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Získej karaoke texty X clan, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek X clan. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

X-clan - In The Ways Of The Scales
Text písně In The Ways Of The Scales od X-clan. [Professor X:] (In the ways of the scale) The plug has been lifted from the unjoint jar All cascade of black..
Videoklip a text písně Fire & Earth od X-clan. Cave men! (You better hush!) Cave women! (Hush!) And the... (Hush!) Troglodytes! [Gun shot.] (Somebody's..
X-clan - Verbal Milk
Videoklip a text písně Verbal Milk od X-clan. Yeuch! Brother J says yeuuch! Hmmhmmhmmhmm.. [Professor X] Ahhhh! Straight from the temple of everlasting ME ...
X-clan - Raise The Flag
Videoklip a text písně Raise The Flag od X-clan. [Brother J] Descending from the tribes of Africa Inspired by the great black leaders [Professor X] Vanglor..
X-clan - A.d.a.m.
Text písně A.d.a.m. od X-clan. [Professor X] Come diddy-dum! Welcome to this archaeological find! At the road, witness me Before the coming of the Sun; peek..
X-clan - Tribal Jam
Videoklip a text písně Tribal Jam od X-clan. [Professor X] (We have come..) by way of the stars, by way of the Nile evermore (We have come..) speaking the t..
X-clan - Earth Bound
Videoklip a text písně Earth Bound od X-clan. Funk upon a time In the days of vanglorious The tri-dimensional houses of energy released the original powers ..
X-clan - A Day Of Outrage Operation Snatchback
Videoklip a text písně A Day Of Outrage Operation Snatchback od X-clan. OUTRAGE!! [Brother J] Blood to the concrete, tears to soil And here's another word ..
Jacoby Shaddix - Americans ft. X Clan
Videoklip a text písně Americans ft. X Clan od Jacoby Shaddix. I'm afraid of America I'm afraid for the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't..
X-clan - Funkin' Lesson
Videoklip a text písně Funkin' Lesson od X-clan. [Professor X:] "Freedom or death , we shall all be moved. Vanglorious! This is protected by the red, the bla..
X-clan - Grand Verbalizer What Time Is It
Videoklip a text písně Grand Verbalizer What Time Is It od X-clan. grand verbalizer what time is it.. grand verbalizer what time is it.. grand verbalizer wh..
Eminem - Yellow Brick Road
Guess who came through next, X-clan debut. Professor X vanglorious exists in a state of red, black, and green. With a key sissies now with this bein a new trend
Eminem - Richard ft. Obie Trice
We 'bout to run up out the stores. It's notorious, the way I got big spitting stories BME's X-Clan, Vanglorious We're not your favorite, fuck it. You know the system ...
Eminem - Yellow Brick Road
guess who came through next? X-Clan debuted professor X '' vanglorious, exist in a state of red, black and green with a key, sissies'' Now with this being the new  ...
3rd Bass - Green Eggs And Swine
Not X-Clan, but wax get taxed even if it's bland. Branded for educated street credentials. And can't talk about life's bare essentials. Put it to plate, cause the plate ...
Joe Budden - #1
I remember way back when every clan was stylin' Flava Flav clocks and X-Clan medallions. In class see a girl you glance at her pass her a note do you like me?
Digital Underground - Heartbeat Props
The brother X tried but he died trying to get through. So why wait until ... Dick Gregory, X-Clan, sister Isis, BDP, Muhammad Ali, Stevie Wonder Poor Righteous  ...
Brand Nubian - Step To The Rear
Ti, kteří hledali píseň Step To The Rear, navštívili také: X-clan - A Day Of Outrage Operation Snatchback · Group Home - We can do this · X-clan - Verbs Of Power ...
Kingspade - Takin It Back
Cypress hill, x-clan got blunts dawg we plan kottonmouth. To live so light it up roll it up [Johnny Richter:] Dats right? we on top of our game. I spent alot of time ...
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W - interpreti - texty, překlady, videoklipy
Wu-Tang Clan. 6 textů písní · Wyclef Jean. 37 textů písní. Žebříček písní na Facebooku. TIP: Umíte hrát na kytaru? V tom případě určitě využijete portál Brnkni.cz, ...

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