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Získej karaoke texty Darkness will rise, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek Darkness will rise. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

Darkness Will Rise
Album Darkness Will Rise od The Raven Age. Texty písní, překlady a videoklipy na KaraokeTexty.cz.
Allen-Lande - We Will Rise Again
The time has come when we will rise. Too many years of pain have past. We will reclaim our throne at last. The days of darkness will end now. The time has ...
Space Eater - Space Eater
The only thing sure you can trust. Gravity pounds as we´re being devoured. In the black hole we´ll see - SPACE EATER Close your eyes as the darkness will rise
Hellish War - Darkness Ride
We can fight against it now. Hold the fire, take it down. Our desire will feed our power. In the end it's the same. And the moon will rise again. Time of darkness ...
Heather Dale - Mordred's Lullaby
Hush child, the darkness will rise from the deep and carry you down into sleep. Child, the darkness will rise from the deep and carry you down into sleep.
Eclipse Prophecy - Under Shadow's Veil
Long ago the prophet has told. Darkness will rise. And release the flames of pure evil. The flow of time is running out. Betrayed by darkness all around
Serenity - Sprouts of Terror
This darkness will rise. The weight of war in my hands cold. Death will follow me now everywhere I go. Defend the home where I belong. Justify my skills and ...
The Raven Age - Salem's Fate
T The Raven Age Darkness Will Rise · playlist ... on Salem darkness would fall. The tales of witches told haunting ... if god wills it thy will be done if god wills it thy  ...
The Raven Age - Promised Land
Will you set me free And let me live my life in solace now eradicate this dream There's nothing .. ... T · The Raven Age · Darkness Will Rise · playlist ...
The Raven Age - The Death March
T · The Raven Age · Darkness Will Rise ... But it will be a cold day in hell before I fall ... Nothing can stop me from living, the death march claims me no more
The Raven Age - Angel in Disgrace
T The Raven Age Darkness Will Rise · playlist ... Now I can rest in peace... Now fly away until I ... Maybe someday I will learn to forgive and forget. But right now, I  ...
Annotations of an Autopsy - IMPALE THE SUN
Is slowly falling from me. Revealing my true face, humanity will now witness. As i plunge this world into suffocating darkness. Rise, as the halo of the slave earth ...
To light up the darkness with Love We will rise with the dawn. We will rise with the sun. We will shine who you are. To Light up the darkness with Love CHORUS :
Noveria - Risen
Videoklip a text písně Risen od Noveria. Called from below, we will rise from our lingering darkness, now we reclaim the light that is ours the risen...
Eternal Dream - Elysian Era
Awake, heroes of all. Messiah of our hopes. Through mountains. Through oceans . Through the darkness. They will rise onto Naryll Walking with the sky
Stria - Rise from the Ashes
Videoklip a text písně Rise from the Ashes od Stria. Our love will rise Rise from the ashes Rise, rise from the ashes We'll burn this darkness away Till onl..
Abigor - Kingdom Of Darkness
Where you can hear agony screams. Cry eternal. Frozen moon, growing shadows. Glowing eyes are waiting (The) creator of darkness will rise. And the sun will ...
The Raven Age - Eye Among the Blind
T The Raven Age Darkness Will Rise · playlist ... Can't help but to think is this really his plan ... How will I ever win this fight, so many on the other side
Chakal - Morlocks Will Rise!
Videoklip a text písně Morlocks Will Rise! od Chakal. ... seen through glasses Grotesque world, unfair world Buried that they can not see us ... From the darkness,
Julie Laughs Nomore - Silent Waters
Darkness will rise. The eternal dies. On the throne of life. In the temple of the dead. On the mount of sorrow. I''ve seen the fate of life. I''ve heard the cries from the ...
Olympos Mons - Kingdom of winter
Rising up from the eye of the storm A dark power shatters the night It won't stop for ... we went too far The kingdom of winter Will rise once again Knights in shiny  ...
Blind Guardian - Wheel of Time
Passing through the flames I see How terror will rise It soon will be over Oh ... in darkness The young man says "I will never give in" The prophecy Behold It's true  ...
H.I.M. - The Path
darkness my way back home. The journey seems endless but i'll carry on. The shadows will rise and they will fall. And our night drowns in dawn. Amidst all tears  ...
Anne Clark - Echoes Remain Forever
... all our fate waits prepared in darkness And my hand will funble for the door Whose ... blazing bonfires Will rise like incence from the funeral pyre In preperation ...
Newsboys - I Am Free
Through you the blind will see Through you the mute will sing Through you the dead will rise Through you all hearts will praise Through you the darkness flees ...
Silverstein - The Artist
But the sun will rise and fall again And the nights will start to shorten. The memories will fade into darkness. You can't let it go. But your world is turned upside ...
DragonForce - Body Breakdown
... on before the world will fall Rise again to die in vain, now life can never be the same Our own salvation drawing nearer hear the darkness call Skies are falling ...
A soul pledged to the darkness. Now I've lost it. I know I can kill. The truth exists beyond the gates fusagareta ... Soul will rise. Close your eyes. Downfallen, fallen  ...
Kiuas - Behind The Glass
... I'm building the strength inside so that my soul soon like the Phoenix will rise ... inside me he said let there be darkness and sure as hell the darkness would ...
Rhapsody of Fire - Tornado
... will drown Swallowed by oblivion Once to darkness I belonged Deep inside, ... OF SPACE COLLIDING IN STELLAR FIRE I WILL RISE AGAIN AS TEAR OF ...
Foxes - Warrior
... high above you If you can make it then the sun will rise It doesn't matter if you ... I'll fight, I'll fight If you wake up in darkness before the dawn breaks There is a ...
Mark Schultz - When The Mountains Fall
... into darkness and hold onto hope When the mountains fall When the rivers rise ... Something to stand on or you will be taught to fly So dream your dreams And ...
Hammerfall - Threshold
We are one we will unite. At the Threshold of the universe we will rise. Late at night they heard the sirens ... Turning darkness into… Turning the dark into light
Diskografie Grave Digger - Album The Clans Will Rise Again
Diskografie Grave Digger - Album The Clans Will Rise Again 2010. ... The Reaper, 1993 Grave Digger Heart of Darkness, 1995 Grave Digger Tunes of War,  ...
LeAnn Rimes - Light the Fire Within
Have no fear when darkness falls 'cause there's a light that shines within us all ... down we will get back up and use the strength we've found and we will rise like ...
Testament - Burnt Offerings
... A kingdom will rise To rule with contempt They will surprise Kill and repent The ... 2001 Testament Days of Darkness, 2004 Testament Dark Roots of Thrash, ...
Freedom Call - We Are One
Shades of darkness, for all the fallen heroes. Fly over seven seas. Go where the rainbows rise. Our destination ... Blind - forever night. We will rise again.
Amaranthe - The Nexus
... the nexus in my dreams But will you bury me within Yeah I rise so you can be a ... on the wires Feeding the flames to burn higher And as the darkness reveals I ...
Fading Away In The Fog od Nocturnal Depression
As the cold rise on my corpse. My soul is walking ... The darkness splendor. I look behind me, I find my ... I see far away a light I will never reach. The fog is rising ...
The Fly
... world is in darkness tonight A D They say the sun is sometimes eclipsed by a ... we shine like a A man will rise Burning star A man will fall We're falling from ...

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