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Získej karaoke texty The game, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek The game. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Packy (The Specktators Collective) - Charge It To The Game
Text písně Charge It To The Game od Packy (The Specktators Collective). Charge it to the game, charge it to the game Charge it to the game, it'll never be t..
The Game - Ali Bomaye (ft. 2 Chainz, Rick Ross)
Videoklip a text písně Ali Bomaye (ft. 2 Chainz, Rick Ross) od The Game. 2 Chainz Yeah, roll another one cause I'm winning In my four door looking real phot..
2Pac - Loyal To The Game
Videoklip a text písně Loyal To The Game od 2Pac. I do my thing respect my hustle I ain't playin (Nigga I'm loyal to the game) I give you my way and I cock ..
Jurassic 5 - The Game
Videoklip a text písně The Game od Jurassic 5. The Game Playing to survive Aiming to win anyway they can..
The Game - The Documentary
Text písně The Documentary od The Game. [Verse 1 - Game (DRE)] What happened in hip hop That got pac and big shot The thicks blocks Now every rapper ...
The Game - Neighborhood Supa Starz
[The Game] You can catch five, or catch me in the CL-5. Whatever way dog, the Game get live. Keepin it gangsta in a P.D. city velour. Late night I'm in Dublin's ...
Tha Dogg Pound - Change The Game (Remix)
Text písně Change The Game (Remix) od Tha Dogg Pound. [Kurupt: sung] Psycho, like no, bitch-ass nigga so When you see the R-O-to-the-C sneak creep low..
The Game - Born In The Trap
[Verse 1: The Game] I was born in the crosshairs without a pot to piss in. Where niggas get smoked over their Jordans and their Pippens Welcome to California ...
The Game - Doctor's Advocate
Videoklip a text písně Doctor's Advocate od The Game. [Chorus] I didn't mean to walk away, But I hear every word they say, I guess my mind just drew a blank..
Soundtrack - High School Musical - Get'cha head in the game
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Get'cha head in the game od Soundtrack - High School Musical. I gotta Get my get my Head in the game You gotta Get'cha get..
Wu-Tang Clan - Back In The Game
Videoklip a text písně Back In The Game od Wu-Tang Clan. [Method Man] Uh- huh, Mr. Biggs, Track Masters (woo!) It's a Wu-Tang official right here y'know..
The Game - Red Nation
Videoklip a text písně Red Nation od The Game. [Lil Wayne] Now Blood the fuck up Everyday's a gamble motherfucker, tough luck And we gonna fuck the World ...
The Game - Bigger Than Me
Text písně Bigger Than Me od The Game. [Verse 1] You niggas ain't sold shit, not an album or a rock Pussy nigga putting rings on my old bitch Dick down the ..
Ice Cube - True to the game
Text písně True to the game od Ice Cube. It's the nigga ya love to hate with a new song So what really goes on Nothing but a come-up, but ain't that a bitch..
The Game - The City
Leave the angels in the city" [Verse 1: Game] Tell them muthafuckas I'm forever paid. California king, wrestle gators in the Everglades Drive up out that ...
The Game - One Night
Text písně One Night od The Game. [Chorus w/ ad libs]..
The Game - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Text písně 300 Bars & Runnin' od The Game. I like 50 Cent He reminds me Spongebob And Tony Yayo is Blues Clues And Lloyd Banks is Dora the Explorer  ...
The Game - My Lowrider
Videoklip a text písně My Lowrider od The Game. [Chorus - The Game] Cherry 64 (My lowrider) hop in the low low (My my lowrider) Chrome hydraulics, all black.
The Game - Better days
Videoklip a text písně Better days od The Game. [Chorus:] Been holdin' this pain inside for so long Though the rain never goes away They say I should leave ..
The Game - The Best Revenge
Text písně The Best Revenge od The Game. Baby it's mind over matter, don't fall for the low key dogs Those have forsake it cause you're smart and you're bea..
The Game Jesus Piece
The Game. Tell 'em pray for me. It was God that brought Dre to me. Even brought the nigga Kanye for me. Bless - but them niggas shot Big. Made a nigga feel ...
Simon & Garfunkel Blues Run the Game
Blues Run the Game. Simon & Garfunkel. Catch a boat to England, baby,. Maybe to Spain. Wherever I have gone,. Wherever I've been and gone. Wherever I ...
The Game - Bang
[D:] I thought you was a gangsta nigga, you better shake it off [K:] What? [D:] Sh- Sh-Shake it off, or get banged on [The Game] Gettin' my bang on, red strings on
The Game Outro
The Game. Not! Blackwall Street. The Game. Beach Boy. Charli Baltimore (He Wears A Red Bandana). Rockstar. We Are The Black Gang. Free Shye.
The Game - Martians vs. Goblins
Blood gang kill 'em all, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kidnap a vampire and drain all his fuckin veins Wolf Grey Jordans, use his intestines for the strings Snatch up ...
Smash Mouth - The Game
Did you ever feel unincluded Pissed off, ready to lose it You're just spinning all your wheels Did you ever feel uninvited Not on the list tonight it Don't mean you ...
Naomi Terra - The Game Changed
And for tonight I am alone and a girl like me shouldn't have to beg to know what's in your head what's in your head You're in your head and a girl like me ...
The Knack - End Of The Game
i didn't want to do it i know i wasn't kind there's really nothing to it you could buy some time you could change your name you could even hop a train into spain ...
Little Boots - The Game
Rain falls, staring out the window at a Blank sky, waiting for a sign Only you, only you Could find the truth, find the truth Yeah only you, can cross that line ...
EPMD - The Game
Its your game And now it's all up to you Cos that's how we do Cos you are A fighter Cos you are fighter You paint it on the wall Now it's time to stand tall Stop ...
D'Sound In The Game
In The Game. D'Sound. Lesson learned. Page is turned. Picture burned. Party dates. Are confirmed. Backup-friends. Are adjourned. If I knew what i wanted.
The Game - Compton
The "Gangsta boogie" - nigga nigga nigga I´m from (Compton) Yeah, The Game on fire, check the gold wires Hip-Hop on lock like some muh´fuckin pliers Me ...
The Game - The Documentary 2
The Documentary 2 (2x) Damn it I done did it again Game still in Cali Game still in Cali eatin' off the Documentary The Documentary 2 (2x) Damn it I done did it ...
The Game od A Thorn For Every Heart
The Game. Skrýt překlad písně ›. What are they gonna say when you just move along? We'll get you out of here, just be strong, (We'll get you, get you out.)
Skate On od The Game
[Verse 3: Game] Usually wake up early like them Philly niggas. In the weed spot rolling kush A-R go get Philly nigga. First smoke a not, we swimming it hard rock
Scorpions - Passion Rules The Game
Stranded in this town. My machine slows down. To take me where the night begins. I'm playing everywhere. Loving here and there. I always take the chance to ...
The Game - One Night
I only fuck with you, on two occasions When I'm drunk, when I'm high I would be broke, if I would be with you That is why it's for one night I'm a motherfucking ...
The Game Real Niggas Stand Up
Real Niggas Stand Up. The Game. Real niggas stand up, hold they dick. Bitch niggas sit down to piss, what type of nigga is you? I'm the type to pack a gat or few.
The Game - Remedy
As my, Daytons spin, lowrider sittin low Hittin corners so hard you can taste my rims Rag top six-fo', Henny in the passenger side Smokin chronic just (Let Me ...
The Game - Higher
The Game - Higher - akordy a text písně. ... Shady Aftermath I'm the motherfuckin Game and (I can take you hiyaaaah) It's not that I can't stop, It's that I won't stop, ...

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