The place where you will find us karaoke texty

Získej karaoke texty The place where you will find us, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek The place where you will find us. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

The Place Where You Will Find Us
Album The Place Where You Will Find Us od Zornik. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Zornik - You Move Me
Everytime you move There's a spark that seems to find its' way To everything I own I am losing in your favorite ... Z · Zornik · The Place Where You Will Find Us.
Zornik - This Song Is Just For You
Videoklip a text písně This Song Is Just For You od Zornik. You should listen ... Z Zornik The Place Where You Will Find Us · playlist ... You should listen very well
Zornik - Go Your Way
Five seconds you destroy and then you pray You've cut yourself and then you call I am the one that gives you ... Z · Zornik · The Place Where You Will Find Us.
Zornik - Love Affair
Z · Zornik · The Place Where You Will Find Us · playlist ... take my troubles and wash'em down the drain if you can...say the things are only messed up but again  ...
Zornik - King Of The Town
Z · Zornik · The Place Where You Will Find Us · playlist ... And you know, And you know my luck was standing on the line. What's this now. Play me around
Zornik - Sometimes
Domů · Playlisty · Koncerty · Fankluby · Požadavky · Žebříčky · Kecárna · Uživatelé · Soutěže · Nápověda · Z Zornik The Place Where You Will Find Us · playlist ...
Emery - The Less You Say
The place that you now hope to find, your peace will cut pieces right out from me. You could make this all go away. Years Swept by us like Seas And we slept by ...
Zornik - Hey Girl
Save me, come on girl and find me I'll just sit and wait here I'm waiting for the moment that somebody opens my ... Z Zornik The Place Where You Will Find Us.
Zornik - Once Again
And if I was wrong again What else have you kept from me I am in doubt, What if all ... Z Zornik The Place Where You Will Find Us ... Once again, they will try
Zornik - It's So Unreal
Z · Zornik · The Place Where You Will Find Us · playlist ... Have you been lost I'm looking for. The songs I need before I ... And I will go. It's so unreal and I will love
Cris Cab - Face To Face
Yeah, I'm tryna take you to another place Yeah, yeah Yeah, so you and I can ... Nobody will find us ... They're always watching, their eyes just can't get enough
Sunrise Avenue - 6 - 0
... my way I'm gonna find us a place to stay You will love me, satisfy me I'm gonna win this little game 6-0 Baby There are boys Who bring all the roses to you And ...
Metric - The Wanderlust
Ahh Speeding out of reach Ahh You're the one I had to meet.. ... Will there ever be a place for you and me ... Walk fifty city blocks down but they always find us
Sunrise Avenue - 6-0
And when I get you I will love you. I will hold you, satisfy you. You'll never wanna let me go. I'm gonna kick them out of my way. I'm gonna find us a place to stay
Celtic Folk - Summer Road
The Summer Road Let us leave the city where the black smoke blows And the winds come ... On the road to summer you will find us there ! Shoulder up your bundle throw away your care ! There's no place for worry on the highway there !
Laura Mvula - Can't Live With The World
You cant live with the world on your shoulders, Your shoulders. Take my hand and youll see love will find us, Will find us. Youve been lost in a dark place a long  ...
Phil Collins - There's A Place For Us
Videoklip a text písně There's A Place For Us od Phil Collins. So here we ... 'cos all I am is what you see in front of you ... for you love, I will always be here love
Elitist - Time Stands Still
With knowledge and purpose. Strength will find us. Everything in sequence. Everything in its right place. Everything in sequence. When will it ever stand still?
Everclear - Volcano
Somewhere they can't find us. Yeah somewhere ... I like the crazy way you look at me. Without the drugs ... You know we gotta find a place where we can hide
Lupe Fiasco & John Legend - Never Forget You ...
23. únor 2011 [John Legend] Take me to that old familiar place ... Moments of the past, came here to find you. Not to relive ... The past all around us, the time of our life. The first love ... So you will never perish, you will never part. I tell 'em all ...
We the Kings - See You In My Dreams
We the Kings - See You In My Dreams - akordy a text písně. ... my eyes and sleep Run to the place we used to meet 'Cause I'd rather have you in my ... wake up without you Without you Come to my dreams, Daylight won't find us here We're ...
Atomic Kitten - The Last Goodbye
... sleeping tight Ain't nobody gonna find us here We'll disappear There's a dancer in the arms of ... Are you looking for a place to stay to get away? ... And the truth is that we'll never know where love will flow Aim high Shoot low (Gotta aim high, ...
Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down
Did you see the sky? I think it means that we've been lost Maybe one last time is all we need I can't really help it If my tongue's all tied in knots Jumping off a ...
The Enemy - Get Up and Dance
The Enemy - Get Up and Dance - akordy a text písně. ... get up and dance Get up and dance In a dirty old bar In a troubled town There's a place where I I ... to stay And I'll never stop searching to find us a way You can't live on memories where ...
Marillion - The Hollow Man
... feel the outside feeding on my inside Leaves a growing darkness in it's place I ... hollow men Find us anywhere you look Come and meet our friends Stand us in ... ducks Watch us grin and grin See the lies behind our eyes See the will to win ...
Disciple - All We Have is Now
Looking in this abandoned place Searching in someone else's face Don't know ... it does it Every one of us is looking In a place where peace won't find us there ...
Mindy McCready - Don't Speak
... on In a place where the world can't find us Love takes the wheel and drives us ... you loud and clear Don't speak, don't rush Whisper with your touch Don't talk, ...
Santigold - Chasing Shadows
... floor I'm trouble, you know You find us where we fall We're chasing shadows ... I'm living on the shelf I will follow in thinkin' the long way if my standards hold ... Around another year I wonder did I go some place I'ma buckle this one down, ...
Michael Jackson - Ben
Ben, the two of us need look no more. We both found what ... And you my friend will see. You've got a friend in ... You've got a place to go (You've got a place to ...
Emery - The Weakest
30. srpen 2006 So they can find us and take what is ours. Running ... Let's leave this place (if all that was this time) ... Returning The Smile You Have Had…
The Weeknd - Loft Music
They see my brain melting and the only thing I tell em is that I'm living for the ... Yeah we Trade Places Rehearse lines to them and then we fuck faces Yeah, ... if you got a problem come and find us, we can talk about it What's good young hoe ?
Jonas Brothers - Fly With Me
If time was still the sun would never, never find us We could light up the sky ... To give all I can To believe once again If it's you for me forever If it's you and me right ... From the place where you needed to be And that's right here with me It's you ...
3OH!3 - Do or Die
... Row with those who know me We chilling I'm so high Yeah you can find us in ... be Everybody in this place is either blind Or gonna see that everything I need ...
Sharing The Night Together
... find us together Right here the way we are would you mind Sharing the night ... alright Like to get to know you better Is there a place where we can go Where ...
Gary Barlow - Face to Face
It's a true sign of a soldier A E Taking care of the hearts around us A D And the ... A D X: That's what you are to me, A E Everyone around can see yeah A D Esus4 R: ... past behind us A No one can take your place E When we're face to face 2. You can measure the strength of a human By the weight of the love around them  ...
Hotel California od Bob Marley
Welcome to the Hotel California Such a lovely place. Such a lovely face. Plenty of room at the Hotel California Any time of year, you can find us here. Her mind is ...
OneRepublic Lullaby
We find shelter. Our own place to hide. Oh. As the light goes out. Thoughts turn to angels. Over us. Oh. As the night comes in. Dreams start their drifting. And you ...
Mystery Jets - Radlands
I've heard there's a place where we go to die It's a terribly overrated ... it never loved us And it didn't need us these wonderful wonderful people We'll redefine ... and cry But someone will get all the glory But I'll have yours and you'll have mine,  ...
6 Afromental - Thing We've got
You're not gonna get in, between us it's alright. Cos no whole will mess up this thing that we've got. So baby there's ... Come baby, come to my place. I'll give it to  ...

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