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Mind Revolution
Album Mind Revolution od Skyfire. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na KaraokeTexty.cz.
6 Cycle Mind - Talkin' Bout A Revolution
Text písně Talkin' Bout A Revolution od 6 Cycle Mind. Don't you know you're talking about a revolution It sounds like a whisper Don't you know they're talki..
Skyfire - Colliding in Mind
Videoklip a text písně Colliding in Mind od Skyfire. A silent end, a lost ... S · Skyfire · Mind Revolution · playlist ... I am trying to master the madman in my mind
Eternal Legacy - Shadow of Revolution
Videoklip a text písně Shadow of Revolution od Eternal Legacy. Distant cries roar through the night Shadows pass as my mind goes blank I can't visualize wha..
Rob Zombie - Revelation Revolution
Videoklip a text písně Revelation Revolution od Rob Zombie. Revelation Revolution Invisible mind head Dead suspension..
Black Country Communion - The Revolution In Me
Videoklip a text písně The Revolution In Me od Black Country Communion. Now it's mind over matter Story of legends, you'll see Like the fields of Dunkirk St..
Joe South - Revolution of Love
Ev'rybody knows which way the wind blows. It's the revolution. Revolution of love's the only solution, yeah. With a sign of the dove. It's the evolution of your mind
Soundtrack - Královna ročníku - Revolution
Text písně Revolution od Soundtrack - Královna ročníku. Hold on tight I am I'm a revolution Close your eyes I am, I am I'll blow your mind I am I'm a rev..
Conquest - Revolution
Your ancestors strived. Break the chains of sleep. Catch of ignorance you've trapped so deep. Join this renaissance. A new real life. Revolution is in your mind
Attack Attack! - The Revolution
Videoklip a text písně The Revolution od Attack Attack!. There's no more time to be ... Can't connect to the sin what I have in mind. Woah woah, woah woah
Rob Zombie - Devil's Hole Girls and the Big Revolution
Videoklip a text písně Devil's Hole Girls and the Big Revolution od Rob Zombie. Dreaming be damned - this is control Awaken your mind, yeah, awaken your sou  ...
Audio Adrenaline - Revolution
Videoklip a text písně Revolution od Audio Adrenaline. Calling for a revolution Of the body mind and soul Calling for a revolution To end the sin and let..
Krayzie Bone - Revolution
[Chorus] Revolution in my heart. Oh, they tearin' us apart. We been wastin' so much time. Revolution on my mind. Everyday problems in the world they maximize
Age Of Artemis - New Revolution
Revolution calls screaming to the heard. No glory come from defeat. Revolution is in your mind. New solutions in your heart. Revolution starts with you
Senser - Whats Going On
Expose the pose to keep you on your toes. Mind revolution soul evolution, the final conclusion to all this confusion. Not packing a knife or a gun or anything man
Lowkey - Revolution
Stand up for your rights and fight for revolution. Free your mind so we can prise constitution 'Cos they're killing us all... Revolution is needed; the truth - I speak it
Kamelot - Revolution
Revolution Elevation to a higher ground Revolution Retribution In the sound Revelation for the human mind Revolution The last solution for our kind ...
Kreator - Mind on Fire
Videoklip a text písně Mind on Fire od Kreator. Mind On Fire.. ... Žebříčky · Kecárna · Uživatelé · Soutěže · Nápověda · K · Kreator · Violent Revolution · playlist ...
Project Pitchfork - Revolution Now
Videoklip a text písně Revolution Now od Project Pitchfork. Time is running away Second for second Break out of your mind-cage And control your rage..
Cro-Mags - Eyes Of Tomorrow
Mind controlling the masses with TV and the media. What they let you hear don't mean you're free you know. Revolution in the mind but the body must follow
Falco - No Time For Revolution
Falco - No Time For Revolution - akordy a text písně. ... the money Is the sound of the time There's something coming up To change your mind There's no time .
Falling in Reverse - She's a Rebel
Make it a double twist of fate or a melody That she sings the revolution The ... Well nothing comes to mind she sings the revolution The dawning of our lives And ...
Green Day - She's a Rebel
She sings the revolution the dawning of our lives She brings this liberation that I just can't define when nothing comes to mind She's a rebel She's a saint She's ...
Helloween - Your Turn
... it's my turn You've got a face like a child, got a mind like a woman Your smile is ... need a mind-revolution To get away from this selfishness Stop playing blind, ...
14 The Hellacopters - Murder on my mind
Got a remastered revolution out with bonus tracks. Guess you stabbed a few backs - i got murder on my mind. That simple thing was meant to help and to heal
Pantera - Revolution Is My Name
It will never change So here it stays Forever is my name From now on, can't look the other way Keep in mind and listen to what I say Take under wing all the ...
Galneryus - Wind Of Change
... lose the truth of steel Never lose the mind of a warrior Kill the apin You'll see the dawn of freedom Wind of change animated the flag Drastic revolution is in this ...
Meshuggah - Closed Eye Visuals
-Feeding the tools of mind abuse Mind-signal transmission peaked, distorted, ... the stream of the reality-inverting revolution The patterned untruth of non-dream:  ...
Atari Teenage Riot - The Western Decay
The revolution and I There is no use in the western decay! For me ... You say the revolution is controlled by Man! ... Psychological warfare pulverising my mind!
Oasis - Carry Us All
11. září 2005 But I paid no mind. I just sat back and I ... No-one's gonna fight in a ten-bob revolution. Have faith in what ... But I pay no mind. I'm just trying to ...
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never let them get you down, keep yuh mind now pollute the sabbath you pollute mankind ... Who can stop it, the revolution buss upon the wicked man shoulder ...
Diskografie James Brown - Album Roots of a Revolution
Diskografie James Brown - Album Roots of a Revolution 1984. ... 20 Baby You're Right; 21 I Don't Mind; 22 Come Over Here; 23 And I Do Just What I Want ...
Public Enemy - Revolutionary Generation
... (See ya) People askin' me what's goin' on with my mind (Huh) Wait a minute ... I say revolution Need for change brings on revolution The great book just look ...
Stefanie Heinzmann - Revolution
17. červen 2008 Texty písní » Stefanie Heinzmann - Revolution ... but if we change a revolution could evolve imagine a ... No One (can Ever Change My Mind
Alicia Keys - Streets Of New York (City Life)
The revolution has to start, don't waste no time. In the Streets of New York (New York state of mind, New York state of mind) C'mon [Chorus #2 - Alicia Keys]
Kreator - Mind on Fire
Kreator - Mind on Fire - akordy a text písně. ... So set your mind on fire And burn all bridges down Ashes are left behind to ... Kreator Violent Revolution, 2001 ...
Poets of the Fall - Clevermind
Like fragments of a dream you remember. So never mind, your clever mind, never mind me ... Revolution Roulette (2008). MorePřidat do playlistu · The Ultimate ...
Common - The 6th Sense
The revolution will not be televised The revolution is here Yeah, it's Common ... but I've seen street dreams deferred Dark spots in my mind where the scene ...
Transatlantic - Duel With The Devil
... tonight When you duel with the devil living in your mind Time reveals nothing - it's a suicide love affair Whispers in the darkness and revolution in the air Will ...
Brandi Carlile - Mainstream Kid
... I could fall in line I'm a legend in my own mind Can I blend in with your kind? ... mainstream Your revolution gets in the way of my confusion I need someone to ...

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