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Wrath Upon The Earth
Album Wrath Upon The Earth od Svartsyn. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na KaraokeTexty.cz.
Svartsyn - Wrath Of Leviathan
Text písně Wrath Of Leviathan od Svartsyn. ... S Svartsyn Wrath Upon The Earth ... The hungry deep awaits us, to enter fearless wrath of a bloodthirst dragon
Naglfar - Black God Aftermath
The one forlorn and once dethroned. Let my gimness be unleashed, set free the holocaust with me. Cold humns of obediance unchains my wrath upon the earth
Usurper - Wrath of God
Text písně Wrath of God od Usurper. ... be cut into a hundred pieces And then trampled upon Until you can paint the walls with .. ... The earth will bow before me
Svartsyn - He Who Knows
Domů · Playlisty · Koncerty · Fankluby · Požadavky · Žebříčky · Kecárna · Uživatelé · Soutěže · Nápověda · S · Svartsyn · Wrath Upon The Earth ...
Emperor - Wrath of the Tyrant
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Wrath of the Tyrant od Emperor. The wolves bark with wind in ... Walk upon this Earth tonight, carrying the staff of cold souls.
Winterhorde - Snowfall
High mountain snow inhales smoke. There thousand years on a burning cross. Spreading its wrath upon the licking fire. Cancer on the earth is tearing it from ...
Steel Prophet - Prophecy Upon Us
Videoklip a text písně Prophecy Upon Us od Steel Prophet. ... Battles of unseen forces that dwell among. The earth. Mystic seer of wisdom in solitary trance
Unlord - Hellbender
a true christian is one slayed by our wrath. Animals we are, savage wild beasts, upon your death earth, we are unleashed. The heads of our slaves, are marking ...
Mors Principium Est - Wrath of Indra
Videoklip a text písně Wrath of Indra od Mors Principium Est. Leader of the Gods, lord of the skies ... From the blackened soil of earth the underworld shall rise
Bill Withers - Age Of Suffering
Text písně Age Of Suffering od Bill Withers. Violence shredding the earth Horros of old released with wrath upon the world Divine suffering, enter the age o..
Cathedral - Oro The Manslayer
Eyes of death, look upon this earth Destroyed by mankind's curse Retribution, mutilation, desecrate, .. ... Fear his wrath as mans blood flows. Innocence now ...
Sacred Warrior - The Heaven's Are Calling
Then all the people of the earth shall mourn. Because they'll ... Father's wrath upon His hands ... Seven scrolls of wrath are poured upon this land forevermore
Orphaned Land - Halo Dies (The Wrath of God)
You defied and turned your back Upon our lord of wrath All faith you lack You walk (upon) ... Halo Dies (The Wrath of God) - text ... Scorched earth forevermore
Gods of wrath, hear my vow... sate me with revenge this night! Come to me ... worm-ridden tombs, wherever they crept or slithered upon the earth, and wreak
Spawn of Possession - Swarm of the formless
Made them rage upon this world. Legion The wrath of gods. Sent as formless hordes they swipe. Endless might, swarming. Steamed by pain to ravage earth
Mors Principium Est - Enter the Asylum + God Has Fallen
That fell upon the earth and drowned all men in mournful rain. Looking to the heavens, but god would never rise again. God lay dead in the heavens, angels ...
The Mission - Grapes of Wrath
Videoklip a text písně Grapes of Wrath od The Mission. ... The sweat upon his brow and the dirt worked into his hands ... His faith in the Earth he toils for
Dark Funeral - Armageddon Finally Comes
The wrath of Satan descends upon this mortal wor.. ... The earth quakes, and the seas are rising. ... I call upon thee, keeper of all hatred and anguish. The one ...
Hate Eternal - Fury Within
I, in the kingdom of wrath Upon the ashes of cities burned I shall make the world the ... I shall make you burn upon the stakes ... Dissolve in the ashes of earth

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