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Získej karaoke texty No solace, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek No solace. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Exotype - No Solace
Videoklip, překlad a text písně No Solace od Exotype. You took a piece of me. The piece that wanted to believe. We could conquer anything. But now I know, ..
No Solace - Single
Album No Solace - Single od Exotype. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Light This City - No Solace in Sleep
Videoklip, překlad a text písně No Solace in Sleep od Light This City. I've been so afraid, my love, I must confess so afraid I've given in to this sicknes..
Hell - No Martyr's Cage
Constrained, find no solace here, my finite quest lies paralysed. Sequestering dreams internally - indemnify my will to die. Closed iron bars adorn my home, ...
Parkway Drive - Dead Weight
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Dead Weight od Parkway Drive. This is survival. This is my exile. I find no solace. I find no solace beneath a Godless sky...
The Acacia Strain - Cauterizer
Videoklip a text písně Cauterizer od The Acacia Strain. I saw the sun collapse upon itself there is no use, don't cry for help. there is no solace here run ..
Pathology - Corporate Harvest
Brainwashed by the mindless media, No stimulation in our minds. We are rapidly running out of time, No individuality, no knowledge, No hope, no solace.
Unearth - The March
The solace - No solace. This is whatwe've become. The past thou shalt never cross. Things here will never be the same. All bear witness to the gathering of the  ...
Requiem - Broken Alliance
No solace from the waters below. Dominion of the sacred now forever lost. No brighter days to come. Adrift here in the wasteland. The hunger and the greed, ...
Sebastian Bach - In An Empty Room
I'd wash away the memory. And make your heart new. No comfort in these clumsy words. No solace no truth. Just to exchange one life for pain. And I'd give mine ...
Dangerous toys - Down inside
No solace in your solitude, no anger on your face. No will to live, no room to breathe. In all that empty space. All you want to know, down inside. All you want to ...
Dan Fogelberg - When You're Not Near Me
I leave no footprints in the sand. And I can find no solace in the lonely silver sea. I' m only half as strong and half as free. When you're not near me. When you're ...
From the sceptics decapitation. Seek no solace digging for roots. There is no interpretation for truth. No solace for truth. Omnipresent secrecy. Under the flag of  ...
The Devil Wears Prada - Mammoth
There is no solace, there's no alleviation in all our money, or within her golden teeth. Is this it? Is this how it goes? I am the wretched one, I am the beggar's ...
Wicked Sensation - My Own Misery
It's my own misery. Since I'm a grown up. Must fight or I get stuck. No solace, no comfort are left. From my childhood days. Noone to rely on. Nobody to learn from
Darkest Hour - Purgatory
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Purgatory od Darkest Hour. There is no solace this way I know you want me as an enemy I know you want all you can never see..
Mournful Congregation - The Book Of Kings
Strings of harp and rhythms shallow. Disquietude, no solace shall bring. Wanton desire, a tarnished King A King this man fit not to be. Dethronement was sought
Lord Belial - Desolate Passage
Wandering through the cold mist as night falls. Stalking the pale and dying face of the earth. Reflections of past life is haunting me. Dark deceptions... no solace
Gaelic Storm - The Devil Down Below
In our bunks we'd find no solace, no comfort just remorse. We'd curse at the bad fortune that set us on this course. Gathered 'round the lamplight we'd sing both ...
Hammer King - Figure in the Black
A figure in the black. He is the man, he would break all the laws. An angry pitbull of bigotry. There is no solace, not a quantum at all. Secretly serving Her Majesty
Go In, Go Hard od This Is Angel
No pain they say there's no gain. Wasn't given on no ... Till there ain't no trace of doubt. When I go, When I go ... The Gathering cover. The Gathering - Solace.
Wayfaring stranger
Yet there´s no sicknes, toil or danger, In that bright world to which ... I´m going there no more to roam, I´m only going over ... The Gathering - Solace · Thrice cover.
Money Talks od Deep Purple
And doing no harm. Just making some deals ... Where no-one would nick it. I kinda went private. And then, aha ... The Gathering cover. The Gathering - Solace .
1 The Tragically Hip - Frozen In My Tracks
You really have no sense of yourself. And with no way to take it ... You're not more complex, you don't lay 'violent blame' Tonight I was ... The Gathering - Solace.
Chains And Threads - Annie Haslam
I can see no end. In troubled thoughts. I am aware of hesitation. My mind I see. Bound with the chains of reservation. And in this I'm restrained. Filled with less ...
Lizard Life od ZZ Top
Ain't no other way. Like a life minus mind. I prefer reclinin' Beatin' that conga ... Chipmunks Version - Work Of Art · The Gathering cover. The Gathering - Solace.
Push And Pull od Nikka Costa
He's good at being what he's not. Gives nothing away. Another ... Make no sense to him. You push and you pull ... The Gathering cover. The Gathering - Solace.
Enrique Iglesias - Ayer
Di que no es locura ni obsesión que no es capricho, simplemente dile que lo sientes y que yo nunca he dejado de quererte como antes… Estribillo (2 veces)
18 Who You Are (Acoustic Version)
It's okay not to be okay... Sometimes it's hard, to ... 'Cause everything inside me screams, "no,no,no,no..." Don't lose who ... The Gathering - Solace · Thrice cover.
9 666 - La Vasca Se Mueve
Vale, maistro... musica - no duerme - no termina, chico. Arriba con la ... No hay marcha'atrás - en este momento la locura es perfecta. ... The Gathering - Solace.
Deep Sea Girl od Hatsune Miku
kanashimi no umi ni shizunda watashi ... dare ni mo mitsukerarenai no ka na ... shinkai shoujo HADAKA no kokoro o miseru yuuki ... The Gathering - Solace.
Cheetah sisters
We might get lonely but were not alone. Cuz we are sisters we ... Cause momma didn't raise no fool. It may seem where ... The Gathering - Solace · Thrice cover.
Mirage od Doro Pesch
Maybe I feel no pain. But I need you to keep me company. All through the night - ahohoh. You're all I need, through the night. Oh I can't believe it. You're just a ...
Tak ho sejmi od Logic
INTRO: Hráč roku, (Hahá) Clip.. LOGIC: (REF) Hej, hej, no tak ho sejmi, Hej, hej, no tak ho sejmi, Hej, hej, no tak ho sejmi, Hej, hej, no tak ho sejmi. Jestli tě ...
8 Prince - Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance
She shrugged her shoulders and said "No harm" Just put Ur name on this pre-nup and we can all hit the disco. She knew which fork 2 use but she ...
A Child And His Lawnmower od DEAD KENNEDYS
You know, some people don't take no shit. Maybe if they did if they'd have half a brain left. You know, some people don't take no shit. Maybe if they did if they'd ...
11 Pillar - You Should Know
Ain't givin' in 'cause we cut 'em no slack 'Cause the ... We've spent a lot of time, not knowing what we're missing. Picking up the pieces ... The Gathering - Solace.
1 Gabrielle Aplin - Out on my own
It's not the end, No, it's just a change. My world's gone cold, And my life's turned grey. ... The Gathering - Solace · Thrice cover. Thrice - Daedalus · Arakain cover.
7 Black - Wonderful Life
No need to run and hide it's a wonderful, wonderful life. No need to laugh and cry it's a wonderful, wonderful life ... The Gathering cover. The Gathering - Solace.

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