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Získej karaoke texty No lesson learned, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek No lesson learned. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

2x4 - No Lesson Learned
Text písně No Lesson Learned od 2x4. Remorse is for the weak..
No Lesson Learned
Album No Lesson Learned od 2x4. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Cataract - Failed
This is the end of your bluff, was this lesson enough? No remorse, no lessons learned. Alse arguments sink yo the ground but you don't look around. No remorse ...
Plan Three - Achilles Heel
I don't know what is fiction, what is real. If I just could flip a switch, and not feel. You're my Achilles heel. There's no lesson learned, cause no matter how I try,
Stratovarius - Feeding the Fire
No return, no lesson learned. We watch and we wait while everything burns. And we're just feeding the fire. While you're watching daily feeds. Have you done all ...
Killer Be Killed - I.E.D.
No lesson learned, fell on our backs. No lesson learned, another attack. Improvised explosive device. Blowing to the burning sky. Those trenches are inserted in ...
Stanfour - Bittersweet
Toss 'n turn with no lesson learned. When these tears still fall to hear my lovers call. Bloom n fade into gold n jade where I hold it so high. They say real love ...
Usher - Lessons For The Lover
[Chorus:] And these are the lesson learned by lovers. These are the reasons we make love. There's no exception one day we gotta look each other in the eye
Bombshell Rocks - Untitled
We're spitting in the wind. And everything comes around. And there's no lesson learned. We keep on getting burned. We drag ourselves down. We keep digging  ...
Phil Collins - Thru My Eyes
There's no lesson learned. Yet some people pass it by. You'll see things different when you look thru my eyes. Things are different if you see what I see. Just look ...
Tracy Lawrence - Lessons Learned
Videoklip a text písně Lessons Learned od Tracy Lawrence. I was ten years old ... Oh there's no way around this world turns on lessons learned [ steel - fiddle ]
Hour Of Penance - Far Beyond Humiliation
No lesson learned. The enemy inside my head. Last rosary of humiliation. For I know what awaits me, I know that it's coming. I know what awaits me, I know it's ...
Half Moon Run - Give up
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Give up od Half Moon Run. We all just give up We all stand down With no lesson learned With our eyes half shut..
TwentyForSeven - Lesson Learned
oh no, lookin for somethin that ain't love... But you still don't get it. You still don't get it. Your mouth says one thing. Your heart says forget it. It's a lesson learned ...
2x4 - Daggers
I had not become my fathers son. In my own eyes. Broken I lay wondering where I ... Lessons learned and another life saved. Never again will I let this take over
Janet Jackson - Lessons Learned
Videoklip a text písně Lessons Learned od Janet Jackson. She tells herself Don't engage in all the wrong He's not himself when that record comes on He can'..
Clare Maguire - Elizabeth Taylor
... od Clare Maguire. Another lesson learned Another lesson learned.. ... And not just on the surface. I've loved, I've lost ... lesson learned. No one could tame me
Alice In Chains - Lesson learned
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Lesson learned od Alice In Chains. Feeling like you never ... Just another lesson learned ... A thought clicks, not the be-all end-all
Motörhead - Fire Storm Hotel
The hotel burned, no lessons learned, only ghosts got clear. They say the rooms are empty but I know they're not. The way things are in the hotel bar, the devil ...
2x4 - Dark Hand
You'll have no one left, They'll all be gone like ... It will take all I have to not treat you. Like the snake you are. ... 2x4 texty. 1. No Lesson Learned; 2. Daggers; 3.
Kristin Chenoweth - Lessons Learned
Kristin Chenoweth - Lessons Learned - akordy a text písně. ... I could have one more chance to mend, But it don't make no difference, The past can't be rewritten,  ...
Rita Ora - Grateful
26. říjen 2014 Learned a lesson, learned a lesson. That there's a life ... But that's what got me strong, I got no regrets. And I've got only love, got no bitterness
Rihanna - That La, La, La
but ain't no need to bump so tightly. That night we all hanging at the club. ... I hope you take this as a lesson learned. This ain't that kind of party so just let it burn.
Exodus - Downfall
Our destiny is soon revealed Battle strewn, no way to heal We spread the wings ... burned Will we understand man's ignorance Through all the lessons learned?
Saliva - Badass
... fast Cause I'm a badass A badass Cause I'm a badass A badass A badass Don 't take this past the point of no return You don't want this kind of lesson learned ...
Yes - Open Your Eyes
You've got a great imagination You carry on in the same old way No lessons learned from yesterday Talk of changes lost in pages of paperwork I believe it.
Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
Rippin' someone's head off. No human contact. And if you interact. Your life is on contract. Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker. It's just one of those days!!
Pillar - Throwdown
... settle for no less Than the best I've got to give Only the strong survive When ... me Serving up another lesson learned Light it up and let the fire burn There's ...
OneRepublic - Counting Stars
... no more counting dollars F F We'll be counting stars, yeah we'll be counting ... in the river The lessons are learned (4x) F Dm Everything that kills me makes ...
Kelly Price - While You Were Gone
... you looked surprised Like no one ever left you and survived, no Well leaving me ... oh Learned to lie, learned a lesson Learned how to get along, learned how  ...
Chiodos - Roger's and Holland's Feelings
It keeps me warm to know you're not content. A quick reminder of our winters spent. As we consume our last moments together, a lesson learned that will haunt ...
B2K - One Kiss
... hand And introduced herself Like no one else has done before And I can't lie I ... a lesson learned And the lesson that I learned was taught to me by one kiss ...
Little Beirut - True Swords
31. srpen 2010 Well, the fires are out and the lessons learned. And the ... Oh, no... You throw me down like a tarot card. Then you hold my face like a work of art
Accept - Twist of Fate
... it's a lesson learned So be careful what you wish for You just might get it, and ... (solo) Too late .........make no mistake Beware now the Twist of Fate Too late ...
Chet Baker - Baby Jane
Baby Jane don't leave me hanging on the line I knew you when you had no one ... you believe me The lesson learned was so hard to swallow but I know that I'll ...
Mapei - Things You Know Nothing About
You make me so sick, vomit spit, there's the door, no more Are you talking to me, ... me, no They say you get what you deserve I heard you learned your lessons, ...
Kevin Lyttle - Drive Me Crazy
... on) She drives me crazy (on and on) and there's no if's nor maybes she goes ... are misleading) (lesson learned) don't judge a book by looking at the cover, ...
Hinder - Last Kiss Goodbye
... I don't wanna live like that, no When you walked in so damn late What the hell ... with him all this time Here's one last kiss goodbye Another lesson learned in ...
George Ezra - Stand by Your Gun
I wouldn't recommend what I have done C D No the prophets pointed out ... we go anywhere C Em Am (2x) C Em Waste your time, on lessons learned, Am How  ...
Alter Bridge My Champion
No. May this lift you up. When you feel you'll fall again. You cannot win, no. Hope these words are ... But failures made are lessons learned. Cause in the end ...

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