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Získej karaoke texty Thirty two, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Thirty two. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Thirty Two
Album Thirty Two od Hallow 32. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
The Rolling Stones - 32-20 Blues
I believe it's much too light. Got a thirty-two twenty, I believe it's much too light. I got a thirty-two twenty, it's a burnin' I got a thirty-eight special, b'lieve it do very ...
Regina Spektor - Oedipus
I'm the king's thirty second son. Born to him in thirty second's time. Born to him the night still young. Born to him with two eyebrows on. And that's all I was ...
7 Gipsy - Abacus
Twenty nine, thirty and another damn numbers. Thirty one golden angels for selt records and. Thirty two points to proove that this is wicked. Two threes, that it´s ...
Drunken Master - 50 Bitches Deep
("Two.") Them neva-actin'-shitty bitches, ("Three.") tattoo on the titty bitches. (" Four. ... ("Thirty.") Classy bitches, ("Thirty-one.") them sexy when they sassy bitches.
Johnny Winter - Thirty-Eight, Thirty-Two, Twenty
Johnny Winter - Thirty-Eight, Thirty-Two, Twenty - akordy a text písně.
Quincy Punx - The List
You're number seven-hundred, thirty-two. You're on the list. You won't be laughing when I get to you. You're on the list. Whoa-oh!! From the cop who pulled me ...
Musical Hamilton - Right Hand Man
[COMPANY] British Admiral Howe's got troops on the water. Thirty-two thousand troops in New York harbor [ENSEMBLE 1] Thirty-two thousand troops in New ...
The Stranglers - School mam
Two twos make four if I remember correctly. Being a school mam. Four fours make sixteen and sixteen's over age. Sixteen and sixteen makes thirty two
Mos Def - Mathematics
Yo, check it one for Charlie Hustle, two for Steady Rock Three for the fourth comin live, future shock It's.. ... Like I got, sixteen to thirty-two bars to rock it but only ...
The Beach Boys - When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
(twenty-six twenty-seven) Won't last forever (twenty-eight twenty-nine) It's kind of sad (thirty thirty-one) Won't last forever (thirty-two . . .) Text přidal obladi.
Boards of Canada - Aquarius
Twenty-seven, twenty-eight. Twenty-nine, thirty. Thirty-one, thirty-two. Thirty-three, thirty-four. Thirty-five, thirty-six. Forty-four, sixty-eight. Twenty-seven, thirty-five
Benzino - We Reppin Yall
(Made Men catch wreckin anybody studio) [Twice Thou] Your days are numbered nigga (what?) you better bounce. Got thirty-two rounds in my twenty ounce
Quad City Dj's - Uh-oh
Now say, hut two hut two. Yes once again, one mo' game, in the place to be ... Thirty two ways to break you down. Thirty two ways to give you some. Uhoh watch ...
B. B. King - Questionnaire Blues
Videoklip a text písně Questionnaire Blues od B. B. King. I want the thirty two- twenty Made on a forty-five frame I want the thirty two-twenty Made on a for..
Nas - One Mic
Jesus died at age 33, there's thirty-three shots from twin glocks there's sixteen apiece, that's thirty-two. Which means, one of my guns was holdin 17
Drunken Master - 50 Niggaz Deep
five on the bud niggaz. ("Thirty-one.") Deep in the game niggaz, ("Thirty-two.") out there slangin' cane niggaz. ("Thirty-three.") Them main niggaz, ("Thirty-four.")
Avenue Q - It sucks to be me
But now I'm thirty-two. And as you can see. I'm not. KATE MONSTER Nope! BRIAN Oh Well, It sucks to be me. KATE MONSTER Nooo. BRIAN It sucks to be me.
Nas - Affirmative Action
Bundle of sixty-two, they ain't got a clue what we about to do. My whole team we shittin ... Thirty-two grams raw, chop it in half, get sixteen, double it times three
Stranglers - School Mam
Two Twos Make Four If I Remember Correctly Being A School Mam Four Fours Make Sixteen And Sixteen's Over Age Sixteen And Sixteen Make Thirty-Two ...
Bon Jovi Social Disease
In some places it comes in thirty-two flavors. But you wouldn't tell no one. Your favorite if you could. From the White House to the alleys. From the President down ...
Jim Croce - Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
He got an Eldorado too. He got a thirty-two gun in his pocket for fun. He got a razor in his shoe. CHORUS.... Well, Friday 'bout a week ago, Leroy's shootin' dice .
Spin Doctors - Shinbone Alley/Hard to Exist
... trickle through the drapes Windows frame each history hidden even from the fire escapes Sullen winter sparrow lands wing to expanse of grey Six-thirty-two in  ...
Hank Williams Jr. - American Offline
Three million megahertz, super-duper processors Gotta two hundred gig harddrive thirty-two inch screen and a scanner machine Boy you wasting too much time ...
Adelitas Way - I Wanna Be
... crank Can I be the one with thirty-two cars Sitting backstage with all the rockstars I wanna be the one that told you so Middle finger up screaming fuck the world ...
Newsboys - Cup O' Tea
mumbled something 'bout "pearls in a pig's ear" "Old school" thirty-two and knowing it all - who want's to listen to a single-sided phone call? Sorry I'm not your ...
of Montreal - Jan Doesn't Like It
I'm amenable to a personal inspection And I've come to pay respects to your thirty -two perfections You never going to get to Janna, killing dreams like that Thor ...
Onyx - Shut Em Up
22. únor 2005 Thirty-two shots and ducked out. So look out. Left that ... Verse 2: Beat downs anonymous. I spit like a shiny silver nanabus(?) Niggas fond of us
Bruce Hornsby - Stander On The Mountain
... you don't look a day over thirty-two Yes we were so funny and wild There's an old friend of mine Says I'm looking back most all the time And the stander on the ...
Insane Clown Posse - Growing Again
... every step is thirty two miles, shakin the earth, turnin buildings into piles, And I' m runnin, crushin trees like blades of grass, My heads above the clouds, all they  ...
No Secrets - That's What Girls Do
You ask me why I change the color of my hair yeahYou ask me why I need thirty two pairs of shoes to wearYou seem to ask me why I got a lot of things it?s just a ...
G-Unit - Gangster Shit
3. prosinec 2008 Thirty-two shots in the clip, hollow tips in the Mack But when I come through, shh.. . the talking stop. My money long now, I can make the Pope ...
Sheryl Crow - Home
When I was seventeen. Now I'm thirty-two. And I can't remember what I'd seen in you. I made a promise. Said it everyday. Now I'm reading romance novels
South Park Mexican - Mexican Radio
... killer herb till my lungs collapse Lost two grand last night shooting craps then I ... they got the nuts 'bout the size of grapes Twenty-two inches on the thirty-two ...
Big Daddy Kane - Dance With The Devil
... who chose to oppose never rose they all froze At thirty-two degrees to enemies That already tricked em and made em fall victim Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, ...
2 Aimee Allen - Calling The Maker
Thirty-two teeth crack throwing stones. Call on Jesus, bring us home. I ain't done nothing but love. I ain't done nothing but... hey love. All hands are calling the ...
OMD - Apollo XI
... three, two, one Zero, all engines running Lift off, we have lift off Thirty two minutes past the hour Three hundred and sixty five feet Of gleaming white equipment ...
4 That's What Girls Do
You ask me why. I change the color of my hair (yeah) You ask me why. I need thirty two pairs of shoes (to wear) You seem to ask me why I got a lot of things
John Lennon - I'm the Greatest
... Now I'm a man A woman took me by the hand And she told me I was great I was in the greatest show on earth For what it was worth And now I'm thirty-two And ...
Bruce Springsteen - Murder Incorporated
... where you step you feel you're never out of danger So the comfort that you keep's a gold-plated snub-nose thirty-two I heard that you You got a job downtown, ...

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