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Získej karaoke texty Thrice, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Thrice. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Borknagar - Winter Thrice
Videoklip a text písně Winter Thrice od Borknagar. I have wandered the skies throughout the stellar neck of nowhere I have swarmed the horizon Throughout th ..
Thrice - Broken Lungs
Videoklip a text písně Broken Lungs od Thrice. Are we fools and cowards all To let them cover up their lies? Cause we all watched the buildings fall Watched..
Thrice - Red Sky
Videoklip a text písně Red Sky od Thrice. Can you see the sky turn red? As morning's light breaks over me, Know tonight we'll make our bed at the bottom of . .
Thrice - Trust
Videoklip a text písně Trust od Thrice. there is a risk, there's a risk when your dealing with love you could snap my neck any speed you drive can be danger..
Thrice - Come All You Weary
Videoklip a text písně Come All You Weary od Thrice. Come all you weary Come gather round near me Find rest for your souls..
Thrice - Daedalus
Videoklip a text písně Daedalus od Thrice. Oh Gods! Why is this happening to me ? All I wanted was new life for my son to grow up free And now you took the o..
Thrice - Stare At The Sun
Videoklip a text písně Stare At The Sun od Thrice. 'Cause I am due for a miracle I' m waiting for a sign I'll stare straight into the sun And I won't close m..
Thrice - Identity Crisis
Videoklip a text písně Identity Crisis od Thrice. Refine hate and love Fall afresh on me End this crisis of Identity..
Thrice - A Song for Milly Michaelson
Videoklip a text písně A Song for Milly Michaelson od Thrice. Here we go, hold on tight and don't let go I won't ever let you fall I love the night, flying ..
Thrice - For Miles
Videoklip a text písně For Miles od Thrice. and as long as we live, every scar is a bridge to someone's broken heart and there's no greater love, than that ..
Thrice - To What End
Videoklip a text písně To What End od Thrice. no heart to love no evil to rise up above no angels and no ghosts no real victories to toast if you believe th..
Thrice - Freedom
Videoklip a text písně Freedom od Thrice. I hope that I will find my way (find a way) [x2] when it's all been said and done I really think you'll miss it on..
Thrice - Deadbolt
Videoklip a text písně Deadbolt od Thrice. I just close my eyes and I'm already here; its already too late. I know its nothing but lies, but they sound so s..
Thrice - Music Box
Videoklip a text písně Music Box od Thrice. we are not alone, we feel an unseen love we are sons and heirs of grace we are children of a light that never di..
Thrice - Ultra Blue
Videoklip a text písně Ultra Blue od Thrice. Try to see it through, and find a different point of view, one where faith is not taboo And we'll all learn to ..
Thrice - Hoods On Peregrine
Videoklip a text písně Hoods On Peregrine od Thrice. Knowledge locked in a tower Barons will hold the key But if knowledge is power, Know this is tyranny Al..
Thrice - Better Days
Videoklip a text písně Better Days od Thrice. Is anybody hear to see a band? Did anybody come to hear a song? Does anyone believe in magic? Is anybody ...
Thrice - Firebreather
Videoklip a text písně Firebreather od Thrice. And bullets lance the bravest lungs We fold our hands and hold our tongues..
Soundtrack - Resident Evil:Apocalypsa - Thrice
Videoklip a text písně Thrice - Under A Killing Moon od Soundtrack - Resident Evil:Apocalypsa. Beneath the falling night and heaven's shutting gate pray kee..
Thrice - Open Water
Videoklip a text písně Open Water od Thrice. I'm starting to believe the ocean's much like you, cause it gives, and it takes away...
Thrice - Stare at the Sun
I sit here clutching useless lists And keys for doors that don't exist I crack my teeth on pearls I tear into the history Show me what it means to me in this world ...
Thrice - Hoods on Peregrine
The blue light spills like oceans We smile and let it in It cures us of our questions Like hoods on peregrine Knowledge locked in a tower Barons will hold the key ...
Thrice - Betrayal Is a Symptom
Faith, is not something that I grasp it's something that I fake, as I'm slipping, as I'm falling through the cracks, Faith without actions is a mask, for making the same ...
Thrice - In Years to Come
i want to take the bullet, the one aimed straight for your heart, i want to meet the wolves halfway, and let them tear me apart. but that's not the way they do it here.
Thrice - Trust
mix the chemicals right dear, mix the chemicals right yeah the margin of error is slight mix the chemicals right dear mix the chemicals right yeah you know that ...
Thrice - The Melting Point of Wax
I've waited for this moment All my life and more And now I see so clearly What I could not see before. The time is now or never This chance won't come again ...
Thrice - Open Water
Ten thousand men sleep down with Davy Jones; with stolen treasure they tithe. The open water chills me to my bones, but it's the only place that I feel alive.
Thrice - Child Of Dust
Dear prodigal you are my son and I Supplied you not your spirit, but your shape. All Eden's wealth arrayed before your eyes; I fathomed not you wanted to ...
Thrice - To What End
To what end do we proceed so boldly if all we are is chemical reactions and what world have you so deftly sold me if you reduce me if I have no soul to touch no ...
Thrice - In Your Hands
bound to this couch, i lie in waiting watching wind blown memories slip by my window sill i can't fall asleep, voice in my head disturbs me waking nightmares ...
Thrice - The Great Exchange
I crewed on a fair golden ship that Went down with the dawn of the world You needed sense in to stop captain to die For our sails had barley unfold But we sank ...
Thrice - Eclipse
Call everyone to arms We'll fill the heavens With the poisoned dreams of man Call everyone to arms We forged these weapons With the strength of our own ...
Thrice - Send Me An Angel
Do you believe in heaven above Do you believe in love Don't tell me a lie Don't be false or untrue It all comes back to you Open fire on my burning heart I've ...
Thrice - Silver Wings
From tender years you took me for granted, But still I deigned to wander through your lungs. While you were sleeping soundly in your bed, (Your drapes were ...
Thrice - Talking Through Glass / We Move Like Swing Sets
It never turns out right with me and you, No matter how I try to see it through. Get up at sunset and start again, But it feels like we're trying to catch the wind.
Thrice - The Flame Deluge
I feel that I was meant for something more My curse, this awful power to unmake And ever since you found your taste for war You forced me onto those whose life  ...
Thrice - A Song for Milly Michaelson
Well you know I hardly speak When I do, it's just for you I haven't said a word in weeks Cause they've been keepin' me from you There's a way where there's a ...
Thrice - Don't Tell and We Won't Ask
Paint the target We don't need no evidence Flood the market We do it all in self defense You're a smart kid Never work without your gloves If you're a smart kid ...
Thrice - T & C
In my head everything was perfect and every note resounds in harmony all I seem to offer up are discords and every note I sing sounds out of key and every time ...
Thrice - A Subtle Dagger
it infiltrates, insidious, it feigns at love, betrays our trust in what we've known, since we were born. the truth we've found in all we see points to design, still our ...

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