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Získej karaoke texty Only the dead know the end of war, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Only the dead know the end of war. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Hellshock - Who's Scared Now?
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Bring Me The Horizon - Visions
Only the dead have seen the end of this fight. ... All is fair in love and war, so they tell me. ... I would sell my soul to know it all, but I held the keys all this time.
Essence - Night's Destruction
Reign now; control the land. Justice by your hand. Only the dead have seen the end of war. Roam throughout the land. Lead by the darkest of commands: kill'em  ...
Ghosts Of The Past od Hellshock
Diskografie. ALBUM Only The Dead Know The End Of War 8 songů · ALBUM Shadows Of The Afterworld 8 songů · více alb. Interpreti podle abecedy.
Hellshock - World Darkness
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Hellshock - Ghosts Of The Past
... Past od Hellshock. Voices of the dead Ghosts of the past Echoes of laughter Ghosts of the past.. ... H Hellshock Only The Dead Know The End Of War · playlist  ...
Hellshock - Media
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Hellshock - The Company Of Fools
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Hellshock - Olympus
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Hellshock - Your World
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F.O.B. - The Adult Toys
Falconshield - This Is War: Piltover vs Zaun
Videoklip a text písně This Is War: Piltover vs Zaun od Falconshield. [Verse 2: ... Look into my eyes try to see what I know ... Singing when they die like a dead man's symphony ... I only got 2 words for you ... Mundo the King end of conversation
Ozzy Osbourne - War Pigs
Videoklip a text písně War Pigs od Ozzy Osbourne. OH LORD YEAH!.. ... they only started the war. Why should ... To the War Pigs people know. OH LORD ... I know it now. Hey, you're the goner at the end . ... Watch them eating dead rat cinders
Letters From The Fire - At War
Videoklip a text písně At War od Letters From The Fire. Hold your breath And pray for the world to end Nothing's left Some broken hearts will never mend ... But all I know is wrong ... Dead weight drags me down ... Only surviving, never winning
2Pac - Ballad Of A Dead Soulja
... Soulja od 2Pac. [Chorus] [last line:] "close your eyes and hear the ballad of a dead soldier".. ... 2Pac Until The End Of Time (Disc One) · playlist ... Niggaz get tossed up, war scars, battlefield memories. Swore I saw ... My only fear of death is reincarnation. Bustin at my ... But nigga, you know - it's the ballad of a dead soldier!
Megadeth - Dystopia
What you don't know, the legend goes, can hurt you. If you only ... That no one lies it someone else's dead. Dystopia ... The quickest way to end the war is loose
Saint Vitus - The Sloth
Can you hear the war can you feel ... to the end of our race you look for someone to blame but only dead are around the beast knows you by name in his wrath ...
Escape The Fate - This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II)
Videoklip, překlad a text písně This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II) od Escape The Fate. Yes, I will ... My ears hear only screams ... And I will stand my ground until the end ... A sea of dead, drives men insane ... Harder Than You Know; 10.
Iron Maiden - Paschendale orchestral
... od Iron Maiden. Home, far away From the war, a chance to live again Home, far away But the war, no chance to l.. ... Rapid fire and end of us all. Whistles, shouts ... Be reunited with my dead friends soon ... In no man's land, God only knows
Scarface - Mr Scarface
Either that or be sentenced for a drug war. And many ... Nobody knows my name, they'll only know this face. On the farilla ... Could this be the end of Mr. Brad?
Method Man - Party Crasher
I'm only lettin five of you motherfuckers in here tonight If your man ain't on the ... list He get to the BACJ of the fuckin line And you know another motherfuckin thing ? ... in the club scared to fuckin death Nigga if you scared why don't yo' ass just stay ... I split a Dutch Bouncin nigga lookin like he want war Now I ain't the one you ...
Marlisa - Stand By You
9. listopad 2014 And I know that your so much more ... If hurt is your only lover ... The war in your head. Will shoot you down dead ... Is it worth it all in the end
Journey Through The Life
Some real niggas, You'll never see what I've seen [Puffy] When I sleep I dream of bodies in streams of blood. Naked bitches, dead nigga's ghost, Feds with toast ... I done took blocks through war, took blocks for fall ... Only reason you switchin' up your droid is cause you keep gettin' robbed. I looked ... End of Green - Godsick.
War od Soundtrack - Křižovatka smrti 2
War, whoa, Lord What is it good for. Absolutely nothing. Listen to me. War, it ain't nothing. But a heartbreaker. War, friend only to the undertaker. Ooooh, war
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Body Rott
I say the war shouldn't stop Until these playa-hatin niggas body rott (body rott) ... we done solve 'em Cause, bitch we'll sqaush 'em Don't know me, fuck you ... Mo Thug, the only clique that I claim Although we all beyond the bangin You can say ... up in the end Be it be no peace for the police The (Biz!) here to rip the (streets!)
2pac - Breathin
... now I'm the last motherfucker breathin Woke up with fifty enemies plottin my death All fifty ... ridin as my soldiers I just release 'em on a war path, not your average dealer Westside ... niggaz, see-through glass ass niggaz Only ride my dick and the skin of my mash-ass niggaz Breathin! ... 2pac Until the End of Time, 2001 ...
Your Shapeless Beauty - Song For A Ghost
11. červen 2006 My soul is tired. Of all the wars that are raging inside of it, And I have no more choice. But to see the depths of my void. ... But to end the game... I dream about ... Is only a game for the children. Who want to ... I am already dead.

I'll tell you all how the story ends. Well, the good guys ... For all of us to have seen the light, Salute the dead and leave the fight, Who gives a damn if we lose the war. Let the walls come ... I'm the only friend that makes you cry, Your heart attack  ...
Agent Orange od Sodom
Spray down the death ... Only you prevent the forest. Legalize the war ... Poisoned till the end of their lives ... Cowboy Junkies - Sad to See The Season Go.
Nobody Cares od Outlawz
Right at the end of my road, who been there before? Now that I'm dead, it's like I' ve been dead before. Same story, it's raw, I'm an ... I know nobody don't care, but the Outlawz do (cause we do) [Chorus - Young ... I put my faith in the Lord, pray for patience in war. Now only time'll tell if he heard me before. I see myself in the  ...
Lord Have Mercy od X-raided
Can you tell me why am I headed for a dead end? Why I got another dead ... I was only a child so Lord have mercy ... Post War Syndrome- went to see my homie
Machine Gun Kelly - Alpha Omega
I am the alpha, I am the omega If you ain't living your life then you're dead And ... I am official Let them come at me I practice Jiu Jitsu Only fear two things with three ... I wanna know what God you're seeing in a couple of seconds I wanna see the ... start a war if you mention my name I'm the alpha omega Beginning and end ...
Never Fall Down od Darling Parade
Time can only tell, what we don't know. Back to where we fell, I'm never letting go. You can't get up, if you never fall down. I want to know the way this ends.
Nightwish - The Kinslayer
For whom the gun tolls For whom the prey weeps Bow before a war Call it religion ... unkind Cry for mankind Even the dead cry - Their only comfort Kill your friend, I don`t ... of this world Dwell in hypocrisy: "How were we supposed to know ? ... Best of Nightwish, 2005 Nightwish End of an Era, 2006 Nightwish Lokikirja, 2009 ...
Superhero Of The Computer Rage od In Flames
The world as you know it just died. It's the end of all time. I am a surprise ... Your end has only begun. You can ... make you sure you're dead. Jsem minulost i ...
Jedi Mind Tricks - Butcher Knife Bloodbath
Bush had you thinkin we at war because he asked God Then blew up two f**kin ... you need the iron we squeeze, (play around and you fall of the deep end ...
Lost Without You od Power Quest
If this goes on I'm surely gonna end up dead. This was ... How was I to know you would have this effect on me ? ... Now you're gone and only memories remain
Reject od Sepultura
They're Only Illusions You See Them On Tv They Think They Know Everything About Us ... Don't Try To Label Us Dead Confuse ... Don't Ever Think It Will End
U Make Me Wanna od Blue
You know you make me wanna. ... it was only last week. ... Oh baby, you're the only thing that I really need. ... Well I know that these feelings won't end no, no. .... Salamandra - War Is Over .... The Subways • Omezená suverenita (Morytát) - Karel Kryl • Got To Give It Up - Aaliyah • Ripple - Grateful Dead • Problem (ft. Will.i .
My Hatred od Six Feet Under
I only kill when I can't keep them four days and then I sleep them- ... You ll know I' m there when I follow turn around I'm behind you ... Doomed to the end dead from the beginning ... And now you lie dead with your Bible .... SWITCH - Tvář • Rogue One: Star Wars Story - film o filmu (2016) • The Rolling Stones - Hate To See ...

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