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Získej karaoke texty We survive, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek We survive. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Ugly Club - Hope We Survive
Text písně Hope We Survive od Ugly Club. Every day I'm working hard It's like I'm calm because I asked for it. Every night I'm back to sleep Lock me up from..
Medina - We Survive
Videoklip a text písně We Survive od Medina. And he slipped under your skin He's a first class taker But you're sick of giving in So you play your music And..
Secrets - How We Survive
I feel so alone On these vacant roads My heart can only break so many times Before I lose my faith in all mankind These scars simply serve to remind me Why I  ...
Nas - We Will Survive
Videoklip a text písně We Will Survive od Nas. Still somehow I believe, we always survive.. but why?..
The Game - We Will Survive
[The Game - Chorus] We will survive, we've been through this too many times my people are getting stronger they know that we on the rise we will not live and ...
Joseph Arthur - Could we survive
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Could we survive od Joseph Arthur. How can you pretend to know Who you are or where you'll go When you just get by...
Sick Of It All - Will We Survive
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Will We Survive od Sick Of It All. So when the time comes in our lives to ask the question, will we survive with all the ..
Rise Against - Survive
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Survive od Rise Against. Life for you Has been less than kind So take a number Stand in line We've all been sorry We've all..
We Survive
Album We Survive od Medina. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na KaraokeTexty.cz.
We Came As Romans - I Survive feat. Aaron Gillespie
Videoklip, překlad a text písně I Survive feat. Aaron Gillespie od We Came As Romans. So weathered, Worn and battered, I will stay Keep treading, As I'm dr..
More Music From 8 Mile - Mobb Deep - Survival Of The Fittest
Text písně Mobb Deep - Survival Of The Fittest od More Music From 8 Mile. [ Prodigy] There's a war ... Now we all grown up and old, and beyond the cop's control
Rod Stewart - Hold the Line
Text písně Hold the Line od Rod Stewart. Hold the line We'll survive..
Four Year Strong
Videoklip a text písně Only The Meek Get Pinched. The Bold Survive od Four Year Strong. But we will survive, we're still alive We will never die, alone..
Rise Against - Survive
Rise Against - Survive - akordy a text písně. ... we are) we've all been hurt But how we survive, (who we are) is what makes us who we are An obvious disinterest ...
S.O.J.A - Strength To Survive
Videoklip a text písně Strength To Survive od S.O.J.A. I'm amazed in the way that we've got this far Place we're going and the things we've done Amazed in t..
Ryan Star - I Will Survive
Videoklip a text písně I Will Survive od Ryan Star. We've got style, yeah we've got faith And I believe there'll be better days We might die, but never fade..
MandoPony - Survive the night
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Survive the night od MandoPony. Let's try to make it right Don't wanna start a fight And we're so sorry if we Give you all ..
Bruce Kulick - Ill Survive
I'll survive. Do we count all the days that matter. Do we add up all the good times. Don't we try to plan our lives each day. We carry on without the knowledge
Mystic Prophecy - We Will Survive
Videoklip a text písně We Will Survive od Mystic Prophecy. Uncontrollable we destroy us all ---Cry--- Darkness everywhere The future lost out there With emp..
Buldok - The strong survive
Videoklip a text písně The strong survive od Buldok. The strong survive, the strong survive, look at us baby, we're still alive, the strong survive, the str..
REO Speedwagon - Only the Strong Survive
REO Speedwagon - Only the Strong Survive - akordy a text písně. ... was long But we'll come back alive, 'cause only the strong survive You walk on a wire, make ...
Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato - Avalanche
9. listopad 2014 We'll crash down like an avalanche. I got pride you can't hold your breath (Even if we survive) We'll crash down like an avalanche (Crash down ...
DJ Bobo - Dead Or Alive
I'm staring at this world and I see We're destroying our planet, how could this be A ... can we survive Are we dead or alive, dead or alive Is there a chance we can ...
Killswitch Engage - Break the Silence
As I live and breathe I watch it, watch it all welter We greet this with apathy No ... this with apathy No longer If we can't break the silence How can we survive?
Bee Gees - Still Waters Run Deep
How can we survive if we change what is real. Still waters run deep. Just remember when we lie to each other. No one wins and losers weep. Deception will ...
Marianas Trench - End of an Era
... By now (How did we survive) We went through hell in Astoria (How did we survive) We lost ourselves in Astoria (How did we survive) I gave in to sickness Can ...
Further Seems Forever - Way Down
... all around us How could we live well and off alone Way down deep inside The ... How could we survive it all on our own Way down deep inside Order inspires ...
Area 11 - Versus
Can you remember what it is we're dying for? Fighting for? The truth, the war We adapt, we evolve, we destroy, we survive Outcome set long before we arrive ...
Accept - Teach Us To Survive
30. červen 2006 No one knows what we should do. No one tells what we should know. We're starving. No one cares about the law. No one tells us what we saw
Lenny Kravitz The Difference Is Why
How could our lives once be so together. Now we're apart. I know we can make it ... But baby baby why can't we survive? We've got to get our heads untangled.
18 Exposed To The Elements
We take from ourselves and give back. Nothing Another cure ... Nourish the earth and we shall receive. Future generations ... have we gained. Will we survive ...
Anthony Callea - Live For Love
No, no one lives for love How can we go on When no one lives for love And ... can we survive, when we push the love aside Only God can save us now this night ...
Crown the Empire - Prisoners Of War
We can't run away How will we survive? I'm losing my grip I can't wait to die This time i'll learn from all I've done And find myself behind the sun We have to die ...
Dokken - Burning Tears
... That You Have Left Is Waiting In The Fields Broken We All Are But Somehow We Survive Rise Up From Your Loneliness And Cast Away Your Fears Thoughts  ...
Seal Crazy
Miracles will happen as we trip. C. G. D. R: But we're never gonna survive unless. A. We get a little crazy. C. G. D. No we're never gonna survive unless. A.
Emilie Autumn - Dead Is the New Alive
Dead is the new alive Despair's the new survival A pointless point of view Give ... late So say goodbye or say forever Choose your fate How else can we survive?
Hawkwind - Watching The Grass Grow
We are the Survivors The eternal survivors Androgynous energies Travelling ... grow Watching the grass grow Pieces of the omniversal zoo But will we survive?
dead prez - Hell Yeah
... we pay the rent Hell yeah Got to get this paper I'm down for the caper, we steady on the grind It's a daily struggle We all gotta hustle, this is the way we survive ...
Sevendust - Unraveling
... Now we're just here Unraveling What have we become The hopeless tonight and I think its over We hope to find the truth still breathing Can we survive the low  ...
Metallica - Blitzkrieg
25. červenec 2009 Inferno´s coming, can we survive the blitzkrieg. The blitzkrieg, the blitzkrieg. Save us from fate, save us from hate, Save ourselves before it´s too ...

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