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The White Stripes - This Protector
Videoklip a text písně This Protector od The White Stripes. 300 people living out in west virginia have no ideaÊ of all these thoughts that lie within you ..
Disco Ensemble - Protector
Text písně Protector od Disco Ensemble. I will protect, protect you I will protect, protect you..
Fleet Foxes - Your Protector
Videoklip a text písně Your Protector od Fleet Foxes. You walk along the stream Your head caught in a waking dream Your protector's coming home (coming ...
Iron Savior - Protector
Videoklip a text písně Protector od Iron Savior. Protector will get inside your mind I will enlight you free you from the blind Protector will terminat..
Protector - Six Hours on the Cross
Videoklip a text písně Six Hours on the Cross od Protector. Saviour of the world or the king of the jews One side will win and the other will loose Mocked b..
Protector - Tantalus
Videoklip a text písně Tantalus od Protector. Now - He's condemned to a life in Hell - Got no chance to appeal for Grace - Live and suffer forever in Pain -..
Protector - Base 104
Videoklip a text písně Base 104 od Protector. The Uraceel attack - The universe will burn The Countdown has begun - It's the point of no return An unknown..
Protector - Road Rage
Videoklip a text písně Road Rage od Protector. Road Rage Road Rage..
Protector - Lycopolis
Text písně Lycopolis od Protector. We are strong, we stand as one - Lycopolis We are the dusk, we are the dawn - Lycopolis..
Protector - Holiday in Hell
Videoklip a text písně Holiday in Hell od Protector. Squeal like a pig Squeal like a pig They'll break you, like a twig The inbreds do a jolly jig..
Protector - Whom Gods Destroy
Videoklip a text písně Whom Gods Destroy od Protector. Impulsive lust for power A deadly force mixed with hate The glory of the moment Nightmare of the univ..
Protector - Scars Bleed Life Long
Videoklip a text písně Scars Bleed Life Long od Protector. Scars Bleed life long In oblivion They grow strong..
Two Steps From Hell - Protector of the Skies
Videoklip a text písně Protector of the Skies od Two Steps From Hell. Instrumental ..
Protector - Birth of a Nation
Videoklip a text písně Birth of a Nation od Protector. Flags and parades – Yesterdays dreams Millions of men died in the war Despair awaits those who surv..
Hell Is For Heroes - My Protector
Videoklip a text písně My Protector od Hell Is For Heroes. The houselights fade out A perfect warm death The worms have crawled in And made us who we are..
Lil Wayne - Protector Skit
Text písně Protector Skit od Lil Wayne. The other thing is this I want you to learn. I want you to go around all over these streets and make yourself a prot..
Protector - Protector of Death (Live)
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Protector of Death (Live) od Protector. Belial is his only master The one who brings the dark disaster No one escapes from ..
65daysofstatic - Radio Protector
Videoklip a text písně Radio Protector od 65daysofstatic. !!! INSTRUMENTAL !!!..
Hirax - Guardian Protector
Videoklip a text písně Guardian Protector od Hirax. Ah ah ah..
Protector - Xenophobia
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Xenophobia od Protector. Eyes filled with hatred and fire A murderous and perverted desire Fists clenched until the knuckle..
Buju Banton - African Pride
Thou we struggle Jah is the ruler and protector of I & I life All man a bawl (Eh!) ( Ethiopia) Africans with African pride (Somalia) Fighting to attain our rights Want ...
Meg & Dia My Ugly Mouth
Silent and your protector. It's sad to say you'll never know. All the nights I never slept at all,. Just wanted to know you. Not proud of my temper. Oh no... Don't give  ...
Textures Awake
It is my protector. Fear before the fall, I can't grasp it all. But at least I'm trying. A light, a smoldering cinder. Getting colder, ashen. And letting all this go, I'm not ...
6 Amaseffer - Birth Of Deliverance
Protector of kingdom of heaven. I'm calling your name... Hear me! I've seen the light shining from above [Hebrew text:] ('The Lord make his face shine upon thee'  ...
12 Batman Parody The Dark Knight is Confused
Because hes not a hero, hes a silent guardian, a watchful protector, the Dark Knight KID I dont get it. GORDON Neither do I son, but it sounds cool. BATMAN
2 Da Rockwilder
[Verse One: Method Man] Microphone checka, swingin sword lecture closin down the sectar supreme neck protector. Bet I won em kid Mr. Metha warmin pot
6 Steven Segal - Dark Angel
I walk with my protectors. I know just what I'm here. Well there ain't no good in fearing death, we all got to die some day. Well I know you gon come for me
Bloodhound Gang My Dad Says That's for Pussies
John Wayne would never use a surge protector. You can't have no fun with an unloaded gun. My dad says that's for pussies x3. Tištěno z
Sea Wolf - Spirit Horse
... by the lighting around his eyes He's my protector and he'll keep me alive Spirit horse, spirit me away I had a vision by the river side today Spirit horse, spirit me ...
Tamia - Loving You Still
... name You gotta know it's driving me insane You know I'll never ever love again 'Cause I'm loving you still I had someone watch over me, my protector Kept me ...
Plumb - Smoke
... shelter when it all goes up in smoke You are my shelter when it all goes up in smoke [x2:] My healer Provider You are my God Protector My strength and shield  ...
Kamelot - Insomnia
... wide eyed confidence Still echoes in mind A bright white prophecy Protector of the light When the night begins to fall I watch the shadows growing tall Feeding ...
Našrot - The bastard deputy
He's the protector of democracy. Member of parliament. But I've got to confess. He's not my old good friend. Hey you, do you remember. How quickly you ...
Nirvana - Milk It
... right wing, broken wing Lack of iron and not sleeping Protector of the kennel Ectoplasma, ectoskeletal Obituary birthday Your scent is still here in my place of ...
Lil' Wyte - Gettin' Money Boy
You can talk all the trash you want ive been sprayed with hater protector. I been bakin in there for breakfast with steak as the appetizer. And Three Six Mafia just ...
Martha Wainwright - Everything Wrong
I am your protector I am not your pretender I will try I will not lie I will not cry too much in front of you I have been really, really sad, Except for having you with your  ...
Sean Paul - Gimme The Light
Could I be your protector your buff in every sector. Everyman around dem wanna turn your inspector but u no let them sweat ya. No grill you with no lecture
Therion - Dark Princess Naamah
First invocation: In my deepest mood. Hear my call for you 'o mighty one. My protector above. Let me share your sights. Take me far away. Let me ride with you
Exploited - God Saved the Queen
... noweher there coppers everywhere Behind closed curtains Terror stares God saved the queen with blanks from a gun But who is our protector when provoced  ...
Case - Happily Ever After
(Yes I will) I will be your man Your protector, your best friend 'Till my humble life is ended And time begins again, couldn't we? Couldn't we be, be happily ever ...

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