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Five Finger Death Punch - Back For More
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Back For More od Five Finger Death Punch. It's time to rise up, man up, get back up, never bend and won't be broken Dust of..
Danger Mouse - What More Can I Say
Videoklip a text písně What More Can I Say od Danger Mouse. There's never been a nigga this good for this long This hood, or this pop, this hot, or this str..
Talib KWELI - More Or Less
Y'all hear that. Whats that sound. Ya know ya want it. I'ma tell um what we need [ First Verse] More franchisin. Less sanitizin. More uprisin. Less down sizin
Maejor Ali - We Dont Talk No More
Text písně We Dont Talk No More od Maejor Ali. [Verse 1: Maejor Ali] I lost a lot of people to this music, shit Man, we don't talk no more When I think abou..
Avicii - Ten More Days
Videoklip a text písně Ten More Days od Avicii. I'm torn between fulfilling my wildest dreams To satisfy the beast inside of me And a grounded love that r..
Ne-Yo - One more
Text písně One more od Ne-Yo. [Verse 1:] You look like you just got off from work And if I may assume, babe You work hard but you don't get what you're wort..
Kanye West - No More Parties in LA
Text písně No More Parties in LA od Kanye West. [Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar & Kanye West] Hey baby you forgot your Ray Bans And my sheets still orange from  ...
Selah Sue - I won't go for more
Videoklip a text písně I won't go for more od Selah Sue. So I won't go for more I won't go for more Till the rain stops..
Smokie - For A Few Dollars More
Rich girl she buys her dreams. It's a rich world behind the scenes. Green eyes they tell it all. The more she takes the harder they fall. She ain't easy and she ain't  ...
[Utterson] You have your work. And nothing more ! You are possessed- What is your demon ? You've never been. This way before- Where is the fire. You built ...
Jadakiss - One More Step
Videoklip a text písně One More Step od Jadakiss. [Chorus: Jadakiss (Styles P)] Yeah, homie live life to the death (We gon' make it to the top) Just one mor..
Fat Joe - So Much More
Text písně So Much More od Fat Joe. I know you came to party so get up on your feet Yea baby just truk that body and sing along with me come on..
Joe Jonas - See No More
Videoklip, překlad a text písně See No More od Joe Jonas. I don't wanna wait for you I don't wanna wake up thinking, hoping You'll get it right this time '..
Eazy E - No More ?'s
Videoklip a text písně No More ?'s od Eazy E. [Verse One: Eazy-E]..
Soundtrack - Extreme premiere - More english)
Text písně More english) od Soundtrack - Extreme premiere. The boys are scary for me, so give me more, maybe I'm the fool. At the height of my gray and a..
Akon - Be More Careful (feat. E-40)
Videoklip a text písně Be More Careful (feat. E-40) od Akon. These niggas out here talkin', these bitches ain't no good I'm strapped up and I'm on one and w..
Flipsyde - No More
Videoklip a text písně No More od Flipsyde. Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more Is this all there is cause I don't want it no more Is this al..
Eminem - Love You More
The more you, put me through, The more it makes me wanna come back to you, You say you hate me, I just love you more, You don't want me, I just want you ...
Text písně (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You (from 'N Sync) od N -Sync. Can this be true? Tell me, can this be real How can I put into words wh..
Ivan B - One More Chance
Videoklip a text písně One More Chance od Ivan B. [Hook] Just one more chance Is all that it took, to realize That I was wrong And all those words, we said,..
Syleena Johnson - More
Met him on a Sunday Oh, it was first day of the rest of my life, ohh (Haven't been the same, since you called my name, everything has changed) Made me bloom ...
Modjo - No More Tears
No More Tears. Say it's not the end. I try to make amends. I say that we can take our chance. I'm dying since you went away. Pain, I've had my share (I've really ...
G-Eazy - Order More
I got racks on the menu She need more shawty cash on the menu Show some more, need that ass on a menu Make it clap cause we got cash on the menu Oooh ...
Busta Rhymes - Gimme Some More
Yeah As a shorty playing in the front yard of the crib. Fell down, and I bumped my head. Somebody helped me up and asked me if I bumped my head
Motörhead - One More Fucking Time
All life is a mystery, All things come to he who waits All things just a twist of fate It's just a state of mind All your time is not your own It's real hard to find out why It's  ...
Toby Keith A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action
A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action. Toby Keith. I was getting kinda tired. Of her endless chatter. Nothing I could say. Ever seemed to matter. So I took a little ...
Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby
I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby. It feels so good. You lying here next to me. Oh, what a groove. You have no idea how it feels. My hands just won't ...
Faith No More - Easy
G Hmi You know it sounds funny Ami D But I just can't stand the pain G Hmi Ami D Girl I'm leavin' you tomorrow G Hmi Seems to me, girl Ami D You know I've ...
DMX - More 2 a Song
Uhh.. c'mon! It's more to a song than jewelry and clothes More to a niggas life than money and hoes The game is a lot bigger than you think you know And if you ...
Rittz - Say No More
My God, my God I'm odd, I'm strange Tech would make it and kill it make a time frame And put 'em out gun 'em down yelling dialing Let where the bus pass fly ...
JLS - Love You More
'cause every day I love you a little bit more Days, they turned into weeks That's how good this has been Said I can't believe the way this first year has gone Still, ...
Snoop Dogg - Two or More
You niggas don't hear me though Turn it up, nigga, this shit's in stereo I walked in with a philly ho Let me give it to you, young locc, on the really though Hands, ...
Kid Ink - More Than a King
I feel like like More than a king, more than a king, more like God It's more than a city, more than a village where we are Feels so good to you man Everything's so  ...
Craig David - One More Time
1-2-3-4-5 Doesn't matter how many times I try Can't be without your love So I'm not giving up, no 5-4-3-2-1 Doesn't matter what's been said or done Yeah I can ...
Karel Gott - I'll Sugar Cofee More
I'll not cry, make a scene. Think of what might have been. I'll just try to make you see. That without you. Life still is sweet to me. I'll sugar coffee more
Ludacris - One More Drink
Yeah yeah If I take one more drink, I'm gon end up fuckin you Is that what you wanna do shorty? If I take one more drink, I'm gon end up fuckin you You too Woke ...
Joe Jonas - See No More
I don't wanna wait for you I don't wanna wake up thinkin', hopin' You'll get it right this time 'Cause you know that you're so cold I don't wanna see no more And I ...
Mary J. Blige - No More Drama
Mary J. Blige - No More Drama - akordy a text písně.
Plan B - More Is Enough
Yeah Plan B Its the epic rhythm, you get me! More money More cash More flow More dough Even more so Even more cash even more dough More time to spit ...
Kevin Gates - Ask for More
I mean, I'm really, this how I'm livin', you know what I'm sayin' Just tell 'em live it up Hundred thousand what you mean? Money hangin' out my jeans Double ...

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