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Získej karaoke texty Sophie b. hawkins, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Sophie b. hawkins. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Sophie B. Hawkins - True Romance
Text písně True Romance od Sophie B. Hawkins. In you And it would make me cry If you should ever leave my side Darling put your hand in mine Come with me  ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Adrian
Text písně Adrian od Sophie B. Hawkins. Adrian Adrian This is my first time So I hope you mean to love me well..
Sophie B. Hawkins - Nocturne
Text písně Nocturne od Sophie B. Hawkins. Come to me I can see Through the holes in your eyes When I scream out in terror You've the one by my side Run to  ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - No Connection
Videoklip a text písně No Connection od Sophie B. Hawkins. I'm praying to resist temptation Staying within my constellation Weighing every intonation Betray..
Sophie B. Hawkins - Missing
Text písně Missing od Sophie B. Hawkins. We've been missing For too many years And I want a healing In place of all these tears God give me an answer That ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Strange Thing
Text písně Strange Thing od Sophie B. Hawkins. I hardly recognize myself, it's such a strange thing To find another woman walking in my blue jeans I've come..
Sophie B. Hawkins - Blue
Text písně Blue od Sophie B. Hawkins. Blue I hope you like me too I've been painting pictures on my wall of you..
Sophie B. Hawkins - Soul Lover
Text písně Soul Lover od Sophie B. Hawkins. No words can tell you what I feel No looks can show you what I see No one can teach me what is real Nothing can .
Sophie B. Hawkins - Red Bird
Text písně Red Bird od Sophie B. Hawkins. You're in bed bird Though you're ageless in your mind You have sailed so many seas Now the passage is obscured ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Angel of Darkness
Videoklip a text písně Angel of Darkness od Sophie B. Hawkins. You didn't hear me You listened to those beautiful lies And my truth is still locked inside O..
Sophie B. Hawkins - The One You Have Not Seen
Videoklip a text písně The One You Have Not Seen od Sophie B. Hawkins. You make me feel a school girl Restless to take your point of view Into my mystery wo  ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Dream Street and Chance
Text písně Dream Street and Chance od Sophie B. Hawkins. Others cry Can't say why it's so When you saw the love light fading In my eyes anticipating no You ..
Sophie B. Hawkins - You Make Me High
Text písně You Make Me High od Sophie B. Hawkins. You make me cry I don't even know why I open so wide to fit you Sometimes I wanna leave you cause I ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Meet Me on a Rooftop
Text písně Meet Me on a Rooftop od Sophie B. Hawkins. I've been watching you through a fascinating prism Moving in and out of rhythm Climb the fire escape w ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Betchya Got a Cure for Me
Text písně Betchya Got a Cure for Me od Sophie B. Hawkins. Betchya gotta cure for me Betchya put me out of pain Betchya gotta a cure for me Without a stitch..
Sophie B. Hawkins - 32 Lines
Videoklip a text písně 32 Lines od Sophie B. Hawkins. I'll take your hand Beyond the threshold I'll take your gifts As art of fact I'll take your tongue Rig..
Sophie B. Hawkins - Georgia
Text písně Georgia od Sophie B. Hawkins. Georgia I love you And I don't understand what your soul is wrapped in Georgia I love you Your so young and so cyni.
Sophie B. Hawkins - Gone Baby
Text písně Gone Baby od Sophie B. Hawkins. So I'm gone where you will never find me Gone where I can start again Gonna leave this lunacy behind me Be my ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Right Beside You
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Right Beside You od Sophie B. Hawkins. Right beside you I see Right beside you I stay Right beside you I'll be Right beside..
Sophie B. Hawkins - Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover od Sophie B. Hawkins. Damn I wish I was your lover I'd rock you till the daylight comes Make s..
Sophie B. Hawkins - Angel of Darkness
You didn't chose me You left me for the dark hearted one Your shadow is bigger than your sun I thought we were one You didn't hear me You listened to those ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Virgil Cain is my name And I served on the Danville train Till Stoneman's cavalry came And tore up the tracks again In the winter of '65 We were hungry Just ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Dream Street and Chance
Lover I Can't say why it's so When I hear the fog horn calling And the moon is falling Like snow On the rippling road I know I must be travelling alone Others cry  ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - MMM My Best Friend
Mmm my best friend has a little car She can take off anywhere, anytime she wants And if you ask me mostly Where would I rather be I'll tell you up and down the ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Strange Thing
In our lives Love has hid her face to save her heart from breaking Into feeling In your eyes Joy gives way to pain Save your tears for the rain Visions stop at the ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - I Don't Need You
I'm going away As far as I possibly can And you wont find me You will never ever know How well and good I am 'Cause you don't define me There's people on ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - I Walk Alone
I wanted to be loved I wanted to be known I wanted to be held I wanted to be thrown Into this world I wanted to be your little girl I wanted to be shy I wanted to be ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Walking on Thin Ice
Please take away from me all these things I do not need Use me to keep your conscience clean Show me what to do To sacrifice for you I gladly give my life to  ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Life Is a River
Don't let Fear stop me now I can't bear to find out That I've lied to myself And risked not asking for your help Life is a river And it flows to the sea I wont sit on the ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Meet Me on a Rooftop
Meet me on a rooftop, that's where I'm gonna be This party is so old fashioned Nothing is here for me Meet me on a rooftop, I'll bring the radio We can kick our ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Heart and Soul of a Woman
You've taken one too many stands Now no one wants to be your friend When out of the mist Comes a Feminine twist Who won't leave you alone 'til your Back on ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Betchya Got a Cure for Me
We all need somebody We all have a soul to save You're not cheap So you think you're gonna get your way When you lie, cheat and steal Bury your own to ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Big Beautiful Bottom in My Face
I'm so hot, that's my attitude today I'm like a movie-star, hey-hey-hey I cross the street, will I be the same when I hit the other site? Better look both ways, never ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - Open Up Your Eyes
If I had the moon in a jar I'd wanna share it with you Or the light of a million stars I' d wanna share it with you The hidden knowledge to the way things are I'd love ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - The Darkest Childe
(You can do it baby... you know you can do it baby) You were always the darkest childe Making all the grown ups sweat Driving both your parents to distraction ...
Sophie B. Hawkins - The Land the Sea and the Sky
Money will talk for you Coats your tongue like sugar Sweet lies To pacify the hunger Money will kill for you Lay your head to rest now Dream of the whitest street ...
Sophie B. Hawkins
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8 Sophie B Hawkins - Only Love The ballad of sleeping beauty
You don't know why I'm crazy. I don't know why you're blue. You messed with my head. You messed with the dead. Now I'm gonna mess with you. I don't know ...
Diskografie Sophie B. Hawkins - Album Wilderness
Diskografie Sophie B. Hawkins - Album Wilderness 2004.
Diskografie Sophie B. Hawkins - Album Timbre
Sophie B. Hawkins Tongues and Tails, 1992 Sophie B. Hawkins Whaler, 1994 Sophie B. Hawkins Timbre, 1999 Sophie B. Hawkins Wilderness, 2004 Sophie B.

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