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Another Horizon
Album Another Horizon od Six Reasons To Kill. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na
Bee Gees - Don't Fall In Love With Me
There's gotta be another horizon. Keep it inside. Don't throw away your precious love 'cause if you need to be free you can take it. Not a prison of love that you ...
Ash - Zero Zero
There is. On another horizon. Or is it. Or isn't it. No answers for you and me. All the traffic started to move. And the dusk was rising. Up into the horizon. A horizon
Bee Gees - Don't Fall in Love With Me
There's gotta be another horizon. Keep it inside. Don't throw away your precious love 'cause if you need to be free you can take it. Not a prison of love that you ...
Milla Jovovich - Boat Drives Me Away
Text písně Boat Drives Me Away od Milla Jovovich. Don't wait there when I'll go I closed the door but I did not lock it I tried to get lost But my feet gett..
Michael Learns to Rock - Lonely Satellite
Lead me back into the night Another lonely satellite I don't know why I always fight with you, ... Outside there is another horizon Outside there is a flickering light .
Six Reasons To Kill - Observer
Domů · Playlisty · Koncerty · Fankluby · Požadavky · Žebříčky · Kecárna · Uživatelé · Soutěže · Nápověda · S · Six Reasons To Kill · Another Horizon ...
Valse de la lune od Soundtrack - Wolf's Rain
With the youths dressed in the skin of beasts, we dance together in the middle of tempests. Another horizon dissolves in the light of eyes that want to awaken.
Sarea - Another Me
I kneel for the new born horizon. Taste me, another me. Why can't you heal me. Won't you speak to me. Join me, oh sweet death. And as I open my eyes
Soundtrack - Wolf's Rain - Valse de la lune
With the youths dressed in the skin of beasts, we dance together in the middle of tempests. Another horizon dissolves in the light of eyes that want to awaken.
Bring Me The Horizon - Chasing Rainbows (Bonus Track)
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Chasing Rainbows (Bonus Track) od Bring Me The Horizon. Take me to the sun I feel ... Another desperation. Now into your room ...
Lost Horizon - Welcome Back
Out of the sun, out of the night. Comes the morning light. Just another day breaks. Under the same sky. As the misty dawning fades away to its lair. Silence and ...
Rainbow - Bring on The Night (Dream Chaser)
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Bring on The Night (Dream Chaser) od Rainbow. When the sun hits another horizon... And the joker has started to deal... You..
Bring Me The Horizon - Sleepwalking
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Sleepwalking od Bring Me The Horizon. Your eyes are swallowing me ... Fell into another hole again. It's like I'm sleepwalking
Bring Me The Horizon - What You Need
Videoklip, překlad a text písně What You Need od Bring Me The Horizon. Don't ask me why then ... Another second, you're a fucking headache. I aint got time to  ...
Illusion Suite - The Passage
Now the time has come to show me: All my hope did fade away. I will sail my ship to new lands where new horizons will appear. Another day, another story.
The Exploited - Another Day To Go Nowhere
Another day to go nowhere. Another family leaves the town. Try their luck southward bound. Its only hope that spurs them on. Lost horizons dream on. Another ...
Crescent Shield - The Grand Horizon
Videoklip a text písně The Grand Horizon od Crescent Shield. Animated alien them to discover From another time, another galaxy Resonated alter..
Bring Me The Horizon - Run
Videoklip, překlad a text písně Run od Bring Me The Horizon. So take a deep breath ... And we're so much more than another brick in the grave. So give me your ...
Haken - Earthrise
Videoklip a text písně Earthrise od Haken. Resolve to carry on another Life awaits beyond the horizon We've all and will assure our survival We are the revo. .
Slade - How Does It Feel?
How does it feel turnin' away and how does it feel facing another day 'cos many years from now there will be newer poisons and new horizons 'cos many years ...
The Stone Roses - Tightrope
... angel wing, my vision was complete And I know I'll never want another lover, ... from their chains Head for new horizons, let's do the same I'm on a tightrope, ...
a-ha - Manhattan Skyline
... pain I don't want another friend I don't wanna try again Don't want to see you hurt ... So I read to myself A chance of a lifetime to see new horizons On the front  ...
Game Over od Skindred
For he who fights and runs away, will live to fight another day! Game over! pass the control. Game over! pass the control. Your done dead already and you got to  ...
Muse - Sunburn
Come waste your millions here Secretly she sneers Another corporate show A ... I can't look away And she'll burn our horizons make no mistake Come let the ...
Tequilla od Kurupt
Smash and mash your body, just another day. Real high until your pistols reach the sky. Quarter pound of bomb, quarter pound of bud 'cause where i'm from ...
Phil Collins - Take Me Home
Working when it's daylight. And sleeping when it's night. I've got no far horizons. I don't wish upon a star. They don't think that I listen. Oh but I know who they are
Bad Boys Blue - Is It You?
... explain I know I'm really dying I think I may start crying My heart can't wait another day When you touch me I just had ... Bad Boys Blue To Blue Horizons, 1994 ...
Reverend Girl od Verve Pipe
With a reverend girl. Another lover wakes me. Head upon the window pane ... Another hail cannot disdain. Nevermind the thunder. Now my lover smells like
Tea Party Kerli od Soundtrack - Alenka v říši divů
Your not just another. I know it's only getting better. As long as we're together. I know this night is like no other. Your not just another. Welcome to the Tea Party
The Verve - Stormy Clouds
... the rain Stormy clouds, new horizons Come and get it, if you want to So hop on the train 'Cause it kills the pain Blues player going to another town Believe me ...
Ed Sheeran - All of the Stars
It's just another night And I'm staring at the moon I saw a shooting star And ... So open your eyes and see The way our horizons meet And all of the lights will ...
Unrest od Parkway Drive
Another gear in the fucking machine. So you can win the rat race. But you're still ... Horizons Rok vydání: 2007 12 songů; ALBUM Killing with a Smile Rok vydání:  ...
Deep Purple - Smoke On the Water
... Pulling kids out the ground When it all was over We had to find another place But Swiss time was running out It seemed that we would lose the race Smoke on  ...
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Another Day. 207, en, videoklip. Another Time, Another Place. 215, en, videoklip .... No Line On The Horizon. 126, en, videoklip. No Man's Land.
Capitel V : Bergtatt - Ind I Fjeldkamrene od Ulver
And with her another maiden they abducted. They used her as they pleased. And not as they should. To there, where she saw the hall of shadows. So cold and ...
Freedom Call - Tears Falling
16. březen 2006 Tonight - before the day begins another game. It's time for us to break away ... We have to search for new horizons. Curios - Voices talk to us
Little House od Amanda Seyfried
If you live another day. In this happy little house ... · Hlavní zprávy z byznysu. Pod povrchem Pluta je oceán, nasvědčují tomu údaje z New Horizons · iStyle.
Flyleaf - Call You Out
Another truth to expose, Freedom will capture their eyes. We find this truth ... Flyleaf New Horizons, 2012 Flyleaf Call You Out, 2012 Flyleaf Who We Are, 2013  ...
Slipknot - Dead Memories
Sitting in the dark, I can't forget Even now, I realize the time I'll never get Another story of the bitter pills of fate I can't go back again, I can't go back again But you ...

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