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Získej karaoke texty Say you want let go, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Say you want let go. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Say You Won't Let Go od James Arthur. Then you smiled over your shoulder For a minute, I was stone cold sober I pulled you ..
Charlie Wilson - I Can't Let Go
Videoklip a text písně I Can't Let Go od Charlie Wilson. I can't let go, I can't let go ... Baby sit down, I've got something I wanna say to you, Let your guard down, ...
Marc Anthony - Let Me Love You
Let me love you and I'll never let you go. Let me love you I don't want you to say no. Let me love you, let me satisfy your needs. Let me love you 'cause you know ...
Xscape - Do You Want To
Like I want, I want to make love to you. Say you do. [Verse Two:] [Tiny] Never understand it, Loving takes control. Oh, I ask myself, Girl, should you let it go?
Faydee - Can't Let Go
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Can't Let Go od Faydee. I-I-I-I I don't wanna fi-i-i- ight You wanna say you trust me now But then you go and change your mi..
H & Claire - Don't Give Up (Don't Let Go)
Just let your heart know how you feel. Don't give up. Don't let go this time. So if you want a reason why. It would be wrong to say goodbye. Don't give up. Don't ...
James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go
I met you in the dark You lit me up You made me feel as though I was enough We danced the night away We drank too much I held your hair back when You ...
Nicki Minaj - Letting Go (Dutty Love) feat. Sean Kingston
... od Nicki Minaj. Dutty Dutty Dutty Love Love I'm feeling like you Letting go Dutty Dutty.. ... you are Grind, Said no matter how much I feel rushed, Yeah like that Red won't stop (Yo) ... You say You have it, Louie it and then some, Look how you ...
Blue - Heart On My Sleeve
Just say you wanna ride and I'm ready to go 'Cause when it comes to me you always get what you see. And when it comes to you I wear my heart on my sleeve
A Day To Remember
Tell me, who would you lie for? Let's live the lie. I'm still singing "Whoa" (Whoaa) Don't say you won't let it go 'Cause you'll never know (You'll never know)
P!nk - There You Go
Videoklip a text písně There You Go od P!nk. There you go, lookin pitiful Just because I let you go There you go, talkin ... So you say you wanna talk, lets talk
Jodeci - Let's Go Through The Motions
Jodeci - Let's Go Through The Motions - akordy a text písně. ... Yeah baby, this ain't no remix here So if you want this, come and get this yeah baby Do ... I say it won't I'll say it again it won't be long if you wanna moan 'Cause you look so sexy,  ...
Carlito - WHO'S THAT BOY?
Me me me you wanna you wanna everybody wanna wanna Go Go Go.. ... Carlito !) Who's the boy I'll never let go? ... Senorita say caramba now it's siësta time
Johnny Orlando - Matisyahu- Live Like A Warrior
Today, today, live like you wanna Let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire In a f.. ... You give your heart, they go on attack ... Only thing that you can do, say
Mae - Just let go
Videoklip a text písně Just let go od Mae. There's an old ... I'll give you all I've got just spare me your time. And I promise ... Just say you want me to. I know these ...
Stephen Jerzak - She Said (The Killabits Dubstep Remix)
And I say what do you think that ah we cant get you. Anything you ask ... Lets go. We can go wherever you want to go. How would you feel if I told ya (You ain't ...
The Westlife Story - I'm Never Gonna Say Goodbye
I wanna know who ever told you I was letting go the only joy that I have ever known girl, they're lying just look around and all of the people that we used to know
Manafest - Let Go (featuring Dave Stovall)
Videoklip a text písně Let Go (featuring Dave Stovall) od Manafest. The world won't bring me down If I just keep harking on And if I just say your name yo.. ... If you want to move on got to forgive'm of that. I try to set sail on a path to forgiveness
Sean Kingston - Why you wanna go
Text písně Why you wanna go od Sean Kingston. It took so long to get ... Now you want to say goodbye, girl and go and mess it all up (Go and mess it all up)
Hodgson Roger - Say Goodbye
say hello to a new dream. You say you want your freedom, but is it freedom. When you leave it all behind you but your mind just can't let go? oh no. When the  ...
Jessica Simpson - Loving You
Boy I think you should know. I'm not letting you go. Oh my. I don't wanna have to say goodnight. Hold tight. I just wanna stay and hold you tight. So right. Feels so ...
Tarkan - Start The Fire
And if you wanna tell me, tell me what you want and baby we can let it go. Crazy, you making me ... Say say say, we're gonna break all the rules. It only takes me ...
Eddie Money - Don't let go
Eddie Money - Don't let go - akordy a text písně. ... you should remember what they say When it gets harder Don't let go Harder and harder Don't ... let go Tell her you love her You're willin' to try You want her to know Don't let go, don't let go If ...
Mariah Carey - Heartbreaker (feat. Jay-Z)
Oh you look so good. I don't wanna let go. ... The things you want to do. The way I used to do. ... she love everything Jay say Jay does, and a.... Heartbreaker ...
Nelly - Body on Me
I need to know your name You givin me the eye eye, I'm givin you the same It just hit ... let's go hop a plane It's no mistaken, the attraction's ironic I wanna make you ... your man done tripped You say you short this month, and you're late on your ...
Twenty 4 Seven - Take Me Away
... try to let you know baby when you say you will, I'll try to try to let you go Take me ... me say why I don't want you no more I wanna know why you can't let go just  ...
Limp Bizkit - Nobody Like You
... will make you see it my way You give I take You say You want to be away from me You break me I've got a reason and I won't let go You take me down I've got ...
The Kinks - A Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy
Hello you, hello me, hello people we used to be Isn't it strange, we never changed ... still have a way to go Hello me, hello you, you say you want out Want to start ... I don't know, I feel free and I won't let go Before you go, there's something you ...
Ronan Keating - If You Love Me
... I can't) Wish you would say what I'm needing to hear (You want me) Give me a ... let go You can have me Heart and soul If you love me, then Just let me know ...
Mariah Carey - All I've Ever Wanted
Take me anywhere you want to baby now. I need you so desperately. ... I won't let go. I'll never let go. Anytime you ... I can't say I love you. It's too late to. Tell you.
Erasure - Be with You
... me Tell me that you want me Feel it everywhere Hold me Never let go of me I ... Lovers say you want me And tell me that you need me Is all I wanna know I'll ...
Ring My Bells od Enrique Iglesias
Sometimes you need it and you don't wanna let go. ... And the way that you move oh it makes me feel alive. Come on. Ring my ... I say you want, I say you need
Will Young - If That's What You Want
Will Young - If That's What You Want - akordy a text písně. ... 'Cause you care And you got to let go When your heart is on fire And its hard to say no Chorus You ...
Rihanna - Pon de Replay
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up ... lets go dip it low then you bring it up slow wind it up 1 time wind it ... If you ready to move say it (Yeah Yeah) One time  ...
Nelly - Get Like Me
Hey hey Do you want more? Hey hey Til yo back sore hey hey So let's go, let's go All yall niggas wanna get like me Surrounded by bitches that look like these ...
Sir Mix-A-Lot I'll Roll You Up
But don't cry and say you wasn't warned. 'Cause my voice keeps comin' like a storm. Bass should it be let go, heck no. Want to be hard, 'cause you failed to be ...
Hey Baby (Drop It On The Floor) (Feat. T-Pain..
Baby girl wanna play, let her go. Said let her go, ... And we can pump this jam however you want (hey, hey baby) Pump it ... Make me wanna say hey baby. Yeah ...
Bessie Smith I'm Wild About That Thing
Honey baby, won't you cuddle near, just sweet mama ... from you, papa, I can't get enough. I'm wild about that ... say you're ready, just say let's go. I'm wild about  ...
Fort Minor - High Road (feat. John Legend)
Lets go ya'll. These people are ... You assholes are gonna see soon that I'm not playin. Start askin me the ... But you can say what you want about me keep talkin  ...
Sean Paul - Punkie
1. únor 2005 Gal me see say that you want me, you want me. And it no matter ... Lets go together correspond woman its time you lef you man. You know say ...

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