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Získej karaoke texty Pentagram (us), které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Pentagram (us). Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Pentagram (US) - Forever my queen
Videoklip a text písně Forever my queen od Pentagram (US). ran away with myself I think I ran a little too far Your love is more than a tease And I'm gonna ..
Pentagram (US) - Megalania
Videoklip a text písně Megalania od Pentagram (US). Some of you say may claim to amuse And once shown you'll insist it's a ruse Then those who fought the ba ...
Pentagram (US) - Petrified
Videoklip a text písně Petrified od Pentagram (US). Born in times when all was stone All that's left is dust and bones Somehow still she lingered to be In S..
Pentagram (US) - Review your choices
Videoklip a text písně Review your choices od Pentagram (US). Man and woman try to keep a tie While looking at what passes by Village thieves and all the tr..
Pentagram (US) - Sinister
Videoklip a text písně Sinister od Pentagram (US). My tool is a serpent which to bear my child A virgin is chosen just to drive me wild Just take the time a..
Pentagram (US) - Wartime
Videoklip a text písně Wartime od Pentagram (US). Watching, Waiting Time at hand has come to a close lately Hating, Killing Peae it comes to those who are w. .
Pentagram (US) - Death row
Videoklip a text písně Death row od Pentagram (US). And what will you miss When the death gives you a kiss..
Pentagram (US) - Broken vows
Videoklip a text písně Broken vows od Pentagram (US). Taking my chances through madness Trying to leave my problems behind Paying off my debts to ...
Pentagram (US) - You are lost I'm free
Videoklip a text písně You are lost I'm free od Pentagram (US). You've been running wild, but not for me I feel just like a child that cannot see Your voice..
Pentagram (US) - The world will love again
Videoklip a text písně The world will love again od Pentagram (US). Living like caged animals Afraid to speak in words The streets are wild, with maniacs Th..
Pentagram (US) - Sign of the wolf (Pentagram)
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Sign of the wolf (Pentagram) od Pentagram (US). And now don't know how but it's happening to me Got the love from above but..
Pentagram (US) - Frustration
Videoklip a text písně Frustration od Pentagram (US). Lifes biggest frustration is you have to die And when your gone will anybody care why How long does it..
Pentagram (US) - The Deist
Text písně The Deist od Pentagram (US). This is the brotherhood of satan And they're forcing you to kill The apocalypse is now Revalation being filled yeah..
Pentagram (US) - Run my course
Videoklip a text písně Run my course od Pentagram (US). You better act sweet don't 'cha treat me like dirt You're 'bout to get it darlin' for all that you'r..
Pentagram (US) - All your sins
Videoklip a text písně All your sins od Pentagram (US). Your life in chaos no control The hand beneath it voids your goals The kindling fire is now prepared..
Pentagram (US) - When the screams come
Videoklip a text písně When the screams come od Pentagram (US). The time that you take to find out life Is not usually worth itself Developin' a real "How t..
Pentagram (US) - Relentless
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Relentless od Pentagram (US). Walk with me through the black house What a wild trip You're such a louse Feel my power as it. .
Pentagram (US) - Dying world
Videoklip a text písně Dying world od Pentagram (US). You watch the world fall to it's knees Full of sins as they beg for peace But your blood runs cold thr..
Pentagram (US) - The bees
Videoklip a text písně The bees od Pentagram (US). Watch the people, they're up at six You go to work and no one relax Well this is it, yeah, I hope you saw..
Pentagram (US) - Vampyre love
Videoklip a text písně Vampyre love od Pentagram (US). Full moon on an endless night I can feel the change Clouds roar lightning strikes Time to break the c..

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