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Získej karaoke texty Tonight, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Tonight. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

The All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight
Videoklip, překlad a text písně It Ends Tonight od The All-American Rejects. When darkness turns to light It ends tonight, It ends tonight. Just a little i..
Indigo Girls - Peace Tonight
Text písně Peace Tonight od Indigo Girls. Let's make peace tonight The moon is bare and shining bright Let's make peace tonight in a good time..
Eminem - If I Get Locked Up Tonight
Videoklip a text písně If I Get Locked Up Tonight od Eminem. [Eminem] I used to be a lonely man, [only mad] Until I got a million dollars, shit Now if i on..
Galantis - Forever Tonight
Videoklip a text písně Forever Tonight od Galantis. [Chorus] Forever, our night is guided by lights Together, we are one Together, we are one We'll have f..
Ne-Yo - Give me everything tonight ft Pitbull Nayer
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Give me everything tonight ft Pitbull Nayer od Ne- Yo. Tonight I want all of you tonight Give me everything tonight For al..
Body Count - Momma's Gotta Die Tonight
Videoklip a text písně Momma's Gotta Die Tonight od Body Count. All my life I loved this girl so much, all my life I loved her simple touch. She cared for m..
Bon Jovi - The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
Videoklip, překlad a text písně The Radio Saved My Life Tonight od Bon Jovi. Chorus: The radio saved my life tonight Old song that that DJ played made me f..
Nightcore - Tonight
Videoklip a text písně Tonight od Nightcore. [G-DRAGON] Big bang big bang we' re back again one more time say No way no way neomu swipge tto nami dwae ...
Rise Against - But Tonight We Dance
Videoklip, překlad a text písně But Tonight We Dance od Rise Against. I have traveled in darkness For what seems like days I, come from the sinkholes Coll..
Raekwon - Die Tonight
Text písně Die Tonight od Raekwon. [Verse 1:] So when it's over, we demandin' our weapons Stop, cock, shoot – now I'm in the Ghost of perfections Smooth W..
Ne-Yo - Leaving Tonight
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Leaving Tonight od Ne-Yo. [Ne-Yo talking:] I believe that love and trust are one in the same I don't think you can truly lo..
OneRepublic - Let's Hurt Tonight
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Let's Hurt Tonight od OneRepublic. Oh I know that this love is pain But we can't cut it from out these veins, no..
50 Cent - I'm Supposed to Die Tonight
Ah man. You know where the niggas be at right? Take me to 'em. All through the hood, I keep hearin' niggas sayin' I'm supposed to die tonight niggas come put ...
Phil Collins - Please Come Out Tonight
When all is said and done, there's just you and me.' Please come out tonight I need you here its been a long, long time and I can't wait let's find out, let's see ...
Miracle of Sound - HIGHER TONIGHT! - Saints Row IV Song
Videoklip a text písně HIGHER TONIGHT! - Saints Row IV Song od Miracle of Sound. GOT MY PURPLE PURPLE WUBS MAN..
Dylan Dauzat - Mine Tonight
Videoklip a text písně Mine Tonight od Dylan Dauzat. Oh girl you treat me I show me sighs you want to be my queen tonight Oh girl I treat you right time tim..
Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight
Videoklip a text písně Take Me Home Tonight od Eddie Money. Songwriters: Barry, Jeff; Greenwich, Ellie; Leeson, Mike; Spector, Phillip; Vale, Peter; I feel..
Leonard Cohen - Tonight Will Be Fine
Videoklip a text písně Tonight Will Be Fine od Leonard Cohen. But I know from your eyes And I know from your smile That tonight will be fine Will be fine, w..
RENT - Out tonight
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Out tonight od RENT. It says "I wanna commit a crime Wanna be the cause of a fight Wanna put on a tight skirt and flirt Wit..
Charli XCX - Die Tonight
Videoklip a text písně Die Tonight od Charli XCX. [Verse:] Let's get it started, pool side of the party Rolling Stones on my phone Hangin' in yo bedroom, fe..
French Montana - Fuck What Happens Tonight
Fuck all that ho shit Fuck all you fuck boys Bitch, we're real hustlers Get money... It's We The Best music, Bad Boy, Coke Boyz I got my gun on me, I tell my kids I'll ...
Dinah Washington Teach Me Tonight
Teach Me Tonight. Dinah Washington. Did you say that I've got a lot to learn? Well, don't think I'm trying not to learn. Since this is the perfect spot to learn.
Bad Boys Blue Waiting For Tonight
Waiting For Tonight. Bad Boys Blue. Man on the run. Sad and alone. Sees no solution. Looking for someone. All his life. It's so sad. All his dreams are only bad.
Bruno Mars - Like Tonight
Sometimes I wonder what Heaven feels like? I hope it feels like tonight, Hope it feels like tonight! No one ever knows what tomorrow would be like, I hope it feels  ...
Naturally 7 - Feel It (In The Air Tonight)
Cause I can feel it coming in the air tonight ... oh lord (oh lord) I've been waiting for this moment for all my life ... oh lord (oh lord) Tick, tick, tock- it's time for ...
The John Butler Trio - Funky Tonight
Now I don't want to argue I don't want to fight And if there's something wrong yes you know I'm gonna try to make it right I love you you love me we be one family ...
Eric Carmen (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight
(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight. Eric Carmen. Feel your breath. On my shoulder. And I know we couldn't get any closer. I don't wanna act up. I just wanna make ...
Hole Heaven Tonight
Heaven Tonight. Hole. Here comes the sun in the form of a girl. She's the finest sweetest thing in the world. Take you to heaven tonight. I feel the horses coming  ...
Guy Sebastian Tonight Again
Tonight Again. Guy Sebastian. Oh, everyone's got their problems. There's always something on your mind. Oh, but tonight we ain't gonna solve them. For now ...
David Usher - I'm Your Baby Tonight
From the moment I saw you. I went outta my mind. Though I never believed in, love at first sight. But you got a magic. That I just can't explain. Well you got a, you  ...
Lil' Kim - Not Tonight
I know a dude named Jimmy used to run up in me Night time pissy drunk off the Henny rimmy I didn't mind it, when he fucked me from behind It felt fine, ...
Bruno Mars - Tonight
R: Maybe if I jump or spread my wings I know I've been wrong about these things I don't care if no one else believes I think that if you believe it then maybe we'll ...
Creedence Clearwater Revival Hey, Tonight
Hey, Tonight. Creedence Clearwater Revival. E. Hey, tonight,. Gonna be tonight,. Dont you know Im flyin. A. E. Tonight, tonight. Hey, come on,. Gonna chase ...
Panic! at the Disco Let's Kill Tonight
Let's Kill Tonight. Panic! at the Disco. If I retreat. Words, wars, and symphonies. Make room! We're taking over here. And you're the galantine. Cold and alone, it ...
The Isley Brothers Tonight Is the Night (If I Had You)
Tonight Is the Night (If I Had You). The Isley Brothers. (Talking). Tonight is the night baby. You know for the first time in my life. I think I found what I want. Tonight ...
Chastain Save Me Tonight
Save Me Tonight. Chastain. I've been far and wide. I've been deep inside. But I will never, go dark side. And I will never, preach suicide. Oh not again. Take me ...
Shirley Bassey Tonight My Heart She Is Crying
Tonight My Heart She Is Crying. Shirley Bassey. Love is the bird that spreads. The wings and flies away. Love is the bird that spreads. The wings and flies away .
Galantis Forever Tonight
Forever Tonight. Galantis. Let me call love blind tonight with possibility. Set your teenage love alive, won't you follow me? Blowing fire in the sky, burning ...
Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight
C Dm G7 C G7 C Emi Ami Are you lonesome tonight, do you miss me tonight, C C7 F Are you sorry we drifted apart? G G7 Does your memory stray to a brighter ...
Wet Wet Wet - Make It Tonight
He let the world right in So let this tale begin He spoke it out loud and clear Then he shelved another frozen tear Then he spoke it out loud and clear But the pain ...

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