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Získej karaoke texty Unseen.is, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Unseen.is. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Teramaze - The Unseen
Videoklip a text písně The Unseen od Teramaze. Loved ones, they pass on Leaving hurt as they go Arisen to a land of glory Lost from our sight, the unseen wo..
This Ending - Embryo of Lies
Hidden thoughts of hate. Trying to manipulate the fate. Unseen is the power of every man. They who see they don't understand (Blind, blinded by fear) Truth they ...
Battlelore - The Cloak And The Dagger
The Second Land, the Eastern ride, into the cave where the serpents hide. Treasures of lies in disguise, unseen is the truth, fragile dreams. Only lies and fragile ...
Every Time I Die - Saturnalia
What was unseen is obvious. Carved into fire, forever reaching. The door has swung wide, it can't be shut. Those that keep watch remember everything. Judged
Bathory - Foreverdark Woods
Evening is falling, all still around me. The old crow is calling, but the landscape is at peace. Down the trail through this forest, through thicket we ride. The unseen ...
La Coka Nostra Masters Of The Dark Arts
Just the idea the unseen is insane. The whole world seen through one dream from one king. The pace walked from a gun duel with a ten chant. The art of war,  ...
Altered Aeon - Carpe Noctem
The spirit of the unseen is coming. A dynamo waiting obscured. With night`s arrival it`s soaring. Embracing the change just occurred. Carpe Noctem With the ...
Hate - The Shround (A Hellish Value)
World unseen is out there behind the virgin's eyes, The light so value, behold this light with no source behind, They are urged to speak with great voices now in ...
Joy Williams - Any More Sure
... rescued From the bars of bitterness My walls of Jericho Were crumbling into dust The evidence of things unseen Is more than you know Is more than you know ...
Pain - Crawling Thru Bitterness
Falling into selfish bliss, crashing down. I am crawling. Crawling through remains of bitterness. Unseen, is there anybody out there? Unheard, can you hear me ...
Erra - Machina
If we must not be woken. Then consider this is where you could have been. Dead in our place. Last sight unseen is your wretched face. Forgiveness is a paradox
Elffor - Dark Orchestral Hate
Videoklip a text písně Dark Orchestral Hate od Elffor. In another time and place where unseen is dawn and daylight The black flame of eternal fight In anoth..
Bloodbath - Blood Vortex
Torrent of blood. Rid us the disease of mankind. Unseen is he who will ultimately control the gift. Blocking out the sun. Our chains eroded we are finally set adrift.
The Unseen - You Can Never Go Home
Videoklip a text písně You Can Never Go Home od The Unseen. And it brings me back to another place bur memories are such a waste You can never go home, ...
The Unseen - So Sick Of You
Videoklip a text písně So Sick Of You od The Unseen. I've had it up to here And now I just don't care Don't care what you think of us. We're sick of you...
The Unseen - Negative Outlook
Videoklip a text písně Negative Outlook od The Unseen. Negative outlook That's why I have a Negative outlook And it wont change..
The Unseen - Useless Regrets
Videoklip a text písně Useless Regrets od The Unseen. raise a glass to poor decisions, broken hearts, and blurred vision this cant last forever..
Joy Division - Unseen Lyrics Of Ian Curtis
I walked out and thought for a time I could see no defense, and I thought for a while you were me, we were wrong, in our time, always down, out of line. I relaxed ...
Impending Doom - My Light Unseen
Videoklip, překlad a text písně My Light Unseen od Impending Doom. My light unseen (somebody help)..
Oathbreaker - Glimpse Of The Unseen
Videoklip a text písně Glimpse Of The Unseen od Oathbreaker. Matters of life Bemoaning fate I've reached the pits My life's at stake Can we escape world..
Fireflight Escape
We're breaking out tonight. Searching for a crack of light. But it seems to be changing. Is the sun leaving the sky. Or is it me that is fading. In the dark unseen.
Dead Can Dance - The Carnival Is Over
They are driven by a strange desire Unseen by the human eye Someone is calling. I remember when you held my hand In the park we would play when the ...
Alesana - A Siren's Soliloquy
1. květen 2009 suffering unseen now will be left to burn in her stare but he no longer ... an epic tale of deceit is given life once more on silver lips so spiteful
Rage Against The Machine - Without A Face
Uh! Got no card so I got not soulLife is prison, no parole, no controlTha jura ... ta cross tha white wallWalk unseen past tha graves an tha gates, born without a ...
The Cure - This Is A Lie
The Cure - This Is A Lie - akordy a text písně. ... H7 This is a lie How each of us believes I've never really known In heaven unseen and hell unknown How each  ...
Bee Gees - Party With No Name
We can hold each other, sight unseen. Touchin' on our darkest dream. You can wish for something bad. Lovers' lips you never had. All she wants is your love
Rage Against the Machine - Without a Face
Uh, got no card so I got no soul Life is prison, no parole, no control The jura got ... without a face One motive no hope, ah Born without a face Walk unseen past ...
Common - The 6th Sense
The revolution will not be televised The revolution is here Yeah, it's Common ... heavier levels It's unseen or heard, a king with words Can't knock the hustle, but ...
The Unseen: Internal Salvation
The Unseen: Internal Salvation. 1 The Unseen - Let It Go · 2 The Unseen ... Interpret. Interpret The Unseen ... So This Is Freedom? Rok vydání: 1999 14 songů.
Bad Religion - Fertile Crescent
the two are linked by unseen threads that wind back through time. I don't agree with the outdated trend nationalism is an evil friend but hatred is instilled by ...
Death Grips - Spread Eagle Cross The Block
Observer of the strange occurrences Conjurer of the subtle Unseen but felt ... time I scream Shit is mine Its all mine All the time Shit is mine What is it, where is it, ...
Civil Twilight - Anybody Out There
In the cold of the night The fire burns bright You long for the unseen On the edge of the sea Your thoughts run deep You long for a place you've never been Is ...
Patty Griffin Every Little Bit
I stay unseen by the light. I stay untold by the truth. I'm sold by a lie. By this I am able in all ... This is freedom. Now I know. Now I know. Now I know. Now I know.
Disciple - Unbroken
Inside my head there's a war tonight still no end in sight And every breath is ... an ending that's unseen that I choose to believe that I won't break Holding on to ...
Secret Service - Angelica & Ramone
And his name is Ramone And her name is Angelica What ever made them ... them so That they're alone in the world Unseen and unheard For the feelings to ...
Ice Cube - Bow Down
Tha world is mine nigga get back Don't fuck with my stack the gage is racked ... I' m tipsey Runnin' everythin' west of the Mississippi It's the unseen pullin' strings ...
The Cure - Where the Birds Always Sing
The world is neither fair nor unfair The idea is just a way for us to understand But ... speak a plan or any secret thing No unseen sign or untold truth in anything.
Underworld - Underneath the Radar
Underneath the Radar. Unknown Unseen We live underneath the radar. No sign - on screen ... What is the point in losin' sleep about it? See ya later - see ya ...
MF DOOM - Gas Drawls
... streets to my peeps G.M. MF on the beat rhymes is chosen like the weapons ... brew up like- nobody knoowwss... how X the unseen feels when givin crews a ...
Alter Bridge - Calm the Fire
... there are some things better left unseen at all It's been so long it's tearing me ... Cause now more than ever what we need Is love to replace all the obscene ...

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