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Získej karaoke texty Over the rhine, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Over the rhine. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Over The Rhine - Born
Text písně Born od Over The Rhine. I was born to laugh I learned to laugh through my tears And I was born to love I'm gonna learn to love without fear..
Over The Rhine - Es tut mir Leid
Text písně Es tut mir Leid od Over The Rhine. Refrain: Komm, wir vertragen uns, vergiss den Streit Komm, wir sagen uns von Herzen Es tut mir Leid, Es tut mi..
Over The Rhine - Ich frag mich wie
Text písně Ich frag mich wie od Over The Rhine. Refrain: Ich frag mich wie Wieso dreht sich der Mond jede Nacht um die Welt( ich frag mich wie) Wir weit ist..
Over The Rhine - Flanders Fields
Eyes wide openTo the great train robberyOf my soulImpending blindnessOf the kind that'sBeyond my controlEyes wide openTo the secret forestBehind those ...
Over The Rhine - How Does It Feel
Hej, Hej, Hej, Hej, Hej... Hej, you wanna sit right here?Here beside me? Do you like that? I do.Hej, you wanna say my name? Say it slowly.Do you like that? I do.
Aaron Sprinkle - Not All Bad
Project 86 - My Will Be a Dead Man · Project 86 - Breakneck Speed · Project 86 - Evil A Chorus of Resistance · Over The Rhine - Skończyło się · Over The Rhine ...
West Wall - The Many Rivers I've Crossed
And over the Many rivers, I've crossed. Over the Rhine, over the Spree, over the Elbe We go east into uncertainty. Over the Oder, over the Bug, over the Vistula
Mat Kearney - Chicago
... the branches I will follow you over the Rhine And it takes one to know one That's what they always say I've waited for the dawn And I've waited for the day Oh, ...
Aaron Sprinkle - Gravel
Jars Of Clay - The Edge Of Water · Over The Rhine - Es tut mir Leid · Project 86 - The Butcher · Jars Of Clay - Like A Child · Jars Of Clay - Grace. Online uživatelé ...
Aaron Sprinkle - Really Something
Ti, kteří hledali píseň Really Something, navštívili také: Project 86 - The Great Golden Gate Disaster · Over The Rhine - Es ist gut so · Project 86 - Two Glass Eyes ...
Aaron Sprinkle - Let Me In
Over The Rhine - Es tut mir Leid · Project 86 - Molotov · Project 86 - Wordsmith Legacy · Project 86 - Destroyer · Project 86 - Doomsday Stomp. Online uživatelé  ...
Tears Of Magdalena - Cut Em Down
And swan over Vistula like hurrying to their feast. Like the avengers they bring their sabres over the Rhine 'Til from the Danube they all drank the emperor's wine ...
Enthroned - The Scourge of God
Attila murdered his own brother to gain sole control over the Hunnish empire which ranged from the Rhine river to the Ural and as far north to the Baltic Sea.
Ella Fitzgerald - Lorelei
Back in the days of knights in armor. There once lived a lovely charmer. Swimming in the rhine. Her figure was divine. She had a yen for all the sailors
Monkey Business - Right People
I am watching on the Rhine Kissing the right. Right people. When they're sober they put on a proper show. Kissing the right. Right people. Easy in their manners  ...
Andre Rieu - The Beautiful Blue Danube
You know very well your brother, the Rhine, on its banks grows a magnificent wine, there is also, day and night, the fixed and faithful watch. But envy him not ...
Al Stewart - The Last Day of June 1934
... the drive to the door The lights of the party shine over the fields Where lovers ... now by the banks of the Rhine Dipping my feet in the cold stream of time And I ...
Beirut - Bandenburg
Send me now, the winter's over Life turns sour and we are older The love ... And some days we're all alone on the banks of the Rhine And some days all we had ...
Willie Nelson - Fraulein
By the banks of the old River Rhine Where I loved her and ... When my memories wander away over yonder to the sweetheart that I left behind. In a moment of ...
Loreena Mckennitt - Stolen Child
... their tears Over the young streams Come away, O human child To the waters ... Dance Through Ireland, 2009 Loreena Mckennitt Troubadours On the Rhine, ...

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