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Získej karaoke texty To anyone, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek To anyone. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Less Than Jake - Nine-One-One To Anyone
Text písně Nine-One-One To Anyone od Less Than Jake. hey 911 to everyone [ x3] i'm in a state of emergancy..
To Anyone
Album To Anyone od 2NE1. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na KaraokeTexty. cz.
Less Than Jake - Nine-One-One to Anyone
so i will, i'll be the one who's coming clean with every single thing and all my thoughts in between i wonder if anyone is just like me a walking talking catastrophe ...
Tina Dickow - Open Wide
Videoklip a text písně Open Wide od Tina Dickow. And keep our arms open wide Don't say no to anyone But keep our hearts safe inside Don't let go to anyon..
Red Sun Rising - Push
Videoklip a text písně Push od Red Sun Rising. Shout out to everyone Upon your finger cross You'll lie to anyone Lie, cheat, full sin You told everyone That..
Dave Edmunds - Nobody's Talking
And nobody's talking to anyone. No time for thinking. Everyone's racing here. Horizons keep shrinking. What keeps us chasing fear. If you can sell. You're sure to ...
Gareth Gates - Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)
Anyone of us, anyone you think of Anyone can fall Anyone can hurt someone they love Hearts will break 'Cause I made a stupid mistake It can happen to.
Diskografie 2NE1 - Album To Anyone
Diskografie 2NE1 - Album To Anyone 2010. ... Diskografie : 2NE1 · 2NE1 To Anyone, 2010 2NE1 Collection, 2012 2NE1 Crush, 2014 ...
Polica - Matty
I don't want to do that to anyone again. I'm gonna let my love ring strong till the day I'm dead, you're dead. It's the middle of a matrimony. I am trying to explain it ...
Lee Ryan - Don´t leave me
Without your smile. Without your touch. I am not used to anyone. Without your voice. To soothe my ear. I am lost. Not know in which way to turn. Always see the  ...
Raised Fist - Next
Videoklip a text písně Next od Raised Fist. I promised myself I would never pose a threat to anyone else -- Oy, Oy, Oy But anger from my side makes me wanna..
Sad Café - Let Love Speak For Itself
Videoklip a text písně Let Love Speak For Itself od Sad Café. Keep your true love all to yourself Don't give your love to anyone else Let love speak for ..
David Bowie - Holy Holy
Holy, holy, hold on to anyone, hold on to anyone. But just let me be. Holy, holy, hold on to anyone, hold on to anyone. But let go of me. Listen baby, let me lie low , ...
INXS - On A Bus
Videoklip a text písně On A Bus od INXS. It's hypnotizing It sends me to sleep No one talks to anyone else It's frightening Everybody's minds are blank Oh -..
Tina Dico - Open Wide
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Open Wide od Tina Dico. And keep our arms open wide Don't say no to anyone But keep our hearts safe inside Don't let go ..
Kehlani - Intro
[Reyna Biddy:] My condolences to anyone who has ever lost me, and to anyone who got lost in me or to anyone who ever took a loss with me, my apologies for ...
A Day To Remember - Reassemble
Videoklip a text písně Reassemble od A Day To Remember. I have come undone This illness is my crutch Call out to anyone Am I worth a reassemble?..
Sloan - Delivering Maybes
What you did after what you said. Will never mean a thing to anyone. And what you wrote and then what I read. Could sugar free the oldest kids instead. But I'm ...
Thousand Foot Krutch - Broken Wing
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Broken Wing od Thousand Foot Krutch. I don't want to see, I don't want to be, I don't wanna be anyone, anymore I don't wa..
Cheryl Cole - Dont Talk About This Love
Don't talk about this love to anyone. I don't want the world to know. Until I'm sure that you're the one. Don't talk about this love to anyone. Love is a ghost. I fear to ...
Fools Garden - It Can Happen
It can happen to you, it can happen to me, it can happen to all of us, I'm trying to see It's a little too late, I've made a little mistake, it can happen to anyone, ...
3 Don´t leave me
Without your smile. Without your touch. I am not used to anyone. Without your voice. To soothe my ear. I am lost. Not know in which way to turn. Always see the  ...
Annie Lennox - Stay by Me
Don't you know that we're no different to anyone. We stumble. We falter. But we're no different than anyone. And all the winter snow has melted know. Into a pool ...
Elvis Presley - After Loving You
19. prosinec 2005 That's 'cause I'm no good, I'm no good to anyone after loving you. Your precious love cannot be erased by just another woman with a pretty ...
Nada Surf - Love and Anger
It lay buried here It lay deep inside me It's so deep I don't think That I can speak about it to anyone Could take me all my life But it would only take a moment to ...
coldrain - Inside Of Me
Wake up We will not surrender To anyone at anytime We will not surrender Our hearts and minds will never die Used be the one Who said these words ...
Funeral for a Friend - Nails
To nail the blame of your mistakes to anyone but you. I'm cutting the cord; I'm cutting the cord that keeps me. I'm cutting the ties; I'm cutting the ties that bind my  ...
Wale & Usher - Matrimony
12. červen 2015 If there's a question of my heart, you've got it. It don't belong to anyone but you. If there's a question of my love, you've got it. Baby, don't worry, ...
Wale & Usher - The Matrimony
9. březen 2015 If there's a question of my heart. You've got it. It don't belong to anyone but you. If there's a question of my love. You've got it. Baby don't worry, ...
DevilDriver - Ruthless
Aaah! Ugh! Dealer, dealer, dealer, dealer Dealer of destruction The shogun of sorrow The merchant of doom Accomplice to anyone The fact is fear Will fuck you  ...
Beth Orton - Stolen Car
... You were sitting, your fingers like fuses Your eyes were cinnamon You said you stand for every known abuse That was ever threatened to anyone but you And ...
Blink-182 - Strings
... go back to what I had Don't want to spend my life without All those special things Don't want to walk around being tied to Anyone else's Strings, strings, strings, ...
Barclay James Harvest - Origin Earth
... your grace Lovely visions from before our birth And the pictures say origin Earth I never lost my heart to anyone But I lost my heart today And now your secret's ...
Metallica - No Remorse
With war machines going. Blood starts to flowing. No mercy given to anyone hear . The furious fighting. Swords are like lighting. It all becomes frightening to you
Just A Kiss Boyce Avenue feat. Megan Nicole a..
I never open up to anyone. So hard to hold back when I'm holding you in my arms . We don't need to rush this. Let's just take it slow. Just a kiss on your lips in the ...
Audioslave - Like a Stone
Like a pagan to anyone. Who will take me to heaven. To a place I recall. I was there so long ago. The sky was bruised. The wine was bled. And there you led me ...
Destiny's Child - Through With Love
I gave you control that felt so helpless without you. Couldn't be your friend. To anyone happy cause with you see. Misery loves company. You know this is love
Rumer - Better Place
... we all could just stick together We can make it through This storm Of indifference, violence and greed 'Cause what is it worth If we're not being kind to anyone?
X-Ray Spex - Party
Did you enjoy the party you went to the other night? No not really not really, no not really at all I was bored stiff all night. Did you find anyone you could talk to?
Norah Jones - Seven Years
And she'll sing her song to anyone that comes along. Fragile as a leaf in autumn. Just fallin' to the ground. Without a sound. Crooked little smile on her face

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