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Získej karaoke texty Native to, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Native to. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Native To
Album Native To od Is Tropical. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Is Tropical - The Greeks
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Robert Wyatt - Was a Friend
Videoklip a text písně Was a Friend od Robert Wyatt. I almost forgot were we buried the hatchet. "Bin a long time no see", (pidgin English Native to none). ..
Le Grand Guignol - Mens Insana In Corpore Insano
"Native to a narrow space, I crave for anautonomy. Darting more than just a glance into this mind of mine. Errata-footprints witness my trespass srorrim fo tenibac ...
Odyssey - Native New Yorker
Videoklip a text písně Native New Yorker od Odyssey. New York girl, ooh ooh ooh Runnin' pretty, New York City girl Twenty-five, thirty-five Hello baby, New..
K-OS - Masquerade
Although creating is native to me, I tried to be. Even patience couldn't save it, from the days of pages. They couldn't believe I would say this. No longer without ...
Testament - Native blood
Videoklip a text písně Native blood od Testament. Oh I'm running this world Just stay out of my way My voice ain't hurt, my beloved Oh I won't be afra..
Orthodox Celts - Native Ground
Videoklip a text písně Native Ground od Orthodox Celts. He Always Wanted To Die In Ireland He Already Chose A Place For His Grave He Always Wanted To ...
Quinn XCII - Native Tongue
Videoklip a text písně Native Tongue od Quinn XCII. I got this style You feel that soul But still you play The radio I changed my name Two years ago Left th..
OMD - Native daughters of the golden west
Videoklip a text písně Native daughters of the golden west od OMD. As children do they stayed at home Waiting for the day that they were grown The future se..
Goatmoon - For Our Blood and Native Soil
Videoklip a text písně For Our Blood and Native Soil od Goatmoon. Through frosty yellow plains i walk to the forest and beyond Under the light of north star..
Is Tropical - Take My Chances
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Goatmoon - Forest of My Native Soil
Videoklip a text písně Forest of My Native Soil od Goatmoon. Triumphant Nordic wind I can feel on by bare skin So cold that it feels like a knife that cuts ..
Arkan - Native Order
Text písně Native Order od Arkan. Embargo of all nature's gifts Only weeds grew up Impossible to perform our duties Nature's bounty disappeared Embargo of a.
David Brent - Native American
Text písně Native American od David Brent. Ohh oh Native American Soar like an eagle, sit like a pelican Ohh oh Don't call us Indians We're more like West..
Is Tropical - Seasick Mutiny
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Invent Animate - Native Intellect
Videoklip a text písně Native Intellect od Invent Animate. Struggling with the fear, it's eating me alive. I need a chance to survive. Hate, subconscious ..
Black Box - Native New Yorker
Videoklip a text písně Native New Yorker od Black Box. There you are lost in the shadows, searchin' for someone To set you free from New York City And oh, w..
X-clan - Raise The Flag
And with the key, the flag is kept alive. The sense of power, native to a different land. Originality, fact that I understand. A black fist, black power and a black man
Bryan Adams - Native Son
Native Son. I've seen many moons through these wrinkled eyes. The years have made me old but they've made me wise. Now the white man lives where our ...
David Allan Coe - Shenandoah
Oh, Shenandoah's my native valley. Aa-way, you rolling river! Shenandoah is my native valley. Ah-way, we're bound to go, 'cross th' wide Missouri!
Asonance Farewell To Nova Scotia
Dmi will you ever give a thought or a wish for me? 2. I grieve to leave my native home. I grieve to leave my comrades all and my dear aged parents I love so well.
Regina Spektor - 2.99 Cent Blues
Somewhere far away where I roam. There live my buffalo twin in our twin buffalo home. He calls me by my native name. And takes good care of my native son
Beenie Man - Fresh From Yard
Now you know that my style is rated XXX, This Brooklyn native gal you know I've nuff respect. I used to rock Sergio Tachini, D&G bikinis, Now I'm hot-steppin' in ...
The Seekers - With My Swag All My Shoulder
With my swag all on my shoulder, black billy in my hand, I travelled the bush of Australia like a true-born native man. We steered our course for Portland Town, ...
Bad Religion - The Streets of America
trenchant, weary native sons step back and see the damage done meander to the horizon (shoot straight to the horizon) the streets of America. black, tarred ...
8 Pavel Dobeš - Denver
The native house. To the North have to go. When you wanted to the South Co nejvíce česky by bylo: Když chceš bezva žít, musíš umět ztrácet. Zadní vrátka mít a ...
In Abhorrence Dementia od Limbonic Art
Native forces of violent misery. The soil in a man`s heart is stonier. In stench of rot and sour ground. The obedient fall into cruelty. Where all arts of life shall be ...
3 Mambo Italiano
A girl went back to Napoli because she missed the scenery. The native dances and the charming songs but wait a minute, something's wrong. Hey, mambo!
Jim Carrey Cuban Pete
Yes sir, I'm Cuban Pete. I'm the craze of my native street. When I start to dance everything goes. Chic-chic-ky-boom. Chic-chic-ky-boom. The senioritas they sing .
Silverstein - Je me Souviens
... I'm washed out I've flooded the engine, stranded myself This home, native land they speak in words I can't understand So when I'm standing on this street like ...
Cowboy Junkies - Hunted
Emma's in a part of town Where she doesn't recognize the streets Named for famous native sons And out of every crevice comes creeping A threat in her ...
Jon Bellion An Immigrant
I still speak my native language. But I only want your foreign tongue. Remember? When you spilled coffee on my J. Coffee on my J Dilla vinyl. I didn't even mind.
Village People - The Sound of the City
... the crown Listen to the sound of the city, listen to the people I love Everyone is speaking your language, new york speaks in your native tongue New york (new ...
De La Soul - Pass the Plugs
Native is the new like Balance is the shoe Paul makes a mil like dill makes pickles Plus is to add like addin to the crew is Pimps promote us, RM's work us MP's ...
2 OneRepublic - Feel Again
ALBUM Dreaming Out Loud Rok vydání: 2007 3 songů · ALBUM Native Rok vydání: 2012 2 songů · ALBUM One Republic Rok vydání: 2006 4 songů · ALBUM ...
De La Soul - View
... claimin shepherd that you heard this you, heard this on day first Watch my man, he'll make it worse Ain't no new click, we still Native Clothes knit, stitched tight, ...
Banks Poltergeist
I smell a clown looking goofy dressed up as a native. Why'd you call me here? You don't even know. Acting like a fool when you mull it over. Make it go away, ...
Indian Reservation
They took the whole Cherokee nation Put us on this reservation Took away our ways of life The tomahawk and the bow and knife Took away our native tongue ...
DJ Bobo Tarzan Boy
Monkey business on a sunny afternoon. Jungle life, I'm living in the open. Native beat that carries on, burning bright. A fire the blows the signal to the sky I sit and.

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