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Eterna - Sea of Lights
Videoklip a text písně Sea of Lights od Eterna. I am a flying soul Waiting to lay down. The waiting is on a course That flows in my heart!!..
Sea Of Light
Album Sea Of Light od Uriah Heep. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Edenbridge - Into a Sea of Souls
Cold, dark silence at night feel, seclusion in the absence of light bygone, so hopeless in this solitary shell seamless, painless too late to bid you farewell ( chorus)
Diskografie Uriah Heep - Album Sea of Light
Diskografie Uriah Heep - Album Sea of Light 1995.
Rhapsody Of Fire - Realms Of Light
One day a king will rise with the sun born into darkness on this silent shore he will remember the cold and the shame he preys for salvation in this sea of flames
Camouflage - Passing By
Fly to the moon. See the stars passing by. I feel someone's near. Even though I know. There's nobody here... Passing by the sea. Passing be the sea of light
Crematory - Why
Videoklip a text písně Why od Crematory. I recall your smile - I recall your smile Endearing, the way you caressed me - Blazing, an endless sea of light..
Deliverance ( USA ) - Speed of Light
I gaze patiently, into a sea of stars. Drawing back from childhood fantasies. Of living life on Mars From the corner of my eye, I saw a string of Light I turned to see  ...
Mar de Grises - A Sea of Dead Comets
A procession towards the sea. Made of light years. With hurt and discarded gods as raindrops. A celestial graveyard, A sea of dead comets. Drops of chaos he ...
Circle II Circle - Sea Of White
Videoklip a text písně Sea Of White od Circle II Circle. I want to fly away Take me to the edge of light This place is not the same I'm drifting in my mind..
Uriah Heep - Love In Silence (Know Yourself)
You'll walk upon the sea of light. There's something in love and silence. That you can find. Know yourself and all around. Listen to the only sound. Many rivers ...
Pretty Maids - Destination Paradise
Sail away leave today. In a sea of light. And flow with the stream. Once we've made friends. Don't pretend that we won't meet again. I will be tied to your tracks
Thunderstone - Sea Of Sorrow
Videoklip a text písně Sea Of Sorrow od Thunderstone. The tide is turning And I'm left ... Sail on, sail on, with no light to follow. Sail on, sail on, on a sea of sorrow ...
Skinny Puppy - Left Handshake
"Quiet dormant sea of light" Visual betrayal. Last rights denied ??? trails a long road inside "Buried" "A mass grave" Mind has defeated. The stain of disease
Uriah Heep - Time Of Revelation (Moving To A Fantasy Word)
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MyGrain - Black Light Supernova
Videoklip a text písně Black Light Supernova od MyGrain. ... From the luminous sphere of light, stellar explosions filling the night ... Floating in a sea of present
Uriah Heep - Holy Roller
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Axel Rudi Pell - Sea of Evil
Videoklip a text písně Sea of Evil od Axel Rudi Pell. Lights were shining From far away Praying for a wonder They don't want here to stay..
Tom Tom Club - Lorelei
Beyond the colored lights. The mountain looms. The air is thin, the door within. The sea of light, the light is you. Lorelei, Lorelei, Lorelei Lorelei, Lorelei, Lorelei.
Secret Sphere - Dawn of Time + Age Of Wizard
... Secret Sphere. Now the time has come to hear the bards for a new horizon beyond sea of dreams You'll .. ... Among the mountains, dressed of light, over the  ...
Barclay James Harvest - Dark Now My Sky
... the light of a tin sun Do not ask me how I know The effect of light on unseeing eyes How should I know? How could I know? Dark now my sky The sea of peace  ...
Uriah Heep - Sail The Rivers
Would you let me bathe in your light. Would you let me ... I'd give it up just to bathe in your light. And you could have it, ... Sea Of Light (1995). Against The Odds ...
Miley Cyrus - Hands Of Love
3. říjen 2015 When the white flag sails, covered in streaks of light. There'll be an endless sea, of us rising up. And the preacher man, and the preacher's son
Rush - Clockwork Angels
16. červen 2012 Goddesses of Light, of Sea and Sky and Land Clockwork angels, the people raise their hands. As if to fly. As if to fly. All around the city square
Freedom Call - The Quest
16. březen 2006 That light my barren soul. Hear my ... On my way through the sea of tears. Be the path of my ... Save us, Save us, guardian of the light. Save us ...
Phish - Colonel Forbin's Ascent
To a sea green mossy boulder ... And he stood amidst a sea of dust and rocks and stones. Cascading ... And was driven to his knees by a blazing beam of light
Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder
Kick ass If you're talking a flight At the speed of light You're shaking your ... the sky In a blue sea of denim Checkin' the band With your banners and scarves heln  ...
Alphawezen - Speed Of Light
Alphawezen - Speed Of Light - akordy a text písně. ... we are free Wa are drift wood in the sea From the distance we are stars Like there is a face on Mars Wa are ...
MGMT - Melancholy Man
When all the stars are falling down Into the sea and on the ground, And angry voices carry on the wind, A beam of light will fill your head And you'll remember ...
Switchfoot - Restless
I am the sea on a moonless night Calling falling, slipping tides I am the leaky, dripping pipes The endless, aching drops of light I am the raindrop falling down ...
Donna Lewis - I Could Be the One
I could be your sea of sand I could be your warmth of desire I could be your ... be your green eyed monster I could be your force of light I could be your temple ...
Kamelot - Center of the Universe
... of us Released Islands in the sea of dreams Always searching harmony And ... into the core of the fountain of light Try to imagine that hope is our ship for the ...
OneRepublic Oh My My
Days are long, life's so short. It's a crazy world, the moment we call life. Taking off across the sea. Touchdown, city full of lights. Looked around when there is no ...
Diskografie Uriah Heep
Sonic Origami · Sea of Light - album. Sea of Light · Different World - album. Different World · Raging Silence - album. Raging Silence · Equator - album. Equator.
Trivium Blind Leading the Blind
Bearer of light. Break down the walls. Remove the chains. Run towards the night. Blind leading the blind to the sea. They're drowning. Blind leading the blind to ...
Ace of Base - Captain Nemo
to your world under the sea. Captain Nemo knows the world but we don´t know. What control of light and darkness means he´ll show. If we come with peace at ...
Heartless Bastards - Out At Sea
I packed up and headed to the city of light To escape from pain and for thrills I walked around through the bottom of the ocean I took a deep breath and drank ...
Steppin´ On Seashells od Smokie
Lost behind a sea of tears. Burns a heartfull of gold. Whenever I need ... Bright Lights & Back Alleys Rok vydání: 1977 8 songů · ALBUM Burning Ambition Rok ...
Marillion - Ocean Cloud
"Only me and the sea We will do as we please. ... Between two planets In between the points of light Between two distant shorelines Here am I Between two ...
Sea Wolf - Song for the Dead
Sea Wolf - Song for the Dead - akordy a text písně. ... violence You've dragged into bed With the sheets soaking red It's a glimmer of light Through a prism That's  ...

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