou? Nejsme si jistí. Ref: Král je klaun a klaun je králem, pískot nese se znuděným sálem. A tak pýcha vládne sama mase, nežijeme. Přežíváme.
I'll Do This For You od Puff Daddy
(feat. Kelly Price, Mase) [Puffy (Mase) |Kelly|] Yeah, we up now, yeah (Uh c'mon) Yeah, we up now (Uh, uh c'mon) We up now |Baby, I like it| Yeah, yeah (Uh, uh ...
1 Ride Wit Me
Like mase i´m i´m fittin makin you feel so good. When i bump this gospel music in your hood,inglewood. West covina,pasedena, take it to my inte´ in puente
Boogie Down Productions - Ya Know The Rules
... and ya don't stop A DJ Scratch, and ya don't stop A Spinderella, and ya don't stop Jam Master Jay, and ya don't stop A PA Mase, and ya don't stop So yo Kris, ...
3 B.o.B. - The Watchers
While the cops giving out free mase to your face. Now how do that taste. I'm outta my mind. These video's tellin' yo lies, bruh. Tellin' yo, we holding evil and signs ...
De La Soul - Buddy
... the Jungle, the Brothers, the Brothers) De La Soul from the soul Black medallions no gold Hangin' out wit Pos hangin' out wit Mase Buddy buddy buddy all in ...
Formát PDF
I seen Mase do it, I seen 'Ye do it. X came through, caught lighter fluid. Still I came through it, clap for 'em. But I'm the blueprint, I'm like the map for 'em. I dropped ...
De La Soul - Pass the Plugs
... (Check it out) (People in the place this is very hard to conceal) (Mase get funky) (Check it out) (People in the place this is very hard to conceal) (Prince Paul get ...
Kanye West - Devil in a New Dress
Don't leave while you're hot, that's how Mase screwed up Throwin' shit around, the whole place screwed up Maybe I should call Mase so he could pray for us I ...
French Montana - Two Times
... I buy you mase We ain't work for that, nah we can't do that Black rose in the concrete grew where the pavement at Two hoes want my eyes, be like "where the  ...
Formát PDF
So im tryin to figure out what made Mase fall back. And them niggas in New York know the man is a monsta (uh). And I ain't from Atlanta but I'll A-Town Stomp Ya ...
2H Pozitív Barová
... a preto barová je zisková, repová je barová, svojej mase masová, nemusí byť discová, už neni šanca, že sa pochová, jak sa zachová teraz druhá strana rádia,  ...
French Montana - New York Minute
... laid flat And give everything that you made back, 8 clap Make a sunvisor out ya wavecap Pray that New York Minute'll bring Mase back Shame that Remy took ...
50 Cent - Just Fuckin' Around
BITCH that's a bullet wound I ain't MASE! 50 Cent skip the bullshit, you fuckin' tonight. I got some dro, got some henny. We can go and get right. I ain't never ...
Jay-Z - BBC
... know about going out, head west Maybach, 3 TV's all up in the headrest Mase.. . at Madison Square Garden 20 million sold and we still catching charges Rope ...
Bounty Killer - Can't Believe Mi Eyes
... gunman a buss murder case Caan believe say ghetto youth a live certain place Dem caan believe a we dat stan up side a Mase Dem Caan believe dem eye, ...
De La Soul - Bionix
... these niggaz tried to trace a dance for it Dancefloor it after Mase brings you out of the break Before we go any further we wanna send a special thanks To all ...
De La Soul - Rap de Rap Show
This this this this is De La Soul, Pos Love This is Dove Love Mase Love And when we're not here we're where? WRMS y'all, with who? The Doo Doo Man!
LL Cool J - Buckin' Em Down
... Not from ?texa-mase?, from gettin' funky like a staircase Buck, buckin' em down , buck, buckin' em down Buck, buckin' em down. buck, buckin' em down Buck, ...
C-Block - Eternal Grace
Are we forgivven for the glamour we gave to third life. I'm full's grifted death trapped in this mase. Wrest in peace to the real, Tupac Shakur resolecl like last week,

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